There are journalists who say in relation to the coaches, and at the time they make a change when there is very little time to finish a match, that action implies a lack of respect towards the soccer player who enters the field of play as a substitute. Those who have that view, or even consider that the technician on duty, exercising its right to develop freely their work, intends simply wasting time. If the player who enters the field when only a couple of minutes to finish the match, get a goal, and with so much that his team achieved the victory, not only will have made a great contribution to the collective (which is always the most important thing), also at the individual level will be very enhanced self-esteem, and this is a real situation that happens in many moments within the football competition. Scoring a goal in the last minute, taking just a few seconds in the rectangle of the game, it is not something that can be considered science fiction, at all. When the previously exposed happens will continue to thinking, that the coach is offending somehow footballer that uses as a substitute? The first thing in it should be thinking is in the good of the team, which is always above any personal selfishness or particular interests that put individualities to the benefit of the collectivity.

If a player played just one minute of game (or even less) and manages to score a goal that allows your team to achieve three points in dispute, the possible lack of respect by the technician to the footballer, or arises, we’ll, it dissolves faster than a lump of sugar in a cup of coffee, and in the end the only thing that sounds is a joke, but of those who have no grace. If also allegedly offended player, revalued athletically for the attainment of that both in-extremis and also on a personal level view raised considerably, mood what is may object to the changes made by the coach when the party is about to end? Also, say this applies equally if the footballer who comes into play, don’t get any goal, but comes with a specific mission that your technician has enjoined and meets with her, even if it is just a few seconds. There are many tasks that the coach can you instruct the substitute, from make a marking to a determined opponent, defend a strategy, trying to keep the ball as long as possible or simply the already annotated lose the greater amount of time that you can, until the final whistle. All of them, according to the development of the game, can become key aspects and determinants for achieving a win or avoid defeat. Any mission assigned to the mister is important, but very little time is left and no footballer has to feel despised for it, another thing is effective or not, of substitution based on the result obtained with it, that depends on the success by the coach, leaving aside the time remaining game. What if it is safe and we are convinced of this, is that any technician of the category that is, takes a player to the field with the intention of committing to him a lack of respect by making him play just a few minutes. Paco Arias activities training On-Line for coaches beginners. emeequis hundreds of people give the last farewell to the writer


Does that difference between a treadmill or other? You’ve decided to do a little exercise at home, improve your physical condition? You are an advanced athlete, you need to make rehabilitation or stay in shape? The treadmill offers a cardiovascular workout and helps burn calories. Good use for the proper functioning of the lungs, the heart. To choose a treadmill, you have to know with that frequency more or less want to train and many people at home are going to use the tape to move towards a tape of occasional use, regular, intensive or semi-professional. Eye, the treadmills of occasional use are often used for walking and for rehabilitation. All the features of the machine, you have to look at 4 aspects: 1 – the engine 2 – power structure and the surface of race 3 – console and technologies 4 – L to guarantee the quality and price of the tapes vary according to these elements. 1. The power of the engine: as soon as more horses will have the engine, but life will have your Ribbon by which the motor will make fewer efforts. Highly recommended is a tape with a minimum of 1.5 HP continuous.

Single peak power is an attainable maximum wattage information. If you want to do more than walk, i.e. give more impact to the running base, The Bodyweb recommends at least 2CV in continuous power. 2. The structure and surface of race more economical appliances are generally manufactured in metal. The more expensive have an aluminium structure that better absorbs the shocks of the race.

In addition, many ribbons carry a suspension system to reduce the impact and vibration of the Ribbon in relation to the race. Race surface and the actual size of tape are important elements to take into consideration when choosing your tape. You will have to measure the space you have available to verify if the tape fits.

The Effort

They are also more frequent in women lactational (less than 15% FAT), perhaps because they have a lower bone density than age and physical activity similar controls. Making an early diagnosis is vital: a study of 23 fractures of femoral neck showed that elite athletes had represented the cause of abandonment of the practice of sport. However, the history of these patients is uniformly similar: pain appear gradually over a period of 2-3 weeks in the case affecting bone cortical, and shorter (even less than 24 hours) in the event that affects cancellous bone; There is almost always a history of change in the training load, either during a period of time more or less gradual, or in a single event. Symptoms begin insidiously. At the beginning the athlete note a dull ache at one or another pimple that appears at the end of the training. The intensity of pain, at first moderate, is progressively increased throughout the days, until you reach a level in which no can continue running.

