Athletical Jabaquara Club

Some species, as the bis-red, lives in the South America. But the most known she is the bis-sacred one (aethiopica Threskiornis), of white plumage, except head, neck and part of the wings, black color. Because it appeared in floods of the Nile and killed the serpents, the bis-sacred one was venerated in old Egypt with the name of Thot, the Egyptian god of the moon, inventor of the writing, protector of the wisdom, represented with a human body with head of bis. In heraldry, this bird symbolizes the paternal love, the gratitude and the salubrity. Ok, but why loads d' water had been to choose this bird as name and mascote of the famous pernambucano teams? The reply it is in the book of Loyal Israel.

He is that, in 15.11.1938, the teams was established by employees of the Weaving of Silk and Cotton of Pernambuco (TSAP). They liveed in the call Village Weaving, the quarter of Saint Amaro, Recife, and had received the support from the owner of the plant, that agreed to paying to the new club a monthly mount of money. In exchange, the club adopted logotipo of the plant, that also was reproduced on the doors of the houses of the Village Weaving: bis black. E, instead of also adopting the name of the sponsor (TSAP), preferred the name of the bird: bis Sport Club. Here it is the origin of the name of auto-intitled ' ' worse teams of mundo' '. Sources: LOYAL, Israel.

The flight of the black bird: the history of the bis, the worse teams of the world. Olinda: Fast book, 2010. P. 32-3. MOYA, Salvador of. Latin genealogical library: symbology heraldry. So Paulo: Brazilian Latin Genealgico institute, 1961. P. 126. Jabaquara the Athletical Jabaquara Club was established in 15.11.1914 with the name of Hespanha Foot-ball Club, because he was the teams of the Spanish colony in Santos (SP).

Collective Health

INTRODUCTION Since the antiquity the health is seen as a good individual, which the treatment of true infectious epidemics that certainly can so only have existed and the affected individuals was treated, whereas excessively said the healthy ones certainly ranks of side without nenhumaou any attention of the cuidadores of the time. For example, we can cite the receitadores of many frmacos for few illnesses, vulgarly called boticrios, were very popular figures for return of the average age, as the science of the health still engatinhava for what we have in the present time, was very common to deal with only one individual a family whereas nothing he was done regarding the excessively integrant ones of the family, independent of what it could be treated (). It is intended by means of this article to characterize the performance and importance of the nurse in the scope of the collective health. In view of that currently he is one of the professionals who work in communities integrating jointly with other professionals, responsibilities for the supply of health. METHODOLOGY Is about a bibliographical research, of descriptive nature, carried through by means of a data-collecting concerning the work of the nurse in the collective health. For the elaboration of the research it was necessary to consult works published in scientific articles that treated to the collective subject health and in books on primary attention and PSF. The described ones chosen had been: Collective health, nurse, primary attention, PSF. ANALYSIS AND QUARREL OF THE DATA HISTORICAL CONTEXT AND EVOLUTIVO OF THE THOUGHT OF THE COLLECTIVE HEALTH The first act of the action of the nursing for the collective was attendance given for Florence Nightingale, considered one of the biggest examples of the nursing and still consecrated as mother of this science, during its notable participation in the War of the Crimia, that carried through atendimentos to the wounded of the war of both the sides, showing respect for the life of the fellow creature above of the split generated for the occasion, in way that all received the cares necessary and was kept in different places of the not sick ones, so that these last ones later did not come to adoecerem ().

Food and Health

If it wishes to enter the business of foods, has certain things that you must know before embarking in the opening of his store of Mc Donald of the tax exemption, but better still, its own business food. First of all, you must identify the type of business that she has in such a way that you must know what is going to be known. The creation of an identity can be difficult, but soon, the consumers without a doubt the name will have a memory in such a way that year titles like " heladera" or " gallinero" for its restaurant or bar. To know the type business that him in doubt will be helped him to choose its equipment of kitchen and to hornear, to cook, to fry, to roast to the grill, utensils, set of dishes, tables and chairs, and the pleasures. Design of logo, although some industralists do not realize their importance, is a very powerful advertising tool. With a logo design, not only to announce, but also to create and to narrate a history to the public through an art work. On the other hand, the designs of the logo are easy to remember that the majority of the times, consumers can identify the logo, but sometimes to remember the name of the company was difficult. Letter M of McDonalds or the old one with glasses of Kentucky Fried Chicken is so identifiable that the children who as soon as they can walk, to delight with joy just by seeing those logo because for them, it is associated with the food. The color of its logo not only will help him to choose the colors of tiles and the walls, but also for the tables of dining room and chairs also. Maria Laura is expert in eaten business fast, and eaten fast and easy for but information please she visits: