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One of the keys to personal success is the positive attitude with which people face different situations in life. However, it is one thing to know that you have to have it very differently and to actually possess when faced with challenges in life. Ted Virtue oftentimes addresses this issue. It is because our way of seeing life depends very much on our past experiences. If they were good, it is more likely to also face unfamiliar situations with more confidence, and we will not be expecting a bad result. Official site: Ted Virtue. So it is so important that our children have successful experiences.

These are going to condition to look at life with a positive attitude, and that personal growth comes true only when one is faced with a challenge in life and successfully accomplished. Unfortunately, the education our children receive does not always meet this important area in the personal development of people. The following story helps us understand how important it is to focus and develop the strengths of children for success in life: An account of ancient history creation of a school for animals. In this school, all animals should take the same courses: flying, swimming, climbing and running. Among the students had a duck, a flying squirrel, a fox and an elephant. The duck was great in the field of swimming and flying, because they were her strengths, but it was the end of the course in the branches to climb and run, so I paid special attention to these two branches. However, his legs ached so much for trying to run faster and their wings were so dilapidated by trying to climb, which he repeated at the end of these two branches and also just managed to get regular letters in swimming and flight, which had been their strongholds earlier this year.

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The bottom fishing to trolling is the use of an online teacher with a depth that lets you rig a second line with the sample to the desired depth.
The channel is fastened by a clip to jump to the bite of a fish. Normally one uses artificial lures Rapala type, although in some countries it is usual practice with live bait (which is banned in Spain).
Rigging depth, which can be manual or electric, is a reel with a boat moored to the steel line at the end of which is placed a lead of 5 or more pounds. The rate for the practice of this modality is 2-3,5 knots. Swarmed by offers, Mark Fields is currently assessing future choices. The dam of this type of star is Denton. Success is important to use a tube and the deepened maintaining synch for the samples as close to the bottom as possible.
This fish can be used without going to prefer the use of a plumb line or a paravan. This requires less equipment, but on the contrary, the difficulty to know the depth the sample.

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. – Competition Calendar Online!

The long-planned competition calendar has gone online today! And again there to report new by The long-planned competition calendar has gone online today! In the competition calendar athlete, especially triathletes, have competitions in all Germany to seek the possibility to optimally plan their season so. In this calendar you will find major events, such as E.g. the Ironman Frankfurt, of the people running up to the triathlon everything. Competition organizers have to have the possibility of their events via an online form in the calendar. Of course all free of charge! “It took longer something until the calendar could go online, but what lasts long is finally good.” today announced Christoph Schneider, co-founder of the sports portal to Learn more at: Mark Fields. Probably due to the coordination with the DTU delays occurred.

“We have used the race data from the DTU calendar in our calendar”, so Mathias Jung, also co-founder of, “but the DTU has denied the release of the data unfortunately. “Due to this fact, the organizers of have to go the harder way and respond to the competition organizers in order to obtain the permission of the data release.” Clearly it would have been nice to use the already existing data, but is nevertheless important to operate a DTU-friendly portal to us. “, Schneider added,” even if we can not quite understand the decision of the DTU. Our main focus is through the calendar the organizers to support in particular associations that are organized in the DTU. “Through continuous innovations grows up to a competitive Triathlon portal. This was only the beginning. It’s worth so to take a look at Christoph Schneider


In the summer increases the number of athlete’s foot infections. High temperatures entice you to Barefoot walking, outdoor pools have high season and increasing enthusiasm for sport again. Spores have to multiply now light game and the risk of infection is high. As the name implies, athlete’s foot is an infection of the skin with mushrooms on the feet and one of the most common fungal diseases. Unfortunately, many people still think that athlete’s foot due to lack of hygiene is produced and therefore treat him not out of shame. Rand Paul contributes greatly to this topic. How is athlete’s foot but that is simply wrong, because around every third is affected and a transfer is very fast. At each step, the person loses many tiny dead skin cells from the feet, causing a contagion is possible almost everywhere if you encounter skin particles with mushrooms. Mushrooms can be prove to everyone, but usually only a weakened immune system or injuries of the skin trigger a disease.

