Healthy Home

Now think of the perfect home for your soul. What walls will suit this house? They are made of brick, wood, stone, glass, and they are thick, thin, open to nature? What color are they? What is their structure? What doors in this house? Now walk around the room of the house for your soul. You go around the room by room. Imagine windows, doors, stairs, upholstery and lighting, as well – sounds, smells, color and texture. Move things from place to place and continue to do so as long as the home for all-necks of the soul does not take clear and precise outline, up until it becomes a perfect haven for your soul. Once you complete this exercise, take some time to remember what you felt, and try to write it.

Let your record be as accurate as possible. In the following days you can continue and complete your list. This list will later be very useful and will help you come up with the design of your present home to include some details of the house for his soul. Doing this exercise, you will probably find the differences Meanwhile, the house where you live actually, and the house that your soul finds perfect. Your ideal home for the soul may find these aspects, which would be difficult to implement in your present home.

For example, an ideal home for your soul can be at the beach, but you are tied to life on the land where you live in the moment. This is not an impossible condition, because the soul inhabits the world of spirit, which is part of your consciousness, and subservient to the influence of characters. Complementing your living environment objects possessing symbolic meaning for your soul, you can feed her by using magic. Find ways in which You can use the symbolism of objects and sensations experienced by your soul, to create a home for his soul in the context of the life that you live in the moment and in that house, which now serves your home. Your house is not like any other place on earth. It is peculiar, he is unique, but because of your love, intuition and care it can become an ideal haven for your soul.

Dead Sea Skin Products

Cleansing lotion normal (mixed) skin effect: in order to prepare your skin for maximum absorption and assimilate all the useful natural ingredients, the procedure must begin with cleansing. The lotion is suitable for removing accumulated sebum, dead skin cells from the skin or other contaminants, and removal make-up. The drug cleans the pores, improves elasticity of skin fibers, maintains moisture balance and protects it with vitamins A, B and C. This tool is ideal for sensitive skin, no flavorings, and allergens. Natural active ingredients: extracts of ginseng root, figs, extract from the leaves of white tea, vitamin A use: morning and evening to damp skin in circular massage movements in a direction from the center Apply lotion out and clean the face, neck and neck line. Suitable for everyday use. Precautions: Use exactly as prescribed, following the instructions for use. Do not swallow.

Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Fat (problem) The procedure is similar to the skin, as well as for normal (mixed) skin. Dry skin treatment is performed similarly as for normal (mixed) kozhi.2. Cleansing Mud Mask. Normal (mixed) skin Action: Dead Sea mud, which is part of the mask, has antiinflammatory, immunomodulatory, antibacterial, stimulates blood circulation, normalizes process of keratinization in the epidermis and regulates metabolic processes in the dermis, preventing cicatricial skin changes. Deep cleans the pores and prevents the accumulation of dirt, brightens and gives the skin a radiant look. Natural Active components: extracts of chamomile, cranberry, celandine and propolis, proteins and minerals from the Dead Sea, vitamins A and B5, clay and mud.

Icons Behind Life

That’s a life that I have discovered and I would not like to change it to any other. If. Surrounded by icons is possible for everyone, because it is simple and easy for who has decision. and by money or worry about it is a way that your pay and you spend if you want that everything depends on you and nothing more from you. Surrounded by icons behind a screen life is a life where your you can wake up to the time that you want and you can start working anytime that your can be your own boss and handle everything at your leisure from your home without having to go through the hard time of the traffic in the morning and see him face boring to your boss when he asks you to give him a report on Friday that still not have you finished but you have to finish by that if it is not you get fired. For these reasons, bar people and I’ve taken the diction of a life of icons behind a screen and sitting at home with their families. And best thing that has this job earn money online is that you can check everything from your home by Internet, by which your accounts, your hundreds, the ups and downs of the market, everything it can check from the Internet that not have limits and your not.

