Cleansing Cream

" The series 'Bio-Chrono' includes: Cleansing Cream. Code 1620 Gentle emulsion, which when washing does not destroy the lipid layer of the epidermis and stores natural pH of the skin. Sensitive massaged to distribute the cream to the face, then rinse with warm water. Tonic 150 ml of "energy drinks". Code 1621 Helps skin to wake up, effectively refreshes and tones. Effectively refreshes and tones. Apply to cleansed face, neck and neck with a distance of 15-20 cm by means of a spray.

Leave to soak for a few seconds, blot the excess dry cosmetic tissue. Recommend the use of during the day for a refreshing effect. 200 ml tonic "herbal drink." Code 1622 softens and soothes skin, improves its uvlazhnennosti.Nastoyaschy balm for tired from the stress of the skin. It softens and soothes the skin, increases the level of its moisture content. Aquaxyl complex of plant origin – the concept of progressive hydration. The skin is much smoother to 30% in just 30 days. 250 ml of serum-in amplifier. Kod1626 signal for biological rhythms to match the skin cells.

Assists eliminate the daily symptoms of fatigue, stress, premature aging and reduces dark circles under the eyes. 15 ml tool, activate the reserves of the skin upon waking. Kod1623 Thanks to the special recipe, the cream helps the skin wake up and activates intracellular processes. Apply on face, neck and neck. Aquaxyl complex of plant origin – the concept of progressive hydration. The skin is much smoother to 30% in just 30 days. 50 ml Remedy harmonizing the biorhythms of the skin during sleep. Code 1624 Sets the intracellular mechanisms for relaxation. Facilitates the efficient recovery of the skin during rest and eliminates signs of fatigue. Aquaxyl complex plant origin – the concept of progressive hydration. The skin is much smoother to 30% in just 30 days. 50 ml Eye contour cream. Code 1625 Helps eliminate the daily signs of fatigue, stress, premature aging and reduces dark under-eye circles. A mixture of natural tocopherols Tocomix – an effective antioxidant. 15 ml of innovative kosmetsevticheskaya series 'Bio-Chrono', it is not just a cosmetic line of class 'luxury', a unique means of class 'Premium'. 'Smart' means 'Chrono-Bio' know how to turn the impossible into the possible – make up for all that valuable, that the skin is not able to get the night and protect from all that aggressive, he expects her day. The beauty of the biological clock is possible!

Best Gifts for Women

The eternal question, universal answer to that – does not exist! Yes, unfortunately, this is so, but that does not mean that all is lost. If the judge, and to make top three, it will more or less clear picture. Most of us know the expression – "Best Friends girls – it's diamonds!" Diamonds, indeed, never become redundant, especially rare, especially in bulk. But, alas, all of them will not suffice, and they are very expensive, so a gift is not Universal! For more cost cases are suitable substitutes, and for more cost – personal jewelry or costume jewelry simply! Buy a can, for example, in an Internet – shop jewelry. Many girls say that can never have enough jewelry! Girls love to take care of his body and face, but not always they have time to do something, to buy only natural cosmetics, nutritional means only, and not just cleaning. And more obvious, not everyone can afford to cut out of the budget amount that is required for the purchase of such cosmetics in department stores and cosmetic boutiques! Natural cosmetics, too, does not happen much, it is always necessary and important. Again author comes to the aid of handmade cosmetics! "Normal" handmade soap rich nourishing oils and cost will be expensive and may, in some cases replace natural remedies for hair and body! I will repeat, but accessories like every girl, even those who "profess" a strictly thematic style of dress.

Accessories are of different, quite distinct styles, or mixed. Handbags, belts, scarves, brooches, barrettes, headbands and more many, many things. For each case, the events you want to find out something new, and each time the girls are faced with a lack of, unfortunately. So the more the better! Accessories made by hands, as a rule, are unusual and new, each such product does not find a twin. The conclusion is a unique accessory handmade even more necessary and welcome gift! That's how easy it turns out that if you take the time to research and reasoning. And this only a small selection, if desired, it can be completed at least ten points!


Many of the things I like the beautician, seem obvious. But to others, it turns out they do not manifest beforehand. For example, frequently asked questions here such a plan: "What's wrong with lanolin? His own use, even in children's creams! ". Or: 'Well, if I oily skin, then what's wrong with tonic with alcohol? ". And all is not as easy as it seemed to me time after time having to explain the same thing.

So I decided to just tell you about the ingredients of cosmetics that are worth to be avoided, and that it is high time to stop using, but … In general, what components in cosmetics should be avoided, why should it do and how they can be replaced: 1. Mineral oil (petrolatum, mineral oil, liquid paraffin): Highly petroleum products. Not absorbed into the skin, but make a film on its surface, not allowing the skin to breathe, leaving a feeling of heaviness and fatness. There is no good, and even more so, it's not healthy for the skin. May provoke allergies, blackheads, skin irritation.

Prevents the absorption of active ingredients of creams and serum. What can I use instead? * Vegetable oil is preferred. 2. Lanolin (lanilin): The fat is washed out of shorn fleece. Provokes severe allergies. Studies from FDA found the content of chemical insecticides in lanolin. In addition, the lanolin is very strong and unpleasant smell, which makes manufacturers use fragrances in cosmetics. The alternative – of silk amino acids and vegetable oils.