The Practical

The section 1,2 Types of Being able, rescuing its diversities and understanding. It is not something Center for Environmental Health would like to discuss. In the 1,3 the origin of the Power in the Nursing, that says on all its historical contextualizao of the birth of practises of the joint power to the birth of the hospital. Already section 1,4 relates, the relations of being able in the team to multidiscipline, practises telling it to discipline in the professional exercise of nursing. finishing the section, 1,5 the power as part of the leadership, relating to the relation and development of the power in its category to lead. In as the chapter they confer in section 2,1 the metodolgico passage, which was used for the development of the research and in 2,2 section the analysis and quarrel of the data, that served as base for the description of the gotten logical understanding resulted them. Finally, one got the final consideraes of the study, where the dialtico moment of the research was carried through, where if it concentrates the reflection concerning the practical one of the power in the leadership of the nursing professional, contributing for new reflections how much to the necessity of knowing, to be able it. 1.

CONTEXTUALIZAO OF THE OBJECT OF STUDY 1,1 THE IDEOLOGY OF THE POWER: GENERAL ASPECTS. ' ' The power is not something innate to the man, only it is acquired at some moment of its life, independent of status or valores.' ' (VELAME, 2007) 1. The concept of being able comes being studied during decades, its origin, its ideology and its effectiveness, until the current days, has been focus for studies. interest comes of its diversity of vises and theories, of which they transit all in significant way in the scientific way. Derivative of the Latin verb, potere, the word ' ' poder' ' of the capacity idea, authority and/or right, in exerting definitive action on definitive citizen.