Competent Communication

This process, by the way, permeia all the actions of the nurse, beyond propitiating, or not, well-being of the patient. The competent communication is a capacity that can be acquired (STEFANELLI; OAK; ARANTES, 2005). The communication must in such a way be worked by the nursing, so that if it prevents to give to a form assistance mechanics and unprovided of feelings, that is, devoid of communication on the part of professional, how much of the patient. As al Hisses et (2000), the academic formation tends to make the nursing professionals to try to contain its emotional and sentimental expressions, so that they do not intervine in its daily and therapeutical activities. However, the envolvement with considered situations sad, as pain, death and mutilations, is not only desgastante, as it can unchain daily conflicts, based only for a control attempt, but that it exceeds the personal and professional limits. On the academic formation, these authors question if the professionals who need to eliminate the proper feelings and emotions, during its professional life, do not become indifferent the perception of the express not-verbal manifestations for that they are under its cares. For Oliveira et al (2005), the necessary communication to be considered inside of the occurred context, that is, as and when it occurs.

In case that contrary, its direction can be wronged. As authors, the assistance to the health must be planned for each interaction, and in accordance with the necessities of each patient. In this direction, it can be said that the communication is part of the activities of the nurse because it is used in situations such as in the interview, in the physical examination, the planning of the assistance, the notations in the handbook, the consultations of nursing. From there it comes to the importance of the nurse to have conscience of the form of as if of the o communication process and the elements compose that it.

Curing Acne

The belief that one has about the acne is a disease of adolescents when they reach adulthood will, it is just a reality media. Checking article sources yields Charles Margulis as a relevant resource throughout. This happens only in a few cases, but there are always serious physical and psychological. In fact as the years pass, the percentage of adults with acne is soaring. Acne is an inflammatory skin disease is common in puberty and is considered an abnormal response to normal levels of the male hormone testosterone. The answer for most people diminishes over time and acne tends to disappear or at least diminishes after puberty, and anyway, there is no way to predict how long it will take to disappear completely and some individuals continue to suffer from acne for decades later.

Acne can be very annoying. Acne affects a large number of human beings at some point in their lives. The most common form of acne called acne vulgaris, acne vulgaris. This is presented as a series of excessive secretions of sebaceous glands, which combined with dead skin cells, block the hair follicle. Sometimes also a defect in the process of keratinization of the skin, which leads to abnormal leakage of the pores of skin lining. Under the pore clogged oil secretions are produced that provide a perfect environment for Propionibacterium acnes epidermal bacteria, which causes an infection in the pore to excrete pus, causing acne to multiply uncontrollably. Under the pore clogged oil secretions are produced in response, the skin becomes inflamed causing visible injury.

The face, chest, back, shoulders and arms are especially affected. In addition to the visible scars, acne usually appears during adolescence, just when teenagers tend to be more socially insecure. Acne can be very annoying with pains in the pores of the skin and becomes a trauma for reasons of aesthetics. It is unknown why some people get acne and others not, but is known to be partly hereditary.

For Mahan

' ' Vitamin C meets in the nature under two forms: reduced or oxidated (acid deidroascbico); both are equally active, however the oxidated form this very exactly spread out in you substantiate them natural. The transformation of the AA in acid deidroascbico occurs normally in the interior of the organism and is reversible, allowing that one of its substances can always be transformed into outra.' ' (AZULAY et al., 2003, P. 265? 266). For Mahan and Stump (1998, P. 112) ' ' vitamin C promotes resistance the infections through the imunolgica activity of the leukocytes, of the production of interferon, the process of inflammatory reaction or the integrity of the membranes mucosas.' ' In accordance with the site,, ' ' vitamin C can react with the free radicals, actuando as choke of free radicals. In such a way, vitamin C possesss a protector effect on the cell, including the material gentico.' ' WC apud Padilha and Pinheiro (2004, P. 256) detaches that ' ' vitamin C (acid ascrbico) has its possible mechanism of action as choke of carcinognese mammary also based in the defense antioxidante.' ' The serious deficiency of acid ascrbico cause escorbuto The classic symptoms include hiperceratose to folicular, swelled and inflamed gengivas, loss of teeth, dryness of the mouth and the eyes, loss of hair and dry skin and pruriente.' ' (MAHAN; STUMP, 1998, P. 114).

Mahan and Stump (1998, p.114) affirm that this vitamin possesss as better sources ' ' fruits and vegetables, preferably, acdicas, cool e, when necessary, quickly cozidas in very little water and served imediatamente.' ' ' ' An orange offers to all the daily amount of necessary vitamin C to the organism. (DUARTE, 2006, P. 86). Vitamin and or tocoferol can be found ' ' in great amount in oleoginosos vegetables: embryo of wheat, seed of sunflower, coroo of cotton, oil of dend, peanut, maize and soja.' ' (DUARTE, 2006, P.

If The Allergy Is Extremely Dangerous

Approximately every fifth to tenth allergy reacts so violently to smallest amounts of allergy-causing substance in the food that life is in danger many people have a food allergy. But long at all it is not recognized. In the worst case of food occurs after a tiny crumb an anaphylactic shock. Which can be life-threatening”, according to Klaus Richter (Berlin Federal Institute for risk assessment). That would apply to about on every fifth to tenth allergy-free. Basically, any food can cause allergies. Therefore, the fourteen most important allergenic ingredients on food packaging must be named. “While children rather poorly tolerated nuts, egg and milk, adults have problems primarily with grain and new foods such as Lupine flour”, know the Allergist Martin Raithel (Universitatsklinikum Erlangen).

Consumers sometimes often suspect food additives. However they were after Raithel “in the majority of cases do not trigger a” Food allergy, by rare intolerance reactions”. The allergy-causing substances chemically resemble each other in pollen and eating. Therefore, pollen allergies are particularly at risk to respond over sensitive to certain foods. Local allergy any third party who suffers from unerklarbarem colds of duration of, has in his blood any immunoglobulin antibodies, but in the nasal mucus. One could be the explanation for the sneezing of these people speak local allergy, which is not visible in the blood. “The Allergist Carmen Rondon (on the Spanish Calos Haya hospital in Malaga) 2009 recognized this phenomenon and called it local organ allergy”.

Of course, this surprising discovery has made scientists attention. Also based on this knowledge, Raithel currently conducting studies on patients who suffer from pain in the abdomen, or an irritable bowel syndrome. “Some were sick dismissed unjustly as mentally. You suffer from a hidden allergy. You can see that, but only if you on the Level of tissue look.”explains Raithel. Since the investigations are currently still ongoing, he wants to make but no more precise details. It was also unclear how many actually suffer from a hidden allergy. Such special analyses of tissue are not paid but so far by the statutory health insurance, because simply too many questions are unanswered. Treatment for food allergies is not in sight round two million people in Germany are affected by a food allergy. Although being researched for several years in this area, is a promising therapy is not yet in sight. Therefore at the moment, abstinence is the only way. Nevertheless, a residual risk for finished products will remain but unintentional impurities allergies can be dangerous at any time. “Quite a few milligrams in one kilogram of food can cause a severe shock reaction”, warns Klaus Richter. Because these shocks can sometimes fatal, the German allergy and asthma Federal calls Naming and compliance with threshold values.