Of course, above all, This is necessary to identify the dominant factor in the circumstances, since it can be different. A more detailed approach in Rodionov (1985). He suggests in the study of the first states to differentiate prelaunch Athlete new to the group on the manifestations of the nervous system and, thereafter, the personal-surface characteristics. Interesting interpretation prelaunch states results in their studies Platonov (1997). Status nedostapyuchnogo excitation is manifested in a lethargy, lack of concentration, inability to concentrate on the athlete's upcoming fight. Externally Athlete calm, even indifferent, to the benevolent others, even to competitors.

But he is not able to make the most of envy-vaniyah its functionality, its actions are often characterized by the untimely and inadequate. Status optimal excitation. Center for Environmental Health follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It is characterized by a sense of willingness and desire to compete. The athlete is able to objectively evaluate their actions and those of the opponent, a sat-letvorenie of his movements and actions be confident in their under-gotovlennosti and achieve the planned result. This state is best for achieving high sport results, the full implementation of functionality. Status overstimulation. In this condition, the athlete is not superfluous, excited, over-active, irritable and often lose self-possession, quick-tempered, intolerant of others. Calm in the train-vochnyh conditions, an athlete in such a prelaunch condition becomes Xia stubborn, angry, rude, overly picky and stupid requirements sensitive to the other.

Possible reaction psihopodobnymi Status tormozhepiya by overstimulation. In this case we have mechanism, the formation of opposite-states yaniya lack of excitement. Often, with the exception of benevolence desirable to to others, manifested in the same reactions. Externally, passivity is the result of experienced traumatic-vany, unpleasant associations, the reluctance to train, etc. Nasty Paet lethargy, mental and physical sluggishness, and sometimes there is a neurotic reaction. The athlete understands the uselessness of intrusive thoughts, fear not to show the planned result, but can not get rid of them.

Lower Saxony Triathlon Association

The portal is supported by the triathlon Federation Niedersachsen e.V. Since March 12, 2008. The portal is supported by the “Triathlon Association Niedersachsen e.V.” since March 12, 2008. Due to a large-scale mailing action that was initiated by, became aware of the Association on the new portal. In this mailing action, the founder of directly to associations and competition organizers have turned to get the sharing of competition and contact data for the event calendar. This release was previously by the “German Triathlon Union” (DTU) denied. “Through the support of the National Association of Lower Saxony could we unlock in one fell swoop all lower Saxon competitions in our calendar” Mr Schneider, co-founder of, announced today. Due to this release, Lower Saxony Organizer again have an additional platform to make free advertising for their events.

“We hope that 15 other country associations also the example of the” Triathlon Association Lower Saxony follow and the sharing of competition data give us for your state.”announced Mr Jung, also co-founder of “This would save us a lot of administrative work, and would benefit ultimately the organisers and thereby the athletes and the entire Triathlon.” We welcome this positive development of the sports portal. The portal has been online only since about 6 weeks and won lots of strong partners in his cause at the present time. We are curious what the future will bring! Christoph Schneider

World Championships

The German capital is looking forward to a new World Cup summer tale 2009 Berlin is booming as a sports town – Ostel is booming with with the World Championships in athletics 2009 the German capital is again this year host of the world’s biggest sporting event. \”Also the annual Berlin Marathon, the stadium Festival ISTAF, Speed Skating Championships or the held for the first time in September in Berlin Champions Trophy of the Turner bring Berlin regularly in the sports headlines (source: dpa): worldwide sports event 2009: 1,800 athletes, 213 Nations, 47 decisions, 500,000 spectators in the Olympic Stadium, over 1,000,000 spectators at the marathon and walking: the 2006 World Cup final and the games of the German national team in the Olympic Stadium are O2 World – Berlin sports city center and remain as a summer fairy tale\” unforgotten. Berlin has fought for its reputation as the German sports capital of not only through this peak. Add to your understanding with Charles Margulis. Make sure\”the top teams of the city E.g. Football Club Herta BSC or the basketball player of albatrosses, the ALBA giant. And last ice hockey season the polar bear, which thrilled more than 13,000 fans with the opening of the new venue in the O2 world. Berlin events around the World Cup in the OSTblog removed a few ball throws from the O2 Arena the Ostel located. For sports fans, so ideally the interesting sporting events as well as the sports events of the 12th IAAF walking. To celebrate this summer fairy 2009, the Olympic Stadium as a venue of sporting competitions get a temporary counterpart from the world of Arts: the KulturStadion at Pariser Platz: on 14 August there are on the other side of the Brandenburg Gate the official welcome night with artists such as SUNRISE AVENUE, Nadja Michael, and many more. \”With their comeback super hit form the end of a-ha foot of the mountain\”, the official World Cup song brilliant finale and start signal for a great world championship.

