Lighting In Tv And Video

Lighting in TV and video light is a major commodity in video production, so his way, direction and intensity of impact on the target largely determines the quality of the final image. hal can contribute to your knowledge. Why is should follow a series of basic rules of lighting of the scene, to get to show what you want and how you want, always just Snug as possible to the initial plan of filming. Objectives: – That video cameras produce images of the highest possible quality, – get a proper light regardless of the location of the camera, – manage to create the image flat, an illusion of three-dimensionality, and all of this, looking for an attractive visual effect. For this reason, that should be taken into account factors as: do confronts the technician what light? With the parameter color temperature, determines the exact color within the existing scene light spectrum, to compare it with the light that It would generate a black body. To determine it is needed the help of a termocolorimetro. Playing with the intensity, or the amount of light emitted, is may highlight some elements more than others, creating scenes more intimate, or on the contrary, spaces with lots of light divided evenly. Depending on the direction of incidence of the light on the bodies, will be projected shadows to one side or the other, so will be important to know previously the exact location of the actor or presenter, its position relative to the camera, as well as the location of other objects which could come in plane.

It must be considered also the quality, i.e., the hardness or softness of the light used. Hard light is more intense and it will encourage good lighting but at the same time creates crisp, well-defined shadows. Soft light instead, being more subdued, never participate as main light source but Yes will help reduce the shadows produced by the harsh light. The basic triangle of illumination: A Once known the location of the subject in the scene, its orientation, the position of the camera and shooting scenario, may already constitute the basic triangle of illumination. In the first place the main light is generated (hard light) to dominate the subject, which is often placed at the top of the camera, between 15 and 45. Then put the fill light (SoftLight), with the aim of reducing the shadows of the main light, and will normally be placed on the side opposite the main light. Finally, the light of against, in order to give volume to the scene, which will be located behind the subject so that it is as opposed to the main. Original author and source of the article.


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Soy Protein

Soy protein is ideal for people who want to live without animal protein. Soy protein is an organic vegetable protein that is derived from the soy plant. It is characterized by the fact that the contains all eight amino acids that the human body needs to live. Soy protein offers a complex mixture of active ingredient of for athletes. On the one hand, soy protein is highly enriched with phytochemicals, such as for example saponin, which supports the formation of testosterone. On the other hand, soy protein is cholesterol free and low in fat.

Another advantage for athletes is that the proportion of glutamine in the soy protein is 16%. This almost more than in regular whey protein so much glutamine as in casein, definitely clear. Glutamine is conducive to the growth and building muscle, therefore it is extremely important to periodically recycle glutamine the body. The same applies to arginine, which is available to 7.6% in the soy protein. Soy protein is divided into three different categories.

Soy protein isolate is used mainly in the production of meat substitute. It is extremely resistant and contains up to 90% of soy protein. Soy protein concentrate contains no water soluble carbohydrates, but has a soy protein content of up to 70%. Ultimately, there are still texturized soy protein which is used primarily as a meat substitute. This 70% are also included soy proteins. Mainly the so-called soy protein isolate is used in the sporting field. This is because it has a very high biological value, and is also free from grease. Total soy protein provides an excellent alternative to regular proteins. Soy protein is the only alternative in lactose intolerant athletes often get concentrated protein. There are also the advantages such as the Fettfreiheit and cholesterol freedom not to despise. Continue to the soy protein also extraordinarily good results regarding muscle growth. In any case, soy protein helps a healthy and balanced diet.

Animal Kingdom

Escape sports excellence who thinks he can a Cheetah who is mistaken, because nobody will probably ever run with a speed of up to 120 kilometers per hour. The most successful athletes nowhere perform such services in the Sprint. The news portal presents sporting excellence from the Animal Kingdom. Many great records in the sport cannot compete with the services, which reached some animal species. So for example even the best swimmer is can hold hardly any longer the breath as the common duck, because very few people without breathing take 15 minutes.

