Christoph Schneider

The triathlon portal truncates surprisingly well after 8 weeks Google benchmarking. The triathlon Portal truncates surprisingly well after 8 weeks Google benchmarking. Google-benchmarking is a new tool from Google, with which you can compare the access numbers, as well as many more visitors information with other websites in the same industry. “Our analysis of Google benchmarks showed that we already 8 weeks can have a superb visitor behavior after our launch on our side.” Christoph Schneider, co-founder of, announced today. From the details of the detailed report by Google can be, that is the average time per visit on over 5 minutes. This is compared with pages from the same industry, an increase of 111,44%. For more information see this site: Cindy Crawford.

Also in the “pages per visit”, so pages are how much per visit looked at, as well as the “number of new visitors” are clearly, sometimes with 85%, above the industry average. The “bounce rate”, i.e. how many call the start page of on and then leave that page again, was significantly lower than in comparable portals. “We draw from this analysis concluded that our site provides interesting content, and the visitors to the stay invites.” said Mr Mathias Jung, also co-founder of the portal, as a conclusion. It is truly amazing that a new portal will bring a good result when the benchmark “home”. Only the number of visitors were still below the industry average. The tendency for the future expect only good. To facilitate this future, we can recommend just any athletes or people who are interested in sports to take a look at. Christoph Schneider

Corbis Celebrates Athletes

Celebrity photographer Jason Joyce creates unique science fiction look Dusseldorf (29 July 2008) Corbis, a leading visual media provider for the creative industry, today announced the inclusion of futuristic sports pictures in his collection. In addition to pictures of the acclaimed photographer Jason Joyce, also photos of legendary athlete and well-known sports figures of our time, as well as action shots of famous sports events on the sports micro site of Corbis are to find sports. The new pictures of Joyce show born, swimmers, bow shooters, weight heberinnen, footballers and other athletes in concept-based, futuristic settings. The images were carefully retouched to give them a clear, dynamic and surreal look. Concept and Storyboard for the shooting in London were developed by Corbis Art Director Martin Yates and managed. Joyce caused by Setup and lighting that the images were processed by the postproduction team. In recent months, actress has been very successful.

The retouching took on Corbis, and created a 3D designer using state of the art 3D-Imaging-Software the backgrounds. Our research teams notice again and again, that there is a great demand for images of women in sport, and this new collection unique and fascinating way celebrates athletes on absolute”, so Martin Yates, Art Director, Corbis. The atmosphere of the shootings is reminiscent of science fiction films like Aeon Flux and puts us in a different time and the world.” Jason Joyce lives and works in London. He began his career as a fashion photographer and later went to celebrity portraits. His work was published in renowned publications such as Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, interview and Q. Recently it has promotional campaigns for the British advertising agencies mother and McCann Erickson photographed. The Beijing Games are imminent and because we wanted to create something very new and different, that attracts creative, who are looking for an alternative vision”, so Joyce.

I’m really proud of this work and that, as she breaks up preconceptions about beauty and sports.” About Corbis Corbis is a leading international company in the field of digital media, which offers a wide variety of award-winning contemporary, historical and entertainment photos, as well as a comprehensive range of illustrations and footage. Corbis images are used every day around the globe in advertising, the media and corporate communications. Corbis is headquartered in Seattle and has 15 offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, providing services to customers in more than 50 countries around the world.

Prince Vladimir

It is because of fear of becoming a beast warriors wore hides of wolves and bears no other than wool inside. Rites of mystical conversion kept secret and transmitted only to his followers. Unfortunately, most of the pagan heritage of the Slavs has been lost, in particular, lost the names of numerous gods and appointment of most pagan rituals. In the animated film "Prince Vladimir" still quite truthfully shows the Slav pagan witches. But if the average person wanted to become a werewolf, and had no opportunity to do that, then that he went to the sorcerer. Warlock picking the desired object such as a knife, and imposed a conspiracy. Now with this subject appeared newly werewolf.

