Other members do not receive adequate attention, particularly children. They lack of care, cruelty and indifference on the part of parents. Most of the wives of men who drink have a constant inner tension, feelings of helplessness, anger. It is clear that in this atmosphere of terror, neither of which child-rearing and full speech can not be. And at least can be called irresponsible decision to have a child in such a situation, knowing that the child will not be able to give proper education. Constant scandals, vulgarity, violence by parents, lack of mutual understanding will eventually lead to the fact that children grow up emotionally unstable, and with low self-esteem, which makes the process of upbringing and education of children and their normal adaptation to social environment.

In addition, alcoholism of a parent is almost always leads to the birth of a child with a variety of deformities or a predisposition to alcoholism in the child. He also born children who are most likely in the future will suffer from alcoholism and, therefore, this defect will be transmitted from one generation to another. So what do you do? Wives of alcohol-dependent people behave differently. Some tolerate the drunkenness of her husband, sacrificing their lives to preserve the family. Others hope that her husband stop drinking – and by all means try to – to cure his wife. Still others can not withstand suffering and trying to maintain their health and the health of their children – break a marriage. Unambiguous advice on the matter can not be done.

But still reasonably be called variant attempts to preserve the family, address the root problem of an unhappy marriage – alcoholism. And a significant role in the decision itself is dependent, who for the sake of improving relations within the family, should decide on the treatment of alcoholism. As for the family, its members can help in the healing process only when the self-deliverance from a painful submission a loved one to alcoholism – codependency. Treatment of co-dependence – a necessary condition for restoring family harmony and understanding


Ie important ratio of power and volume of the bowl. Following optimal relations 'power (W) Bowl (L)': 300-1,5, 400-2, 700-3. If the two combine harvesters with the same capacity bowl different indicators of power, the more powerful model is preferable. When you purchase should focus on optimal (Cited above), the relation between power and capacity of the bowl. It is important to combine a compact, because if the accessories are stored in a separate box or in the built-in processor compartment dimensions combine increased, but not need to remove and clean all knives, to use only one. Nozzles Nozzles determine the possibility of a food processor.

Knife – made from stainless steel. Sometimes coated, imparting greater strength. Designed for chopping, chopping, cooking pashtetnogo meat, dough. Disc knife (disc with a radial slot) – for slicing, shredding cabbage or lettuce. Knife in plain blades (usually two) on plastic holder – cut into pieces of irregular shape.

Fineness depends on the time of work (in a food processor without adjusting speed drive motor block) or a proportional increase in the rate (Combines adjustable speed drive). Disk-float – for chopping, grating. Fineness depends on the diameter of the hole grater and the processing time of the product. While rubbing the 1 kg of vegetables in an average of 1 minute. Disc cutter french fries, vegetable chips (for the sauce 'Julien') is designed for slicing vegetables by specific pieces (wedges, straws). On the processing of 1 kg of vegetables on average will take a minute.

Adventure Tourism

Adventure tourism in Mendoza: cycling tourism adventure in Mendoza offers a variety of activities to perform, leading the person to achieve a maximum contact with the environment and the privileged mendocino landscape. Singer: the source for more info. Land, air and water are combined for the lovers of the exploration and the physical challenges. By water, trekking and canoeing are imposed for the mendocinos Rapids that have varying degrees of difficulty but with the denominator carried the athlete by landscapes of unusual beauty. The air can be conquered through the paragliding, activity for which Mendoza geography is particularly prepared with its many hills and valleys offered to be sobrevolados. Also heights can be conquered by means of abseiling or mountain climbing, with the possibility of making top in one of the many mountains that exist in the region. But for those who want to conquer the Earth, it is cycling is the ideal choice. Large amount of tourist operators offer greater or lesser degree of difficulty or extension circuits to perform the practice of this discipline fun.

The benefits of taking the service with a company expert in the matter is the possible have the equipment suitable for the RISP Mendoza geography, the support to security level, usually with a vehicle that accompanied the contingent that provides first aid in case of emergencies and to make group trips, fun increasing and reducing risks. Slogans are wearing comfortable clothing, if you wear long pants remember to bring a wrap model to ankle, slippers, and sunscreen that will include sunglasses and sunscreen to the skin. It is also necessary to bring a small backpack. It is also mandatory to wear a protective helmet. Some circuits include sections on paved road, for which it is necessary to take extra precautions with respect to traffic safety. For quota less experienced coordinators will elect circuits having gravel and some slopes but which are not too steep.

