Philippines And Healers

The Philippines – a country of seven thousand islands – a bright and rich history, magnificent resorts, plenty of fruit, tropical flora and fauna, beautiful climate all year round and healers-healers – all this in the amount attracts many tourists from around the world, including from Russia. The notion hilerstva (or psychic surgery) is understood to conduct surgery without the use of medical instruments and anesthetics and antiseptics. This phenomenon is as interesting as there are ambiguous. This article is written by me under the impression of personal contact with the Filipino healers and monitor their manipulation during surgery. To start let me turn to history. For the first time about the phenomenon of "psychosurgery" the world learned from the book Ron Ormond and Ormond McGill, published in 1957, which describes how during his stay in the Philippines, the authors saw the terrific spectacle, when the healer performed operations unusual and shocking way, "investing" their bare hands in the physical body of the patient. Opinion about this unique phenomenon of divided on two fronts – some believe such a miracle healing – when quite inexplicably hands healer, while in the human body, incomprehensible to human reason techniques are pathology and cure disease. Others call it a fraud and shameless tricked unsuspecting patients.

It is very often found that blood and pieces of bodies, allegedly withdrawn from the patient's body during surgery, is proving to be far and subhuman. With this worth investigating. Understand, that the charlatans have been, are and will at all times and in any country. In reply to the question – all the same healers – Fact or Fiction? – That on this account there are many documentaries as confirmations, and refutations. Can not deny that the phenomenon of the healers really exists. But one can not deny the fact that this area was chosen by a large number of scams that have neither the appropriate talent, no skill. Food for Thought – For example, the number of really strong and really effective healers in the Philippines the figure is limited to 50 people, while officially registered the order of several thousand.

There is one more important point, which is worth paying attention. The Philippines is considered that the disease occurs in mental basis, and its cause lies in the soul, on the mental level of the person. Filipino healers say – any human suffering, carries the energy matrix, whose roots lie deep in the subconscious mind of man. Thus, healing is possible even without penetration of the hands of a healer in the patient's body. And why do all these tricks with animal blood? Agree that the human mind is hard to comprehend such a method of treatment, and such a bloody paraphernalia strengthens man's faith in the fact that the disease is removed from his body in front of him

Health And Nutrition

Everyone sooner or later, think about your health, healthy eating, healthy lifestyles and trying to find ways to solve this problem. But in reality understands that not so, this problem and difficult. One needs only to follow for their actions and move gradually toward that goal, step by step. As is known, the basis of a healthy diet is balanced and moderate eating, and not too caloric. In this you can help different diets, ways and means of losing weight, chosen just for you. Another problem for humans is the problem of excess weight, correct that we offer dozens of teas, diet drugs, but only a few of them are registered by Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

In this and the hidden risk of the use of many drugs for weight loss. So what are the advantages of health and diet? 1. understand what you eat. When you understand and master this item a healthy diet, the problem in order to take and eat from the refrigerator will disappear by itself. After all, it is easy to use products can be divided into three groups: protein, foods containing carbohydrates, and foods of plant origin.

2.Uznayte, finally, how much you eat. Dream – to lose weight and eat much, is not feasible. If you want a quick way to lose weight (of course, using some drugs, such as Xenical) Eat in small proportions. The number of calories should not exceed their consumption. 3. remember when you eat. The last and important principle of healthy eating. If you are trying to lose weight last meal should be up to 20 hours. Better get more food during the day, because fat is burned more during the day than at night. The only thing you should remember: Pledge your health and the right Food should be vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes, meat, fish and dairy products, choose the lowest fat content. If you listen to all this, you will not encounter the problem of different diets, whether the Kremlin diet, Japanese diet, winter, the Atkins diet.

Bad Luck

Bad luck is a lot more recognized social situation, easier and exemplary student. Many times is linked him with witchcraft, the curse and the misfortune, causing a repetitive series of adversities. Many people to win and avoid the bad luck, bring a four leaf clover, a horseshoe, a flower of the Mandrake, a hand of Fatima or a pair of cherries as opposed to bad luck. The work of psychoanalyst begins with the conspiracy of bad luck. Patients often arrive with the belief that they are cursed or unlucky threw them a curse. And we have to make them understand that this is very true and this will continue, when they create and act accordingly.

You can also find the bad luck in the same repetition of stories of life, drugs, the indigent and homeless. In psychotherapy, the first task is to realize the power of the mind, the power of ideas and the responsibility of your beliefs. Just think to yourself, one converts the bad luck. The opposite is much more difficult, because the entropy governs the universe. Therefore, it is much easier and faster to return to smoke or grow to stop smoking and lose weight. Unfortunately, this is the energy or the degradation of entropy.

Vertical Impact Crusher

A large number of gravel field in North America use the Ellay VSI vertical shaft impact crusher produced Cedarapids bySand. The biggest characteristic of this type of is the running speed is faster than Bamare machine type, therefore, the wear of the impeller and anvil hoop are relatively small, but the product qualified grain output rate is high. The Original Nordberg launched VI series of vertical shaft impact crusher, its structure is basically similar to Cedarapids Ellay VSI production type, the difference is that the outer lining, drum liner can rotate ring, The idea is to make the bushing continue work in rotation to extend life, but if we analysis structure, when the roller was filled from materials constantly, the rotating roller will lose its rotating characteristics, In addition, non – positive impact between the material and the drum speeds up the local wear of the roller. I saw model is actually the Svedala rotor, Nordbert, drum liner the the Svedala rotor inadequacies exists in Nordberg also. It is Recently reported that Svedala launched the production which is similar with Cedarapids EIJay s vertical shaft impact crusher type, I believe Nonlberg is bound to change the design of the VI series and go EllayVSI broken machine road in future. Shanghai Dowling Watson Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed PLC series vertical impact crusher. The prototype is the U.S.

model the Cedarapids company C vertical shaft impact crusher which characterized by simple structure, large capacity, unobstructed discharge and both can be used to crushing and devoted to sand, the product grain shape is good. It contains? do is 900 mm,? 1 000 mm? 1170 mm 3 overall sizes. Shanghai Longyang Machinery Factory absorb the successful experiences of the domestic and international vertical shaft impact crusher, exposed the old problems in use and improved, now, assessment of industrial operation is completed, which the styling products will promoted to market: Zhengzhou Yifan Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. constantly improve the product on the basis of years of salts, which is now maturing, the structural strength and stiffness are greatly improved, especially the improvement in the structure and material impact heads, after the long-term using, its life is over the import prototype (in the same conditions) and leap to the domestic advanced level. Vertical impact crusher manufactured by the company ranks first in China s domestic market share.