Aging Pets

All pets age differently, but some breeds begin to age faster than others. So, you wonder what is considered old age for an animal? Cats usually live longer than dogs, reaching the advanced age of 16 years. The age of a dog is typically calculated in human years, ie 1 year of the dog is equivalent to 7 human years. Unfortunately, this does not really count because larger dogs tend to show signs of aging earlier than smaller dogs. Dogs Dogs are considered old if they are between the ages of 9-12 years, means, if you are between 9 to 11.5 years. Larger dogs are seniors from 7.5 to 10.5 years and those over 90 pounds, between 6-9 years will be considered to be in his later years.

According to dogs and cats grow older, often are plagued with various illnesses ranging from muscle aches, joint pains, arthritis, obesity, heart and kidney diabetes, cancer and skin problems, circulation, dental and eye. These age-related diseases are often treatable if detected early. Be vigilant about the health of your pet during their later years is essential, and therefore a regular visit to your veterinarian is a must! The supervision of any physical or behavioral change is equally important, because at the end of the day, no one knows your pet better than you. Diagnosis of aging in our pet Symptoms to watch include decreased energy levels, loss of appetite, weight loss, weight gain, stiffness or lameness in joints, difficulty walking or getting up to urinate frequently. Behavioral changes such as confusion, urinating in the house, bumping into things and reduced interaction with you and other family members may also be an indication that your pet is aging. Help for Aging Pets older than 7 years should visit the veterinarian annually, while for those over 10 years, a thorough physical exam and proof geriatric – including blood tests, ultrasound and EKG – should be performed every six months. If you want to increase the life of your pet, feed him a nutritious, well balanced, ejercitelo regularly, and provide much love and attention as you can. The natural remedies can offer effective symptomatic relief for various diseases and strengthen the immune system. The older without harmful side effects. Carefully chosen herbal ingredients promote the healthy functioning of immune and nervous systems.

Health and Eating Too Much

I was not, however, one of those people who feed their dogs with the leftovers from dinner. This does not mean that occasionally did not give it any sobrita, but it was not my style. Some of the foods we eat can be toxic to a dog, not to mention greasy or fried foods, forget it!. It was not until I realized that my dog’s coat did not look as bright as before. Other dog owners did not realize that anything was wrong until their dog began to scratch his or foolishly did not have much energy. Someone told me that just to see the bloated stomach and overweight dog, he realized that maybe it was a food problem. Dogs are mammals, like us.

If we eat too much and not getting enough exercise, we will gain as much as our dogs. If we eat foods that are not good for us, we tend to feel fatigue and listlessness. An unhealthy diet for us, it can cause a lot of heart disease and diabetes. We can do even our skin and hair look unhealthy. Dogs are no different. If you eat too much and do not make exercise become obese.

If you eat foods that are not good for them, they may feel tired and without energy. What you eat can affect your hair and skin. Dogs can get most of the same diseases as us. They may have cancer, blood pressure, heart disease can, like heart attacks, including diabetes.