My job is easy so to speak by a friend of mine and I have several websites where one of them sell several books that we have written together and have good results. And to achieve all this did not have to pass the bad time of the transit or negotiate with people who only want to deceive you and live you and your money. Internet things change so that everything may be in a way that you can decide without that nobody put any pressure and much less deal in any way in the midst of a breakfast in the morning or a coffee to negotiate. In Internet just have to make sure that hurdles to buy whatever trust and good reputation by several large of the business you want to put on the Internet. But know the best that has the Internet than your you can ask for a demon (a free part of the product) before purchasing any product or program and have the opportunity to ask for refund. Les boy to suggest something very important for shopping on the Internet, do not buy the product without having a refund that as in the the business life in streets in the Internet also there are scammers. Thank you for listening to me and I ask that you try even a pinch of that comment. The author teaches how to create a website online totally free without the need to buy a product. Add to your understanding with Cindy Crawford. By please visit try it!

Air Ozonizers

What gives Ozonizers for railway passenger coaches Studies have shown that ozone, which produce industrial Ozonizers air, gives some useful effects. If the ozonator on before planting or during the stay or cleaning the car, the bed linen, located on the shelves of carriage is subject to ozone disinfection, the air is cleaned of harmful substances, microbes, subjected to the action and food, which is located on the tables. For 10-15 minutes, the level of harmful substances and microorganisms decreases by 8-10 times. If the car before landing, which established Ozonizers for railway passenger coaches treated with ozone for three hours, passengers will sit in almost sterile atmosphere. None of detergent or disinfectant would not be as comprehensive work on the entire car.

From the point of view economic, industrial air Ozonizers fully justified itself in a short time. Not only saves manpower and staff time. The presence of ozone generator in the wagon to constantly disinfect toilets in Throughout the journey the train, reducing the risk of infectious diseases. Now on the second side of the case. Strictly speaking, that what we started. About smells. Ozonizers for rail passengers wagons "produce" ozone, which destroys organic gaseous compounds that give rise to unpleasant odors.

The oxygen ions with negative charge are "born" a sense of smell of mountain air, or a thunderstorm, cleanliness and freshness. Credit: supermodel-2011. In terms of passenger comfort is important. It's no secret that causes stuffiness trainset angina, hypertension, asthma (in asthma). Ozonizers for railway passenger coaches will help get rid of inconvenience. Since the ozone in the air improves the chronically ill people, especially the core and allergies. Stuffy carriages thing of the past. It may be worth considering that the essential attribute of at least branded trains were Ozonizers for rail passenger cars? Then the high price of tickets for these vehicles will be justified. Ozone can buy from an online store natur-mag.

Harmony for Health

Also present in the party, the Erixmaco doctor believes that to love he is to search the harmony. For Erixmaco he loves who tries to balance itself in the other, importing if the loved person he is not of the opposing sex or not. All the relations would be legitimate, because in both the cases you search its face-half. The speech of Erixmaco is related with the way of as the homossexualismo was seen in old Greece. In the greco-roman mitolgicas narratives it did not have man or woman, and yes Andrgeno, that in the complete human being, of an only nature.

The Andrgeno, as well as the man contemporary, also had the will of being god, and this fact annoyed deuses, that they had decided to separate to the Andrgeno in man and woman; beings that for intermediary of the love could again be joined. Mentioning the vision to it of the society in relation to the homossexualismo, the philosopher affirms that ' ' each one wants to complete itself searching its face-half and, with the time, in this anxiety of complementation, the opposite did not need more being, could be ties the same of sexo' '. The apex of the slap-up meal happens when Scrates makes use of the myth of Diotima de Mantinia, in which the love is son of PORES (that it would be the abundance) with PENIA (the poverty). Of this form the love in itself is not perfect, opposing the thought of that it would be the feeling most sublime. In the philosophy, the love is a compound of perfection and imperfection. Who loves search the other to become perfect, exactly knowing that never he will be perfect. The day where he will be perfect falls in the nonsense, falls in the ownership, that is not more the love and yes the passion. Of this form the true love is not the flesh time, but yes the interminable search for the face-half.