A very interesting option is to make the wine route, visiting various wineries in the area of Lujan’s whose. It is a simple route, without too many steep slopes, and is mainly on asphalt and land. It is a stretch of approximately 16 km and can be done in half a day. A well equipped bike will allow hiking of tourism adventure in Mendoza of longer duration, and can even do night in various campsites, with the advantage to meet sometimes inaccessible places by car.

Pregnancy: A Special time

The factors are many that take part at the time of deciding to remain pregnant: the age, the emotional maturity, the affective situation, the economic conditions, etc. At present have become very common that the pregnancy is posponed until has been managed to have an emotional stability mainly and financier. Nobody wants to pass hardships during the pregnancy and many less after to give light and when it is growing up to the baby. If one is in pair, the decision to be pregnant must be a subject of two. He is already quite complicated to coexist with somebody more, like being so egoistic to make that decision from individual way, mainly in the case of the women. With respect to the rank of ages, one says that the twenty represent the best stage to be pregnant because the body of the woman already has reached its complete development. Nevertheless this does not assure that the emotional maturity like bringing a baby to the world is had sufficient. Although on this there is no rule written on the moment to remain perfect pregnant woman.

The labor aspects even influence, mainly in the cases in that the woman is the support of the family and sees in the dilemma become pregnant and leave their work by the time who corresponds to him by law, in maternity loss. In great lines, the best thing is to emphasize than the best stage to be embarrassed she is that one in which it is controlled youth and energy sufficient to have a healthy pregnancy and for the care of the baby and are had the economic stability as well and mainly of sufficient the emotional maturity it stops to raise to a boy throughout the years under which it is to his position. Nevertheless always they occur cases in that the pregnancy takes by surprise to the pair, thus we must be very responsible for all our acts and to confront with great attitude and good disposition this new one. If you want to be pregnant of totally natural form within 60 days, without concerning your age, you do Click Here.

The Convergence

In cerne of the question it is the premise of that the motivation has a direct relation with the performance and, therefore, consists in a basic factor for productivity profits. Additional information is available at Gunnar Peterson. In elapsing of the last decades if they have multiplied the examples (motivacionais strategies) of that it is possible to make of the organization a healthful environment, and of really motivador the work executed something there it human being. The motivacionais strategies are classified in three categories in agreement the emphasis given to each one of the three organizacionais dimensions: Economic, Psicossocial and Poltica. Had to the narrow linking between the dimensions it is impossible that a change operated in one of them does not intervene with the others two. The structure of being able of a company defines the proper company, the objectives that the company pursues and the structure that exhibits is an extension of the objectives and dominant necessities of the groups and individuals that constitute its structure of being able. (MATTOS, 1988, P.

165). Studies of the relation between motivation and performance carried through by Hackman and Oldham (1975) boarded for the theory of the characteristics of the work, signal the necessity of if considering the factors of mediation in the work that impactam in this relation. The reach of the organizacionais objectives if finds atrelado to the efficient and efficient performance in the levels individual, group and organizacional. Amongst the factors of mediation between motivation and performance in the work if they detach: the meaning that the carried through work possesss for carries through who it, the system of rewards and effective punishment in the organizations, the managemental style and the quality of the psicossocial environment of the work, and the convergence enters the personal and organizacionais values. The challenge of the organizations inhabits in the necessity to understand the dynamics of the internal processes that the people move, by means of the adoption of practical that they corroborate the direction of belongs, the satisfaction of the people and consequently, the success and the reinforcement of the image of 2,1 organization MOTIVATION IN the THEORY OF the RELATIONS HUMAN BEINGS the behavior of the people inside of the organization is complex, depends on factors interns (decurrent of its characteristics of personality, as capacity of learning, motivation, perception of the external environment and intern, of attitudes, emotions, values etc.) and external (decurrent of the environment that it involves of the organizacionais characteristics, as systems of you reward and punishment, of social factors, politics, group cohesion existing etc.).