Mountain Biking Saves The Olympic Honor Of Bicycle Athletes

Cycling has suffered heavily in recent months and years by negative headlines. Formerly the cycling was the one most chip step and also the most popular sports of the Germans. Cycling has suffered due to negative press, very what was on the one hand by negative media coverage of and on the other hand even caused by the teams. But the Olympic Games have shown that you should pack not all kinds of cycling in a hat but promote new sports such as mountain biking. One showed the Olympic Games held in late summer. Not all athletes on two wheels have been dubious discredited. Around Beijing made the cyclists on the road again once negative resurfaced. Doping rumors, positive samples transferred sinners that there are also bicycle athletes belonging to the honest skins of the industry, seems to be almost into oblivion.

But they come and they make stunning and certainly not dangerous. You are the Kings of the terrain, control stock on their vehicle and stone. The speech is by Sabine Spitz and co., the mountain bikers. With their Stud tyres she seems over rough terrain, over unpaved trails and paths, always on the hunt for the new record. Only since the Olympic Games in Atlanta 12 years ago, is the sport of Olympic, enjoys over increasing popularity. The reasons are quite clear: the extraordinary and spectacular attracts the viewers no shortage on the slopes. Mountain biking more action and excitement is to be expected, as with colleagues on the road. Mastering the most full suspension high-tech wheels is not easy, heavy falls frequently.

Nevertheless, the sport polarized, attracts the people at the racetracks captivated, sure not complaining about lack of offspring. Almost every child wants or nowadays has a mountain bike, road bikes are increasingly absent. The comparatively young sport is the German Sabine Spitz. Spitz is reigning Olympic champion in cross country”, a circuit with gap and climbs through forests, meadows and stone. The 36 comes from Herrischried with Bad Sackingen in South Baden. The multiple Medal is seven German Champion and drove her first mountain bike race at the very young age of only 22 years old. Fabian Rauschecker

Fungus Infection

Outside it is cold and wet so far only little snow and extreme temperature variations. What is better than it is quite relaxed in the sauna or in the warm swimming pool really good going there. Only downside: spores also feel in the warm, damp climate poodle! Athlete’s foot is among the most common infectious diseases in Germany. Called athlete’s foot, tinea pedis affects not only the skin between the toes, but can infect the nails. Charles Margulis shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Cause of this fungal infection are called dermatophytes. How does infection with athlete’s foot? Like almost all fungi, dermatophytes also love a warm and humid climate.

You find that many people between the toes. The infection can be done through direct skin contact or through floors, especially in bathrooms, showers, sauna or gyms, as well as shoes, socks or towels. For a transmission it is enough to come with an infected skin scales of a person in contact, but not necessarily a Outbreak of athlete’s foot. Causes that lead to an outbreak of the infection can be among other sweaty feet, frequent wearing poorly-ventilated shoes, tiny skin lesions or a weakened immune system. But also diseases like circulatory disorders or diabetes mellitus can encourage an outbreak of infection. Often, especially the spaces between the fourth and fifth toe of both feet are affected. Itching of the affected skin area, skin redness, scales – and blistering, skin oozing is symptoms of athlete’s foot, as well as methods of treatment and prevention to the typical symptoms of athlete’s foot infection.

Can you experience such symptoms, a doctor should be consulted on, to discuss the treatment options with him. As a rule, athlete’s foot infections are harmless and heal without complications again after treatment. Get rid of the athlete’s foot, there are fungus-killing agent in the form of ointments, powders or creams in pharmacies. Has the Fungus affected larger areas of the skin and spreads over the entire sole of the foot, the taking of special tablets may be useful. While treating the first days after the infection should socks and shoes are disinfected regularly and wash socks and towels at 60 degrees to prevent a spread, and the contagion of other family members. The toe spaces always dry thoroughly and vented shoe work wear. Wearing bathing shoes can prevent a transfer in the swimming pool. Also you should not run barefoot in places, such as hotel rooms or cabins. Health information, as well as the complete guide to learn more at

Dedicated Athletes Young

Health tests and information event at the partner universities of the Olympic base In the annual health week”Olympiastutzpunkt Rhineland-Palatinate/Saarland found in the week of October 5, 2009 at the headquarters of the German University of prevention and health management in Saarbrucken health tests” with athletes/inside from the U.S. squad rather than athletics. The tests aimed to detect any impact of young athletes. On the organisation of the tests as well as implementing Bachelor and master students of the College were involved. Within the framework of the health tests taking place this year for the third time in a row, the young athletes from the B – and C-Squad of the German Athletics Federation (DLV), also about their career prospects in the area of prevention, fitness and health informed: of avocational qualification at the BSA Academy, the sister company of the College until the international Bachelor and master study at the partner University recognized the Olympic base Saarland/Rheinland-Pfalz.