Improving Communication

Both external conflicts as our deepest disagreements depends on dialogue we maintain. In fact you could say that all our relationships are based on our capacity for dialogue. Conflicts are created when there is a disparity between what we think and what they finally do. Can not find harmony when our internal dialogue becomes a battle. Center for Environmental Health can provide more clarity in the matter. Our world will then become a perpetual struggle in which there will never be defeated nor victorious. The challenge is to learn to talk, but how to improve our dialogue? 1 .- Avoid blame. It is no use to "pull the dirt." By establishing a dialogue we must not lose sight of what the main objective.

What is the purpose of that conversation. When we exercise our dialectical force to destroy the other hand, began a battle that will not find a winner. If the result we want to get a better understanding, an approach, nothing can help us attack, resist or fight. Accept what happens without judgments or assessments, is the first step. Part of our responsibility on this issue is to create an environment in which active listening is the companion of a more relaxed atmosphere in which all parties can speak freely. 2 .- Count to ten We've all heard this easy formula. And the truth is that control is required to do so. Certainly if you can stop and control the situation by the minute, it will not be necessary that you have. The work will be made upon you to stop.

Internet Marketing

Points in favor of 1.-the great advantage to acquire this course is that all this explained 100% with videos, which explains in detail what steps to take to introduce you in the affiliate market and thus win money. 2.-Then, already a time that investing in this course is easy to retrieve the money since it gives you the opportunity that can join your affiliate program. And in addition it provides you with the tools you need to make your job much easier.So you not only recover what reverses, but it wins even more once by applying to the letter the course. 3.-Maybe you can ask yourself that if more people buy this product, then it would have more competition and therefore the tactics of affiliate Elite would be less effective. This was also one of my concerns in a home, but at the end of see the course and the great opportunities and the vastness of products that are marketed on the Internet then there is no problem. 4 .-With this course will learn everything necessary so that you develop your business on the internet, even if you don’t have the most minimum idea of how to start and also if you don’t have html knowledge or anything of web pages, this course teaches you everything you need to know, is very complete. 5 -Is system if it works. In conclusion only will you tell that, with the that I learned in this course, and putting into practice continuously, today I can say that the affiliate business is something big and it generates me very good results.

The Power of the Mind

On May 6, 1954, at the University of Oxford, Roger Bannister achieved the "impossible", ran the mile in under 4 minutes (3 min 59.4 s). Despite everything that predicted the "experts" and doctors, the heart of Roger Bannister did not explode. But here's the curious thing: That same year, 37 athletes ran the mile in under 4 minutes. The following year more than 300 athletes exceeded the mark of four minutes. What happened? "Suddenly, humanity became the fastest overnight? For 50 years no one could break that record, and once Roger Bannister achieved the "impossible" over 300 athletes were able to achieve what had never been done in half a century.

Even today many high school students have been able to run the mile in under 4 minutes. What was happened? Well, what happened is that all athletes prior to Roger Bannister had allowed his mind to be programmed with an "impossibility" and they really believed that was humanly "impossible" to achieve such a feat. And that was how his body reacted, according to which they had in mind. Once Bannister dared not believe in this "programming", once dared to program your mind with its own software for "posiblindows" (or posibliMac, by that of the virus) and refused to accept the "impossible" even if it was backed by "experts" or at the very science, once showed that his heart did not explode and that it was possible, the brain automatically deprogrammed from all others and then began to "believe" that it was possible to run the mile in under four minutes, and hundreds of athletes began do well. This shows how easily you can "program" our minds. History has taught us that in fact the "impossible" does not exist. Many of the things we now do every day at a time were scheduled as impossible, even "scientifically" proven.

