Jordan Valley

It is up to you to take what is theirs. Do not allow Satan to continue usurping what the Lord gave him. Do not settle. Why see their children involved in drugs, his marriage in ruins, leaving the drain financial resources and the society in which you are in chaos unfolds? Territories gained through spiritual warfare to arrive at the decisive moment, the Israelites with Joshua at the head, fought a battle but not the physical but spiritual dimension. AY conquered Jericho! Remember, as Chapter 6 describes the book of Joshua, was a city closed to prevent incursions of the enemy (verse 1). a The city, located in the Jordan Valley (see Deuteronomy 34.1, 3), about 8 kilometers from the Dead Sea, was strategic because it allowed the domain of a wide territory.

Historians point out that the walls had a height of 9 meters and 2 meters thick. An authentic stone mass. On the walls there were houses. And their inhabitants were prepared to give battle. a tangible face of this reality, the Israelites conceived of the possibility of forced entry, although of course, several were being attacked by fear and discouragement. But God taught them a different strategy in our time we define as spiritual war plan: a rize the LORD said to Joshua, See, I have given into thine hand Jericho and its king, with his men of war. Rodeareis, for the city, all the men of war, going around the city once and this shalt thou do six days.

Day of Victory

In May, during the celebration of the victory of the specialists of our center conducted a study on the design of the most popular portals you'll ever need in an appropriate style. The results were dismal then. Today, we again look at the leaders you'll ever need in order to determine their attitude toward the Olympics. The ratio for the Olympics in Beijing, the most popular online resources you'll ever need much more loyal than to the Victory Day. And this despite the fact that on 9 May traditionally considered one of the most revered holidays in Russia. Olympics happen, of course, rarely, but its importance is hardly above the scale of cultural values of the Russians.

If the Day of a victory in its design ignored 77% of portals that have been indifferent to the Olympics, only 48% of internet portals with the highest LESBIAN citation indexes. Specialists of the portal Commcenter – Center for Information Communication" examined 50 Internet resources that are in the top 20 of the catalog "Yandex" in their focus groups, and Russian social networks and search engines – the most visited Internet portals you'll ever need. First of all, have been studied media portals 16 highest citation index of "Yandex". This is the most popular, influential and major publications. Among them were only "six brave", paid tribute to the Olympics. Note that the bold hyperlink "Olympics" or "Beijing 2008" in the conventional rubricator not considered as design elements design resources.

Like it or not, and for a staff of designers, web designers, art directors and creatives to find interesting ways and forms of presentation of news. Among the news agencies identified nine portals, have issued the basic elements of their sites in accordance with Olympic symbols. At this time very pleased with the search engines. In the list of search engines operating in Russia only owned portal no Olympic items. All other search engines were noted good design, best of which is search engine to recognize a new generation of Perhaps the need to fight for the users, maybe a natural sense of tact, can – a good team of marketers and designers, but team members were searcher Nigma adyj incentives for creativity. "Social networking is the case with the Olympics were" unanimously abstained ", – says the Chief Editor Portal Paul prick. – The only "white spot" on the gray mass of indifferent to the achievements of athletes turned out to be portal sites "classmates". Incidentally, it is not the first time, adjusts his design in the style of important dates and highlights of the world. So it was, for example, on March 8, Victory Day. And this time the brainchild of Albert Popkov pleased with a variety of decoration options of the logo. "