At first the pain subsides with rest, but reappears with the training. As the days pass, the pain is playing to increasingly shorter distances and persists for a few hours once he cedes the activity sports. Finally the pain stays even at night, although it does not prevent sleep, and any attempt to run causes severe pain immediately and have to pause your workout. After a few days of rest the athlete feels better and tries to run again, to discover that the pain appears. This way you can lose throughout the competition season. TR treatment the first point to consider will be a correct diet, especially in young girls and sportsman living away from the family. We should tend to a diet low in fat, rich in carbohydrates and avoiding sweets, carbonated beverages by its wealth of phosphates (whose excess can represent an important factor in bad adaptation of bone to the effort).

Anxiety And Eft

When we go to make an important effort, physical or intellectual, our body prepares for action, intensifying the production of substances that activate the body and creates a State of general alert to allow us to pay the most and with the greatest success in the task in question. An example, from the point of view of physical exertion would be an athletic test or a flight of real danger and from the intellectual point of view an exam or a conference or lecture. In these cases our thoughts and emotions we positively prepare to carry out the task properly: accelerate the heart rate, increases breathing rate and creates a sort of body tension, unequivocal signs of preparation needed to deal with that situation as best as possible. In this case, there is an answer consistent and adapted to what the situation requires. Now, if instead of find us before that real situation of action, symptoms or signals described above (heart, breathing, stress) appear suddenly, When our thoughts anticipate, create or imagine a possible hazardous situation, also increase in intensity as it raises the degree of imagination or anticipation of the same, we can find in a very different from the previous situation: we feel, for example, that speeds up the heart, enters us feeling of fear which in turn increases the heart rate and accelerates our respircionThis means that our thoughts that something is going amla seem to be right with what went into a vicious circle that people that ever have had an anxiety attack know very well. We all have a personal and own degree of activation that we know as anxiety trait, i.e. the normal activation state that our body uses in every day. This can vary from one person to another and thus, on a scale from 0 to 10, a person will have an anxiety trait of 5, another 7 and a third will be 3.


The biggest concentration of glycogen meets stored in the muscle and understands about 300g 400g, since the esqueltica musculatura represents the component greater of corporal composition (WOLINSKY & HICKSON, 2002). STRATEGICAL OF USE OF CARBOIDRATOS IN TESTS OF DEEP. As the carboidrato is the first power plant for corridors of long distance, the athlete must eat adequate amounts of carboidratos per day. The corridor that consumes appropriate amounts of carboidratos will be capable to keep the sanguineous glucose, to use little protein and to keep one high percentage of maximum effort. On the other hand, the corridor that consumes inadequate amounts of carboidratos will present minors plasmtica glucose levels, increase of the use of the protein that will take the biggest proteinic loss and will have a decline of the maximum effort. Ingestion of carboidratos Daily pay-exercise According to WOLINSKY & HICKSON (2002) is important the supply of a diet with high text of carboidratos to get an increase of glycogen in the days that precede the competitions and exhausting training of resistance. The ingestion of carboidratos before the exercise has for objective to increase the content of both heptico the muscular glycogen/and favoring of glucose in the blood (BACURAU, 2000).

The high consumption of carboidratos becomes related it the increase of the oxidativa tax, during the resistance exercises (DMASO, 2001). In elite athlete, according to WOLINSKY & HICKSON (2002) the consumption of carboidratos must vary entre65 a75% of the daily ingestion to get a good performance. However, the ingestion of carboidratos before the trainings or competition is very controversial subject in the scientific way. Some authors describe that the ingestion of carboidrato in the period of 15 minutes to the 1 hour before the exercise or competition can take the athlete has to have hiperglicemia. However, the rise of the sanguineous glucose and the insulina and its fluctuations during the exercise can not affect the performance adversely and, in contrast, it can really improve the income for the ingestion of carboidratos in the daily pay-exercise.

Christian Louboutin

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