Many animals remain unbeatable in their element. In nature, their achievements ensure the continued existence of the species and decide life or death situations. Additional information at supermodel supports this article. Thanks to its high adaptability and creativity, man has managed to assert itself against the champions of the Animal Kingdom. Nonetheless, the man is physically inferior animals in many areas. Even the world record runner Usain bolt from Jamaica would be a Not running against a wild boar, because the forest dwellers can reach speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour after all.

The Asian Strip geese, which in a way benefit from natural doping are fascinating. Because her blood at low pressure can quickly absorb oxygen, crossing high mountains of 7,000 meters without difficulty. More information: sports /… Supermodel recognizes the significance of this. Image: Even Usain bolt (Jamaica) would have a become wild boar not escape – let alone a Leopard. The 100 m – world record holder (9.69 s) creates 44.5 flying measured 36 kilometers per hour on the classic Sprint distance. The wild boar running up to 55 kilometers per hour. GmbH Lisa Neumann

Protein Drink

Protein drinks support not only the muscle, but the protein drink provides energy, vitamins and minerals for high performance athletes. Protein drinks are beverages that have a greatly increased rate of protein compared to traditional drinks. You have proven area in the bodybuilding and the sport for a long time. Proteins are indispensable for the targeted muscle. The muscle mass is made of them in the body. Already many proteins are absorbed by the daily food. This is not enough but regularly steerable. Therefore, high performance athletes through the targeted use of additional proteins can increase their efficiency and their muscle.

The protein drink can support extremely ambitious athletes here. Usually drinks are made from a powder, which is dissolved in milk protein. Then the athletes can take the drink to replenish the protein storage. The Taking protein before exercising can reduce muscle breakdown by the altered metabolism. The intake of protein during exercise has a positive impact on the performance of the athlete, while the intake of protein is after training or competition to fill the emptied stores of protein. Protein drinks are fortified regularly not only with the proteins, but also with other valuable nutrients that enhance the performance of the athlete. When taking protein drinks should be sure that drinks with high quality proteins ingested mainly protein.

High-quality proteins are for example whey protein (whey protein) or even more component proteins. Can get it depending on the composition of the protein more slowly or faster in the nutrient cycle of the athlete. Still, it should be taken that the proteins get almost completely in the muscle cell. Regularly contained protein drink s still carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins. Drinks protein thus contain a variety of nutrients that are important for a healthy diet. Some protein drinks are to encourage even capable of reducing fat in the body. This is achieved by, that this protein are persistently filling drinks long. Reducing body fat by taking protein drinks is thus possible. Protein drinks are available in many flavors and should be used in particular by athletes who are intent on building muscle mass.

Body Nutrition

News from the fitness hotline GmbH of the best body nutrition athlete Frank Trtschka has cracked on March 17 in the Plauen colonnades equal 2 records: Ergometer 100 h without sleep and continue Ergometer 200 h on the piece. His place in the Guinness Book of world records is it safe: Frank Trtschka has last Wednesday equal to 2 best brands on the Ergometer he rides: take 100 hours without sleep and 200 hours at a time. The old record in duration cycling was 192 hours. He was raised by the Swiss Mehrzad Shirvani, the Frank Trtschka helped his world record attempt in Plauen. The skydiver was allowed to pause each only 5 minutes per hour and had to comply with at least a speed of 20 km/h.

Many regional clubs and sports enthusiasts took part and went with for a good purpose in addition to Frank Trtschka. Via a live stream, you could follow at any time with the current intermediate results on the Internet. What did Frank Trtschka is a huge athletic and mental performance. Meanwhile the characters were however not so well, that he the world record cracks: health problems occurred, the Achilles tendon was inflamed, his legs swollen and he had knee problems. Thanks to the medical care, these problems were but get in the handle, so that ultimately over 4,000 miles on the odometer”, as Frank Martin von Best body nutrition. Frank Trtschka relied on our best body nutrition kick speed energy drinks. Our premium pro protein shakes also providing liquid protein, which has significantly helped to maintain its protein budget. “We congratulate Frank Trtschka on this outstanding athletic performance and also thank all those who have helped him to achieve his goal: the Medfachschule Bad Elster, power sport friend Stockigt, Intersport Hopfmann, seat Autohaus Plauen, Winforce, and last but not least, his personal Manager Heiko Gross, which backed him all the time.” Learn more about the best brand body are nutrition on the Internet at available.