An overall picture of the individual health of individual athletes is designed by selected tests. So, any responsive can be detected early and offset by training. At the same time, a targeted health care from that level of power production is interesting: because it ensures a consistently high level of performance through the reduction of injury-related downtimes. Since the tests for the DLV held this year for the third time in a row, the training over the past years can be made for many of the athletes through fair results from several years transparent. “” Students of the Hochschule for organisation and testing responsible: the diploma Health Manager Michael Lutz, at the German University in the course of master in health management “study, conducted the tests and led the testing with the Spinalmouse” by. More testers were looked after by undergraduate students or employees of the College, including Patrick “Barber, of the operational part of his education in the fitness and health Studio city fit” completed in Bitburg ( Important tool for testing, as well as their extensive evaluation was or is the health center Pro software”company BITsoft (, an expert system for testing, screening and training planning.

Practice-oriented qualifications for the market of the future prevention, fitness, and health: the German College for prevention and health management, which has nationwide study centres, is the perfect partner for those who want to qualify prevention, fitness and health with a University for the future market. The first Bachelor’s degree at the partner universities of the Rhineland-Palatinate/Saarland Olympiastutzpunkt connects a company training and a correspondence course Austria or of Switzerland compact periods of personal attendance at study centres in Germany (nationwide). The financing of undergraduate degree is carried out normally through the respective training company. In the Study fitness training, fitness economics, nutrition counseling and health management close the bachelor students after three years with the internationally recognized academic degree of Bachelor of Arts”from. The two-year, postgraduate course master in health management”qualified to the versatile prevention experts and combines distance learning and compact attendance phases. Registration for the study is possible at any time. “” “” “The sister company of the College, the BSA Academy, offers practical part-time qualifications for the market of the future prevention, fitness, and health: from basic skills such as such as the fitness trainer-B-license” or the Group trainer-B-license “professional degrees such as the teachers for fitness” up to prepare for the public exams to the fitness specialist Chamber of Commerce “and the specialist for prevention and health promotion Chamber of Commerce” against the industry and Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Athletics Equipment

The special catalogue PALIWAL by ERHARD sports Rothenburg athletics is the sport with the most disciplines. Run, jump, throw – Athletics skills are the core competencies in each sport. Therefore, the Erhard sports international sports equipment expert from Rothenburg ob der Tauber, now presents a special catalogue with Athletics equipment. The catalogue has been compiled together with PALIWAL, one of the most prestigious manufacturers of Athletics facilities worldwide. Numerous certificates of the World Athletics Federation IAAF testifies to the high quality of the PALIWAL devices. Not about PALIWAL equips regular top-events, Olympic Games as well as the World Championships. The catalogue includes – uniquely in Germany the complete assortment of PALIWAL, from the main rail about the shot up to pole vault facility.

The catalog is a must not only for athletics clubs and centres of excellence. Athletics skills are the core competencies in each sport. Therefore among the standard equipment of any sport system, from the sports field of primary school up to the Berlin Olympic Stadium, the venue of the 2009 World Championships in athletics Athletics equipment. PALIWAL devices added Erhard sports significantly its range in an important segment and underscoring its claim as a sports equipment outfitter number one in Germany. Jochen Koppl, Managing Director of Erhard sports, is pleased about the cooperation with POLANIK : Paliwal is a trademark and thus the guarantee of quality. Paliwal we have added a complete supplier of Athletics in the program and have the unique position in Germany.” ERHARD SPORT – heavily in every discipline: Erhard sport international from Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a leader in the sports equipment industry. With more than 200 employees, the 1880 family-owned company manufactures sports equipment for the worldwide market. With a range of over 12,000 articles Erhard is a sport the market leader Industry.