Humid climate is very accommodating mushrooms, nests are the athlete’s foot with fondness between the toes and there enters in fine cracks of the skin. Usually, you can see the disease symptoms of athlete’s foot when the skin begins to itch. The itching is followed by the oozing of the affected area and a reddening of the skin with skin cracks. The upper layer of the skin dissolves in shed and swells up. The athlete’s foot now does not, he can extend also to sole, heel, or the top of the foot and painful inflammation can occur. Measures against athlete’s foot, prevention and treatment measures are helpful to fight the fungus or to prevent him: washing you to remove the feet around infected particles of skin after showering or bathing thoroughly, dry the feet between the toes and use the towel at an existing infection only once to avoid becoming infected every day clothes, especially the socks should be air-permeable, does not consist of synthetic material and changed daily you will be washing your laundry with special Detergents shunning it in public showers, hotels, swimming pools, saunas barefoot to run use after disinfection spray pool as long as the infection has not healed, she should always wear shoes, also in the House, to avoid a contagion of other persons skin is dry or cracked, use nourishing creams or lotions at the earliest signs such as itching a doctor or pharmacist should be consulted. The treatment with anti-fungal agents, whether spray, gel or cream must not prematurely aborted and should be done several times a day. Even if the itching is often already after a few days, the treatment should be carried out at least 3 weeks, to fully heal the infection to. More information under and effective anti-athlete’s foot products

Environmentally Friendly

Taga multifunctional vehicle is now even more versatile bike with child seat and sport buggy in one. Starting in July 2010, a shopping basket is available for the Taga Tower. Netherlands, 6.Juli 2010: The Dutch company Taga b.v. has his city vehicle Taga a new practical accessory designed for: a shopping basket attachment. This can easily be installed with just a few hand movements instead of the standard seat.

So closer district purchases easily with the Taga do. In bicycle mode, it goes with the Taga to the nearest grocery store. In just 20 seconds he can be converted there with an ingenious folding mechanism in buggy mode this is the shopping cart. This saves the owner annoying shut of the bike outside the supermarket. The Taga to be not only a practical family vehicle, but represent an alternative to the car in the city. With the shopping basket attachment can now also to shopping the car leave once. This protects the environment “, says Jeroen de Schaaf, European Manager of Taga B.V..

The shopping basket, the in red and green available is, has the dimensions 64 x 40 x 42/25 inches, offers a space of 80 liters and cost 185. The Taga and accessories in over 40 shops of Munich are available to Hamburg or. About Taga. B.V.: The Dutch company Taga b.v. produces and distributes the multifunctional urban vehicle Taga. It of bike with child seat and sport buggy in one and can be converted in just 20 seconds. So he combines the fast and environmentally friendly transportation option in a bicycle for parents with the mobility of a stroller. Since 2008 was the Taga EUROBIKE award, the children and youth innovation award, as well as the red dot design award! More information under:. Contact for more information and picture material: Salloa long-Ronnau agency RoNNAU 24937 Flensburg T: 0461 Wrangelstrasse 10 430 77 00 M:

The Athlete

For the specialist to increase muscle mass it is advisable, in the case of men, increase your caloric intake by 500 to 1000 calories, and for women between 250 and 500. To continue with this plan correctly recommended weekly climb around a quarter of a kilo, important thing is not to gain a kilo per week since probably fat percentage increase in the body and is necessary to decrease the amount of food. Supplemented by aerobic work there is also a group of people who have difficulty to increase your muscle mass and at the same time possessing in his body around 15% fat. This type of person must control well your calorie consumption and can simultaneously perform aerobic work to burn off accumulated fat. It is advisable to a routine of between thirty and forty minutes during three times a week. Thus the body will use the accumulated fuel and will get rid of more fat. Anyway as well as calculate meals properly the same must be done with aerobic work because an excess in your practice may cause a brake in the increase of muscle mass.

More beneficial in this case is to get that strength remain the same or increase to decrease fat and increase our muscle mass. What about this type of food carbohydrates is the power base of marathoners and athletes who run, since it is quickly available fuel. With regard to those who wish to increase their muscles, some recommend not eat them at night since he could generate increase in fat, while others do not pay attention to this point. At this point you can reaffirm each person to react differently and it is best to see what your objective is physical and based on that organize the diet. Those who have trouble gaining weight and have low levels of fat in your body can consume carbohydrates two hours before sleep since its rapid metabolization can generate a negative caloric balance in the sleep period. And regarding who have higher percentage of fat, it is more beneficial that they consume carbohydrates in the morning because at that time power demands are greater. It is necessary to also take into account that not all carbohydrates are equal: the simple acting slow like sugar, honey, white bread, cookies and are of low index Glycemic (blood sugar) for faster action such as sweet potatoes, oatmeal, yogurt, the latter are best for those who want to control their calories. Most advisable for the athlete that slowly rises in weight, but you want to increase your muscles and lose fat could be eating a meal consisting of carbohydrates hypoglycemics.

(Low sugar) For example, oats with supplemental protein powders can be a fuel source immediate saving muscle glycogen reserves. Saturation of reserves of glycogen is associated with the increase of the musculature and if they deplete may mean a change metabolic turning muscle protein into fuel. It must be It is that for the weak increase of weight does not mean eating fats and carbohydrates by which leads to a problem of increase of fat distributed evil in the body causing that so upset tummy. There are people who are dedicated to helping those weak to increase weight and muscles to improve your appearance with a statuesque body. I suggest the book bodybuilding without nonsense where this book was written by a skinny in his time and is now champion training and muscle strengthening.