In order to become wolf proshamanenny need to stick a knife in an aspen stump and jump over him. Now to revert to the person, you must do the same steps, just jump in the opposite direction. It is important that this enchanted ingredient no one has found and dragged until the person is a werewolf. In such a case would have to be a beast, as long as the subject will not find. In addition, if you believe the myth, become a beast is possible without the participation of sorcerers. To this end, there was a lot of ways, from the most simple and a little funny (to drink water from the wolf's trail and then lie on the grass) to the sinful (the full moon to kill the baby and then drink it blood).

Not seldom caught werewolves trying to return to the light people. But when to do it was impossible to kill a werewolf. But before to "clean heart" in different ways with the werewolf tried to remove the remnants of humanity, and subsequently the werewolf was considered a simple beast, so do not kill people. However, in the legends of conventional wisdom that the werewolf was not safe and even after death, because he could be a vampire. In connection with the so before you dig, killed werewolves cut tendons in his legs, and put into the mouth of a silver coin. In some cases, moreover tightly bound feet and mouth, and then scored an aspen stake into the heart.


Unlike nitrogen CO2 dissolves easily in water and fats. The presence of CO2 in the products that contain more water, increasing their acidity and thereby increases the shelf life. Gunnar Peterson: the source for more info. Solubility of CO2 decreases molecular pressure of the gas mixture, and an incorrect choice of the CO2 concentration is sometimes packing as it sits on the product, as after evacuation. This effect is eliminated by introducing into the packaging of another gas – nitrogen. Carbon dioxide can be used to cool the meat or meat mixtures, increasing the storage life at the moment.

Of meat and dough are losing the taste for an hour due to the destruction of starch, and cooling liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide eliminates this process and prevents moisture and mildew to form inside the package. On the one hand, that oxygen is responsible for oxidation and rancidity of fats, food spoilage due to the growth of aerobic bacteria. On the other – without his help is not necessary if you want to keep a bright red color of beef, which is associated by consumers with its freshness. In the gas mixture for packaging fresh meat content of O2 can reach up to 80%. Application of gas composition during the vacuum packaging of products suppresses the growth of microorganisms on the surface of the food, keeping it on the microflora required level, preserves the original flavoring, aroma and other properties within a certain time, regulates kislorodovydelenie of the product and the penetration of oxygen through the packaging, as well as significantly increases the shelf life of the product without changing its quality.

Rinse Injector

So, you decided to wash the injector. But paying $ 60-70 for it to do someone else, do not want. There is always a way out – to do everything yourself. How? Tell This method is in common is called 'Put the car enema' To 'Put an enema', you will need: a good washing liquid (to taste) a set of new plugs (by brand) 1,5-2 liters of petrol (the same as that pour into the engine), or enema syringe (buy at the drugstore – with some same interest for you will be looking to turn! :-)) Assistant (so pressed on the gas pedal and ate your beer, skunk) proceed. First, mix the washing liquid with gasoline.

Next, raise the hood and find the hose that goes from the '' on the intake manifold. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Cindy Crawford. Remove perehodnichek – a rubber tube. Type in sprintsovochku little mixture of gasoline with washing fluid and pressure to fill up. We have to wait 10-15 minutes – let everything what would get the liquid otkisnet. Now the time has come to include the work of assistant – the very thing that all this time staring at you and guzzled a beer in one person. He sits behind the wheel and starts the car.

It should be noted that it would not be so easy to do – because of the disconnected pipes engine will not keep pace, maybe even die, so I have to constantly put pressure on the gas and maintained at 2500-2800 Rpm. The engine roars, the assistant presses on gas, you're with syringe in hand, takes a position near the tube. The next step is injecting a mixture of gasoline and the drilling fluid. The point is not easy, because pressure inside the tube and strives to tighten the entire syringe inside. You do not even have to click on it – just bring closer – pressurized fluid itself will depart from syringe into voracious tube 🙂 During the operation of the muffler can be heard various sounds – ranging from cotton and ending with an eerie rrrykom. Can also escape clouds of white smoke and pieces fall out of something black, soft and smelly, at what level of smoke can reach such proportions that the neighbors come running to the garage as the cries of "Fire!". This mainly relates to car, we remained in Russia for more than 3 years and never take the course as washing by hand, and on the service. Remember! Do not immediately wash and pour mixture over and over. Do not spare the time – Batch. Let all the better . After the handset is 'eat' whatever you do for her was – deafen the engine. Give a little to cool down and unscrew the candles. Now I understand – why a new set? Old will look like %; * 🙂 We change them with new ones and – go ahead! Ride, feel the difference and enjoy.

