Best Paid Athletes

Then the measurement carried out by Forbes magazine with respect to athletes best paid 2010 in where detaches that among the most lucrative sports are golf, basketball, and boxing.Then check out the list of the Top Ten with the wider savings account. 1 Tiger Woods: despite the fact that he was retired from the courts for a time after an infidelity scandal, the American golfer can sleep soundly.Although he lost some sponsors (network marketing) due to its personal drawbacks, the golfer continues leading the list published by Forbes.La measurement points out that Woods receives annually in your bank account approximately 105 million dollars, occupying the first position in the list for the eighth consecutive year. 2 Floyd Mayweather: each blow of the American boxer is worth gold. After returning from his retirement and see the faces in the quadrangle with the Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez and Shane Mosley, added profits by $ 65 million.The Boxer could have further increased their profits if there were accepted a fight with filipino Manny Pacquiao, number eight in this list. For experts, it would be the combat with higher income in the history of boxing. 3 Kobe Bryant: the flamboyant champion and best player in the final of us basketball totaled income by $ 48 million this year.De los angeles Lakers player adds five NBA titles in his list of sporting trophies. Other data? His t-shirt with the number 24 is the most sold in the US, Europe and Asia. 4 Phil Mickelson: the golfer in 40 years is who currently still closer to Tiger Woods in the world rankings golf.This American has added $ 46 million this year. 5 David Beckham: with its 35 years, the so-called Spice Boy adds profit by 43.7 million dollars. Currently, their main source of income comes from the world of advertising (marketing networks), as the face of the brand Armani.

Athletes Exercise

This is one repetition. More info: Charles Margulis. At first, do all the repetition sets for the left leg, then – for the right, or alternate legs during a set. Tips This exercise is best done with dumbbells than with rod, as in the first case, the center of gravity is lower and therefore easier for you to maintain a stable position. Barbell is much more difficult to transfer the center of gravity from one foot to another, especially when you go to platform (boom will "overwhelm" you on the side). Therefore, we recommend you use a bar to experienced athletes.

Others suggest develop the platform with dumbbells or none at all. Keep proper posture throughout the set. Please do not draw the abdomen while driving (but do not activate it) and did not relax lumbar muscles, which keep the S-shaped curvature of the spine. During the exercise all while looking ahead. Lower the view of the platform only when zashagivaete it.

Before lifting onto the platform and before getting down to it, be sure to pause to regain balance. Not model the at a rapid pace! This is very dangerous! Increase your working weight only when we learn to do the exercise correctly. Learn the ups with light dumbbells. Application To: Athletes medium level of training. When: In the middle of training legs. Before mi the platform, do squats and leg presses. After vyshagivany work out leg extension exercises for the muscles and the back of the thigh (deadlift and Bending the legs).

Athletes Exceed Their Limit

Maximum load must continually rise athletes who comply with a training plan, reach a point where they make any visible progress. You reach your limit, so to speak, and can no longer increase their endurance. The training is boring and feels too frustrated to no more successes as an athlete. Then it is time to switch to the training and work to the maximum power. By improving the power output, the muscle fibres activated and promoted the muscle again. Maximum strength is the highest power that you can consciously practice under interaction of mind and muscles. It is therefore also called psychological border force”, explains Tobias Fendt, operator of the fitness blog

Want to exercise his maximum strength, you have to go as close as possible to its limits. You can so not once lifting a maximum weight, but perform the usual daily rates with increasing weights to promote muscle growth. Repeat exercises serve this Purpose. Maximum power is used especially in Powerlifting, the so-called Powerlifting. In weightlifting, the maximum force plays a role and thus also for many other high-performance sports which have weight lifting in the training program, how about shot-putter and sprinter.

For bodybuilders of the maximum strength training advisable whenever the muscle growth is stagnating”, says fitness expert Tobias Fendt. The maximum strength training actually only resulted in a small increase in muscle, but prepare the muscles for another growth period, so fendt. The training of the maximum strength is not recommended fitness athletes training beginners should omit them if possible hands. Since it is during training the maximum force to its limit, it is all the more important that before good warming up and relaxes the muscles. Otherwise, it may cause unpleasant injuries. Incorrectly performed maximum strength training can quickly lead to health damage”, Tobias Fendt advises. False ambition has to find nothing, because if you to expect too much, risking not only injuries to muscles, tendons, and other serious accidents. The intensive training sessions require a customized length of breaks. The body must recover completely, but only until the trained muscles are not cooled. Exercises with free weights are recommended for the training, bench press, but also squats and Deadlifts. With additional weights or a training partner who pulls down, also weight exercises like pull-ups or dips to train suitable”, so Blogbetreiber Fendt. During the training to start with relatively light loads. In the following sentences, you then increase the weight continuously and places in between mehrminutige breaks. The repetition rates are falling continuously while with increasing weight. Who would like to know how such training, can learn more at… retrieve.


ATHLETE immediately clear today, as always after a morning workout, brisk and cheerful, was at work and got an unexpected and unusual compliment from the editor of the magazine. Looked at me carefully, Lia said that those who train, can be seen immediately. How? "And they have become spiritualized face and glowing internal energy" – she said. I have, it turns out, his face lights up, too. PS Nice! TWO MONTHS OF LESSONS small, yet noticeable only to me, change: here standing at attention, there are clean or slightly increased. But while the serious results too early. Quickly become a model failed.

But I do not get upset and do not fall into despair. I think that such good spirits – also the result of my training. I will continue to go do it. I must admit, I went to the gym in the hope of a quick and brilliant result. But: to succeed, show off their achievements, and then he lay on the couch? And what will happen month or so? Now I'm ready for that exercise should become a mandatory part of my life. Especially that part I like. PS Even small victories in the gym and more enjoyable than a rapid weight loss from pills and other "freebies." THINKING OUT LOUD always have the choice of receiving medical treatment from every problem or try to solve all still on their own. I'm not for self-medication, I'm talking about the fact that many of our health problems are growing of our laziness.