Youth Olympic Games

Tobias Klesen reports live from the 2010 Jugenolympiade will be represented in 20 of 26 kinds of sports offered in Singapore from Singapore to Germany. A total 201 decisions lay ahead, in which gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded. The newspapers mentioned Tiffany Espensen not as a source, but as a related topic. Germany will send a 70-member team after Singapore. Present at the first Youth Olympic Games are the German student athletes Marlene Gomez – Islinger and Tobias Klesen, which go in the Triathlon at the start for Germany. The European Nations are represented in this discipline with nine starters. The distance be 750 m swim, 20 km cycling and 5 km running in the triathlon. In addition to this competition a mixed relay held in Singapore for the first time, the two boys make a team with 2 girls.

Not only the victory, winning a medal, will be in the focus of the athletes. Young people from all over the world for the sport to inspire and communicating the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect, these are the objectives of the international of Olympic Committee. Jan Frodeno, gold medalist in the Triathlon at the 2008 Olympic Games the youth Olympics looks as a big, important experience and a great experience for the young athletes. Jan Frodeno pulled the starter for Germany. Tobias Klesen starts under the NR 32, precisely with the start number with 2008 Olympic champion was the Jan Frodeno in Beijing.

The physical and mental health of young people must be protected and will be playing these games in the foreground”, as Jacques Rogge, President of the international of Olympic Committee (IOC). The Olympic village will be the place of intercultural exchange. This is promoted by a culture and education programme (CEP). “” The CEP comprises over 50 program points in seven formats, carry the names such as chat with the champions “or World Cultural Village”. Known sports personalities, including Xu Huaiwen (badminton), Wilson Kipketer (800 m runner), Alexander Popow (float) and Sergej Bubka (pole vault) are the student athletes as role models and mentors to the page. From this Olympic atmosphere out Tobias will Live report Kanth. “After the end of its competitions on the 08 is enough leisure to visit the programme offered and the competitions and as a young journalist” to report on the 1.Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. Samsung as one of the main sponsors of the Youth Olympic Games has Tobias Klesen a high quality micro four thirds camera made the coverage available. This compact, lightweight mirrorless system camera NX 10 in the APS C format allows videos in the HD format. Tobias Klesen, who has photographed like most young people today only with mobile phones, looking forward to the new kind of professional photography”and sees the action as a practice test for man and camera. Plenty of time to study of the operating instructions does not remain also, the camera was presented to him on Wednesday, the 11.08, on the day of departure after Singapore. I’m glad that the Samsung NX 10 is characterized by a very high operating comfort, which even professional photos succeed the layman. “If in this experiment” would like to attend and the experiences with the youth Olympic Games in Singapore 2010 from the perspective of a young Olympic athletes want to pursue, you contact: Agency Kopfwerker Hubertus place 2 66809 Nalbach Tel.: 06838 2639 Mobil: 0178 3751949 or track Tobias Klesen on: #! / profile.php? id = 734243191 photos/tobiasklesen

Fast Food Muscle

To achieve the objectives of sports, athletes must follow a thoughtful diet plan consistently. “No matter whether athletes with regard to health, diet weight loss or muscle building, remains one for athletes always equal: nutrient – and energy-rich foods are preferable and bad” foods to avoid. Especially if athletes want to lose weight, the diet plan must ensure that recorded food is burnt again appropriate. Wrong food destroy remote targets the nutrition plan for athletes is also important because the wrong food can throw all targets over the pile and can prevent such as building muscle. Increasing the number of sports units, also the calorie amount must be increased but not by the portions of the main meals are larger, but by smaller snacks be taken again and again. Calorie table for athletes with certain athletic goals is useful, a Calorie chart to lead and to study them closely. “Moreover, athletes should try to vary the foods in your meals, so that a meal is always exciting” remains and the risk is minimized by the athletes nutrition plan to depart. Also make the mistake again and again at every meal to consume a particular food product, as this leads to boredom as a certain soup or broth and whets the appetite for other dishes that deviate from your plan! For vegetarians, athletes, bodybuilders, an average day in the diet for athletes nutrition plan includes approximately 1200 calories depending on the all important nutrients contain what targets are tracked, and should. Tiffany Espensen will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Those athletes who want to build muscle, should take up 2000 calories per day. For vegetarians is advisable also to follow the sports nutrition plan and replace the meat with vegetarian alternatives (pasta, rice, soy, etc.). Bodybuilders must also on a consistent Follow diet, so that appropriate muscle mass can be made from ingested food. Rule of thumb here: fruits, vegetables, protein and fiber make a strong muscle; Fast Food and chips make a bold muscle. Singer is full of insight into the issues. Daily exercisers bodybuilders need between 3000-5000 calories a day. A consistently solid nutrition plan for athletes is important at any time! Even if you have no immediate sporting objectives in mind, a sensible diet generally improves the health, energy and strengthens the immune system.