Caring Hands

Love of man to woman starts with her beautiful hands, with the first touch to her feminine fingers, when a man with emotion and admiration for breath, and silently he bent over her hand respectfully to tender kiss. Celebrity trainer can provide more clarity in the matter. His dry lips from her radiant skin, it breathes its elusive scent of freshness. And it is this sense of aching tenderness and love between a man and a woman should give a boost to your hands even more delightful, and even skin perfect, and yet graceful movements. To this she would not have to spend much time, but only a few minutes a day to devote his beautiful hands. Every evening, when his hands got tired one day, it can be reassuring for them bath with a decoction of chamomile or lime, dipped in her hands and hold for ten minutes. Center for Environmental Health addresses the importance of the matter here. Then wipe dry and apply a mask on his hands, smoothing the skin: Take one egg white, add one teaspoon of sugar and a good Stir until the sugar dissolves. This mass is necessary to rub on her hands, until it is glued, then rinse with warm water, wet your hands with a napkin and put a fat nourishing cream containing lanolin or spermaceti. After herbal baths and a protein mask will be rested his hands and the skin amazingly soft.

After this you should sawed nails nail file, leading it always from the edges toward the middle, so that the nails were rough. And also that your nails do not overgrown need each day to push the nail skin nail with a roller. This will allow the nail to breathe oxygen to the root, and it becomes brittle.

Constellation Massage

Tips on choosing equipment for beauty want to stand out from the masses through his sparkle in his eyes, and the enviable health, we desired look well groomed at any age and at any time of year. Diet, regular physical activities, energy practices? Perhaps, but better – instruments for health and beauty, which is implemented by the Constellation of Beauty. ” With easy miostimulyatoravy can explore some want the muscle groups to maintain their proper shape, stress relief. With it being worked out what you like variety of muscles you can do any household chores, but this time the device sends to the your muscles a slight electric shocks, forcing muscles to work Tipo, as obtained during exercise. These discharges will not deliver absolutely no unpleasant feelings or pain, feeling of myostimulation also positive, as a massage or workout. In memory miostimulyatory are different training programs aimed at different groups of muscles.

Various types of trenignga strengthen and stimulate the muscles, limfootok and improve circulation, increase muscle size. There is an opportunity to apply in their own interests and personal massagers. This would allow for skin elasticity, muscle tone, other than being fast, and not leaving their homes. There is a possibility to choose the type of anti-cellulite massage, or massage to reduce weight. And the use of massage for the skin to reduce to an optimal state of necessity various cosmetics, save the men from the puffiness and extra bags under his eyes. Vacuum apparatus Manufacture of France perform lymphatic drainage, warming massage.

A Doctor From God

When trouble comes into our house, it's always a surprise. And then it is important to secure a strong arm man, who will comfort and help. If such a person is in your life – we can assume that you are very lucky. One such individual – Yuri A. Novikov, psychotherapist with 20 years of experience. Yuri Alexandrovich call a doctor from God. Help where seemingly no way out – this is his credo. And people feel it and know from experience. Best example – a lot of thank you letters and calls from former patients. People come to him from all corners of the former Soviet Union with their illnesses and to each his own is a unique approach. Yuri A. decided to become a doctor in his childhood. And, apparently, great was his desire to help people, that God predestined him to become a psychotherapist. Now, he – Candidate of Medical Sciences and one of the best experts in Moscow. In the 38 th child clinic, where he conducts reception, always full of visitors. And everyone there had a warm word, a kindly smile. Located next to Dr. Novikov, you feel an invisible thread of kindness and genuine participation. And God grant that all the luck encounter on their way to the most minute urgent need of a real doctor, as Yuri Novikov.