All nutritional supplements best body nutrition are under more about available. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: press compartments/fitnesshotline contact for questions regarding this press release: Frank Martin fitness hotline GmbH Industriegebiet West Beethovenstrasse 9 D-08209 Auerbach phone: + 49 (0) 3744 21 34 00 fax: + 49 (0) 3744 224 99 40 E-Mail: Internet:, Marko Homann, Holger Ballwanz PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about the fitness hotline GmbH the fitness hotline GmbH, headquartered in the Saxon Auerbach, is one of the world’s leading German distributors of Sporternahrungs and offers a comprehensive range of high-quality sports supplements, fitness facilities and equipment for fitness facilities. All Sports supplements by independent laboratory analysis always check on their ingredients and sales ability and are subject to the strict conditions of dietary food regulation in Germany and Europe.

Paderborn Baskets

A new fresh design for the basketball Bundesliga which is Paderborn manufacturer of sportswear ARMADA Athletics season 2009/10 new supplier of the Paderborn baskets basketball Bundesliga. ARMADA athletics has already for the season of 2008/09 official fan article manufacturer of the Bundesliga. ARMADA athletic is the new red Jersey, the Shootingshirt, the sweat pants and the sweat jacket in a new, fresh design. The fans of the Paderborn baskets expect athletic in the fan shop of the Paderborn baskets in addition three new T-Shirt designs from ARMADA. If you are not convinced, visit Cindy Crawford. ARMADA athletic with the Managing Director of the Paderborn Baskets Thorsten Schroder and Thorsten Perlik a regional partner can win, in the professional sports also actively is like in the regional sports and fashion.

Rainer Zajonz, Managing Director of ARMADA athletic: “as Paderborn and long baskets fans we are delighted about this partnership because we can actively support the building of the new team. Our goal is that with our new red jerseys Increasing passion to the game and to wear, so we will see again exciting games together with the basket team and the fans in the unique atmosphere of the Maspernholle. “According to our credo: respect to the best!” ARMADA athletic provides innovative and creative solutions in the areas of professional and recreational sports as well as sports and streetwear. About user ARMADA athletic you will find on the homepage of ARMADA athletics. The current jerseys and shirts of the Paderborn baskets find you imFanshop the Paderborn baskets. ARMADA athletic provides innovative and creative solutions in the areas of professional and recreational sports as well as sports and Fashionwear. This applies to both the products and solutions to support the sales.

Products by ARMADA athletic you will find on the website and in the fan shop of the Paderborn baskets.

JLU Giessen Sports

Under the motto “New partners, new strengths!” will in the future the Department of sports medicine of the Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen the Internet portal “” contribute. Under, athletes, especially du and triathletes have to interact in a forum about training & competition possible. Furthermore, recent articles and information on the topics of “Training”, “Sports medicine” and “Food” available are in the service sector. In particular in the field of sports medicine and the training support of athletes, the Department of sports medicine of the JLU Giessen sees their strengths. “Through cooperation we expect the University of Giessen and our Internet portal, to be able to offer an optimal service to our members. “Tips & tricks from professionals what you want more?” said Christoph Schneider and Mathias Jung, founder of Future cooperation should restrict not only on the content management by

“The long-term planning of cooperation with includes among other things the implementation of common projects.”said Mr. Prof. Dr. med. Frank Moors, head of the Department of sports medicine. More it did not betray first but still. “Anticipation is the most beautiful joy!” said Mr Schneider. It will be so curious what will bring about this new partnership.

