How much to the pointers of mortality between men, Brazil (2009) detaches the causes of mortality between men of the 15 to the 59 years, was observed that in 78% of the cases of deaths the 5 main groups of mrbidas entities are related, the biggest percentage gave the deaths for external causes, in according to illnesses of the circulatrio device, in the third tumors, room the illnesses of digestive device and in the fifth illnesses of the respiratory device. Searching emphasis in the first cause of masculine death configuring the deaths for external causes, these agravos are translated accidents and accidents of transport, injuries auto provoked and the aggressions, are fact that ‘ ‘ these psicofsicas and socioeconmicas premature deaths bring consequncia, a time that is lives lost in full young phase produtiva’ ‘ (Brazil 2009, P. 18). Observing the cited scene it is needed to strengthen which soon the principles and lines of direction of the described PNAISH below: The gift politics emphasizes the necessity of changes of paradigm with respect to the perception of the masculine population in relation to the care its health and the health of its family. It considers essential that, beyond the educational aspects, among others actions, the public services of health are organized in order to receive and to make with that the man feels itself integrated. As formularizations that indicate the action lines to be followed for the sector health, the following lines of direction must conduct the elaboration of the plans, programs, projects and activities. They had been elaborated in view of the completeness, factibilidade, coherence and viability, being guided by the humanizao and the quality of the assistance, principles that must permear all the actions. (Brazil, 2009, P. 29). 2,5 Action of the nurse front to the new demands of the Program of Health of the Man.