In particular, the planning and equipment for sports halls and sports facilities all over the world is one of the core competencies of the company. International major events such as World Championships and the Olympic Games are regularly equipped sport by Erhard. Contact / contact: Erhard sports International GmbH & co. KG Rainer Lederer – marketing/PR of upper Kaiserweg of 8, 91541 Rothenburg o.d.T. phone: 09861 406-850 fax: 09861 406 98185 E-Mail: Internet:


Among the most significant institutions of the social environment of the family and with which it must necessarily share functions, are the educational and health; However, and for various reasons, such as for example, essential to the most deprived needs satisfaction, we also include social services. Together, these institutions, are part of the Social welfare policy in our country. This social institution refers to a set of people who cooperate in order to achieve own goals, by exchanging shares that structure both to institutions and people.Spain has a public system of social services directed to cover social needs and configured for benefits and services administration of the State, the administration of the autonomous communities (regional level) and local authorities (municipal level). A vision esquematica-historica system of social services in Spain until the Constitution is as follows:-stage of charity 1812-1890.-Social Welfare, 1890-1963.-stage stage of Social Security 1963-1978. Centres of social services constitute the basic equipment for social care, both at the individual level / family, and for the development of Community programmes. They are carried out of the first level of attention or ‘General social services’ own programs, services and benefits. If you are not convinced, visit supermodel. Every town of more than 20,000 inhabitants has a centre of these characteristics. There are other centres and services for the care of sectors and groups with specific social issues (homelessness, drug addiction etc.), known generically as Social specialized services, which constitute the 2nd level of care. 1 Characteristics and types of users of the social services social services families have evolved from a model of charity, where the right is not social option, but the assistentialism due to social precarity, which was characterized by being punctual, auxiliary action and not projected and, by not generating any kind of right on who receives aid, and no obligation on who pays it, until a model of ‘social welfare’ which is characterized by the right to basic needs, and in which the actions are aimed at the entire population, scheduled and planned way.

Railroad Museum

Aiming at to rescue the history and the culture of the railroad net in our city, the municipal city hall of Miranda, through the Secretariat of Tourism, it entered in contact with the direction of the Novoeste and, from there, it revitalized the cited place total transforming it into Cultural Center, where today the Secretariats of Tourism function that supplies to the tourists all the necessary information its sojourn in our city, as well as the strolls and attractive that are offered, the Secretariat of Sport and Leisure, the Railroad Museum, where they meet displayed through photos, banners, parts and documents the history of the net railroad employee in Miranda, the House of the Craftsman, where the local artesanatos, and the bar are commercialized all Platform of the Fish. The municipal administration, looked for to add value to the product, implanting the House of the Craftsman, the Railroad Museum and the Secretariats of Sports and Tourism in one of the most beautiful casarios of the city; with its beautiful architecture all original of 1.912. The revitalizao was made always keeping the care to preserve all the characteristics of the building; therefore beyond valuing the space, it serves as reason of pride to the inhabitants and former railroad workers, collaborating in the rescue of the auto one? they esteem, seeing its history being again counted. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of celebrity trainer on most websites. The project implemented in the station of Miranda will serve of model for the recovery of the main stations in the stretch to be covered by the Train of the Pantanal. In the passage made for the technician of Brazil Railroads, points had been enumerated that can be astroroofs of contemplation of the nature for the tourist during the trip, between them 43 of the 147 constructed bridges, the majority in the Pantanal and that they serve as draining of waters overflown for the River Paraguay, Miranda and Aquidauana. .

Power of Goals

In the book the Secret of the Power of Metas de Andrew Corentt says to us that it will be difficult to obtain a goal if we do not have a defined good plan, in this material will see all the requirements for the development of his goals, you you will be able to use until a success dictionary that will thus allow effectiveness him in everything what you do, also in the form suitable to think, you will learn the suitable form to control a many things and to make the activities propitious from where you are, with the appropriate techniques you will avoid to look for reasons not to begin its project arguing that does not have conditions. Its project must be based on the energy of the deep desire, in which you feel that you die if does not obtain what it has seted out, anybody can declare to him but what is that fanaticism? I assure to him that it is the unique difference between the success and the failure, although if you work in structured form and with little effort always she reaches some level of profit, but it can take too much time to him and it is to suppose that you want to undergo his desires more soon than she can. To read more click here: Gunnar Peterson. To be triumphant in the life you must support his desires with continuous actions, as the Secret of the Power of the Goals shows Andrew to us Corentt in the book must resort to the processes adapted for the formulation of goals and thus to untie its slept internal power, you you are a powerful being who creates constantly its universe and will be able to discover that power, the creative capacity there it is and it will always be, the challenge is to bring to his conscious mind that power in order to use it according to his desires, with the suitable instructions without a doubt will obtain that it. .