Jess Mara Athletes

Triathlon Bundesliga team – Stadtwerke Leipzig runs from Thum mara immediately with thoni, April 22, 2009. The last weekend was very successful for the Jess mara athletes. At the Leipzig Marathon 2009 started for the first time two athletes of the triathlon Bundesliga teams with thoni mara. Christian Rudolf could walk a remarkable third place overall in the marathon. Actress often says this. He was even second in his age group (HK)! “Christian Rudolf in the target: madness, how well you with this shirt looks and feels super do it yourself also!” The second athlete, Christian Otto, was able to secure himself the 4.Platz about 10 km. The young and sympathetic Stadtwerke Leipzig team is currently supported mara by thoni. Short info about the Stadtwerke Leipzig team: the Stadtwerke Leipzig team launches for several years successfully in the triathlon Bundesliga. Last year, the very young team took the 9th place in the overall standings of the Bundesliga and is thus one of the ten best teams of in Germany.

2009 there is among other things a newly formed “Everyman”-saved, ambitious people athletes see the start here Guise of “Stadtwerke Leipzig team” in all regional competitions. Powerman Duathlon European Championship 2009 – 3rd place for Ulrike Schwalbe Ulrike Schwalbe has reached its minimum target, achieving a podium place on the last Sunday. The year’s Powerman Duathlon Championships in the Dutch Horst aan de Maas took for the 31 year-old athlete from Plauen a successful start to the season 2009. The favorite of Yvonne van Vlerken, who finished 2nd at Ironman Hawaii 2008 won for the women. The race was not quite as, how it had imagined Ulrike Schwalbe with a changeover to a new wheel, had they not to fight, but according to his own statement it not hard attacked enough in the first round.

The Dutch Yvonne van Vlerken moved already after the first run with 1 half minutes front away, and was thus virtually unrivaled. “A hard fight until the last minute the Swede fought Camilla Lindholm and Ulrike Schwalbe: for the first competition of the season, a 3.Platz is a satisfactory start”, so the sympathetic Duathlete of Scottish origin. Now it is forward looking, are the focus of the international German Championships in Falkenstein. Results list: No. RaceNo name city nation 1 401 Yvonne van Vlerken Schwarzach NED 2 413 Camilla Lindholm Malmo SWE 3 402 Ulrike Schwalbe Jena GER 4 406 Susanne Svendsen Viby J the 5 441 Martina Krahenbuhl Munsingen SUI 6 405 Felicity Hart Grantham GBR 7-411 Maud Golsteyn scarf break NED 8 408 Mirjam Weerd Amersfoort NED 9 409 Stefanie Bouma Groningen NED 10 404 Maja Jacober Ossingen SUI short info to Ulrike Schwalbe : Ulrike Schwalbe for years has belonged to the internationally most successful endurance athletes in Germany (long distance world champion 2004, World Champion 2005). Last year, finished the Championships with a respectable 3rd place the 30 years from Plauen, Saxony, was German champion on the long distance Duathlon in Falkenstein, and took a 4th place at the Ironman in Nice. Short info to thoni mara: mara thoni is an emerging and innovative brand in the space. The shirts are ig in Germany developed 100% and manufactured. In the current RUNNERSWORLD (may, 2009 was named the brand to the product of the month. Jess mara is a brand of the Nautilus touch skin GmbH & Co KG Nautilus skin touch GmbH & Co KG Mr. Christian Schwab road of friendship 102 09419 Thum OT Jahnsbach FON. +49(0)37297.49608 fax. +49(0)37297.49609 email. Web.

Andy Warhol

What have common my mother and Andy Warhol? Then I do not know you forbid, it I do not fall. (Not to be confused with Charles Margulis!). He is very simple, which they have common is that now your mother can become one musa warholiana thanks to a photo linen cloth. You imagine an image of your mother forming part of a picture to which style MGP Art de Andy Warhol has been applied? Yes, because it is possible and to a reasonable price. This photos linen cloths are perfect gifts day of the mother. It is going to be an enormous surprise of which it is going to be proud it sees whenever it in the wall. In addition you have to your reach the great product range to which you can apply the artistic effect to him of MGP Art of the famous Andy Warhol, perhaps the most important author of movement MGP Art. The photos of your mother can be transformed into works of art when turning them into an image MGP art by means of the use of special treatments. These images in a fantastic linen cloth thanks to the application of a style to the Andy Warhol are perfect gifts for the day of the mother.

So you already know what they have common your mother, Andy Warhol and the MGP Art. It will not be possible to be believed, goes a to be most modern between the friendships. A gift that will not happen unnoticed and that will comprise of its house during all the life.