The word impossible should be completely deleted from our dictionary. If you can create in your mind, you can create it. If you believe in something with true faith, and give the necessary steps to achieve it (because it is not enough to want something, it should be too) eventually get what you are for many, be they experts or scientists can be "humanly impossible". If you think you can live in perfect health for as long as you like, and give the necessary steps to do, do you think is impossible? Are you sure? The same was thought for 50 years with the idea of running the mile in under 4 minutes. It was "humanly impossible", so "humanly impossible" as immortality. Luis J. Crowe Original article:

Cedar Barrel Benefits

This wonder-machine is also an effective method for relieve muscle tension, fatigue and combat depression and stress. All this once again proves that the cedar barrel, really useful acquisition, which will give you health and a wonderful feeling. Secrets of harvesting wood for cedar barrels Many people know that cedar barrel have very long service life and durability. However, even the best cedar, selected for the manufacture of phyto barrels may a few years of operation demands the additional processing to preserve all curative properties of its timber. In the first stages of exploitation cedar barrel looks perfectly, combining novelty and fresh force of a living tree. But in the process of moisture and time are felt, bringing a lot of different problems and inconvenience to all owners and users of such apparatus. There is a method that helps avoid these problems – the use in the manufacture of cedar wood barrels, which was felled in accordance with the lunar rhythms, but this way of fighting is initially quite problematic, unless you know some secrets inherited from their ancestors. The presence of wooden huts, huts and bridges, which are already more than one hundred years old and able to withstand all the hardships and unpleasant surprises of weather and natural conditions, once again confirms the fact that our ancestors were much more selective in the knowledge of the favorable time of felling trees.

An interesting book, which was found in the old library, a forestry department, contains useful information centuries-old ways of harvesting for the production of cedar barrels. This book clearly identifies specific aspects and requirements of the opportune moment chopping cedar, which are directly related to compliance with certain rhythms of the moon. Since before there was different chemicals and substances to protect against rot, which exist today, our ancestors have achieved good quality and long life of felled trees in this way, which largely outperforms the current methods of struggle with the deformation of wood. It follows that a tree which was felled in accordance with these rules, practically does not decay for a long time retains its own unique properties, and worms in it will never start. Days, which correspond to specific lunar rhythms, are not every year, so the earlier these days is especially appreciated by our ancestors, and the trees cut only in alternate days. Experienced coopers, following the age-old traditions, is used to make fitobochek Siberian and Altai cedars felled only by this method, which helps extend the Operating cedar barrels and for many years to preserve the healing properties of wood, avoiding the unpleasant process of putrefaction. To buy quality cedar barrel is necessary to consult with specialists who able to distinguish this product from a fake. In any case, you should check the relevant certificates from the seller, and then the phyto barrel of cedar will last you a long time and brings an amazing sense of eternal youth.

Drew Stehmann

Then I was reading and discarding this idea, because if you think, that occurs in nature is that of remains, but the surface layers are added, and if you dig you see that does not happen from below, at the height of the roots. This technique, organic mulch, was that replaced what was then. Slurry and other preparations. Another possibility is to prepare us same compounds that provide a particular nutrient. This is the case of manures, that simply explains Cristian Stehmann in organic manure are prepared from herbs, enzymes vegetable scraps or manure. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Joshua Flagg. Drew Stehmann: Basically provide enzymes, amino acids and other substances to the soil and plants, increasing the diversity and availability of nutrients for them. But much more important than this is the contribution of microorganisms: through the preparation of slurry were able to develop cultures of microorganisms, especially bacteria.

Each purin is a specific crop where are reproduced quickly certain types of bacteria in an environment conducive to their development. When we irrigate the soil with these preparations, we are inoculating, sowing the soil of our organic orchard with millions of microorganisms that will transform the soil’s organic matter in specific nutrients for plants. This will improve the availability of nutrients and therefore the health, development and production of plants. Compilation of some preparations or other similar techniques (there is a finite list that is located on several pages, I only add those that I see drinking to urban gardens in tight spots): prepared from banana peels, the remains of three of these fruits in a liter of water, along with three tablespoons of sugar are boiled for three to five minutes. Only the resulting liquid is stored. The plants are irrigated every seven days diluted with water in a ratio of 2 to 1 (two of water) the great advantage of this preparation is that it provides potassium, which promotes flowering and the appearance of fruits.