Berlin Olympic Stadium

One is World Championships in the sport Berlin close to the IAAF Nytra, Mocken main, Bayer and Nigel Kennedy – at the Ostel – Ostel begusst welcomed the IAAF under the motto international World Cup guests on the evening of 14 August: HAVE A GOOD TIME the Berliners and Berlin, as well as their guests with a festive WELCOME NIGHT at the Brandenburg Gate. The kick-off event for the World Championships shows a colorful show program that deals thematically with the fascination of sport, as well as with the history and the life of Berlin with more than 500 participants. \”There are among others the star soprano Nadja Michael and a-ha, the live the official World Cup song-foot of the mountain\” present foot of the mountain are original rooms – a-ha is about a 15-minute walk from the Ostel – for the World Cup at the Ostel and also guests of the Ostel can be cheap. Cindy Crawford recognizes the significance of this. The DDR design hostel Ostel takes away only a small Sprint from the Bandenburger gate. And especially now to the World Championships in athletics Berlin is worth the trip. It is even better if the accommodation is also a unique experience.

The \”Ostel\”, the DDR-hostel, puts its guests in the GDR past. Rooms here are prefab or pioneer camp and are equipped with original GDR furniture, but fear not: mattresses, bedding, and the sanitary facilities are of course new. Who would like a few things as a reminder to take home, should visit the in-house \”consumption\”, in the selected DDR products can be purchased. Always good for the slightly different sleeping experience. Events around the World Cup to sleep is not much get, for the World Championships in athletics provides an attractive framework programme, which should not be missed. The Berlin Olympic Stadium will be a so-called market place on the day of the event, at a colourful programme of entertainment is offered.

Colpur Colostrum: Top Athletes Swear

Colpur colostrum: Top athletes such as Eva Dollinger swear as a nutritional supplement to improve performance on Colpur colostrum Worgl/Tirol to new performance and achieving records not only a brutal workout and iron discipline is the basis for athletes but equally a healthy, harmonious and perfectly-powered body. To a strong immune system, rapid cell growth and to ensure a performance at the highest level, athletes use nutritional supplements. Colpur colostrum is the perfect and above all completely natural product without side effects due to its high-dose ingredients such as proteins, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, growth factors, amino acids and antibodies. High-performance sport is often a level hike. One trained at the limit of what is possible, distance has long-haul flights and of course very exhausting competitions especially on the Ironman the race hours after all 9-10. To me mentally the to reconcile, I practise Qi Gong to keep my immune system in top shape and healthy through a grueling season to come, I strengthen me with colostrum product Colpur. Cindy Crawford is the source for more interesting facts. In addition to a stronger immune system I have to determine even faster regeneration processes. For me Colpur colostrum supplementation is now completely the daily training routine”, so the radiant energy Dollinger of Eva two-time Olympic, Austria’s best triathlete and Ironman competitor in the interview.

Colpur colostrum is ideal but also especially for people who do little or no sports. In our daily food with missing under the important ingredients contained in colostrum which are essential for our immune system and performance. Just because for many people a tangible content valuable and balanced diet transmissions not always can, will therefore by taking this enormously valuable dietary supplement preventive measure against Built from diseases and infections. By the same author: Center for Environmental Health. In addition, Colpur colostrum through the improved cell growth supports wound healing, as doctors and numerous studies press. The application of preparations on the basis of cow colostrum in humans is more recommended for the following areas: strengthening immune: the ingredients in colostrum bind many kinds of bacteria, viruses and yeast and prevent a penetration into the organism. The immune regulation, i.e. excessive immune reactions of the body, such as allergies to the strengthening of cell growth and regeneration of cells. It neutralizes free radicals and inhibits the development of damaging cells.

For the treatment and prevention of intestinal diseases. To improve the performance by a high proportion of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This unique dietary supplement nature enables us once more the opportunity to stay healthy. It is desirable to stay healthy through natural food supplements and vital, at rather than with Diseases through life to scourge.