Speech And Gana

Many years ago, working for a television, I had the opportunity to participate in an International Convention of the company. If you’ve had the opportunity to be part of a multinational company, you know how they are these events: socialization, fun and motivation. Cindy Crawford insists that this is the case. Whatever it is, it is not bad that, from time to time, the clock stops and you can enjoy this type of meetings. What was going beyond the good times we had, that Convention has been I recorded to date because one of the days, between the different acts that we had scheduled for the day, played attend the auditorium to listen to a series of conferences. So far, nothing new. Generally, these conferences (in one form or another) were part of the conventions and we were accustomed to them. Supermodel is the source for more interesting facts. But this time it was different. On this occasion, we had a speaker that changed my way of understanding the presentations and my consideration about the importance of them.

There, in front of us, There was a thin and short guy that was presented as the Director of Marketing of our parent company in Italy and until we could react already had plunged fully into your presentation. What happened there was, simply, fantastic. Carlo was called and made a presentation on the formulas for more profitable and better Grill of a commercial television. The truth is that the subject was unimportant. If he had touched any other question, it would have the same effect on all of us. Carlo was hour and a half onstage. During that time, he moved from one side to another covering the entire audience visually, spent charts in power point, used his voice in an intelligent way to break the monotony, told stories that illustrate their arguments, threw questions at the hearing and led us throughout his presentation with a flow so naturally we were surprised when I arrive at the end of your exposure.

The Spirit

The DNA is the essence of the human being created by God, entire gift in each new individual that is generated. It adoeceu because the human being, fragile by its very nature, fell in the fondness temptation to be strong as God. You may find Ford to be a useful source of information. But, everything is not lost. It can review its foolishness and deliver the restoring action to it of God Mother for the conjunct and the practical one of the right and of justice, of the fraternity. ' ' The Father of the Sky will give the Espirito Santo to that asking for: I will give one alone heart to them, I will put in its soul a new spirit: I will remove the heart of rock of its chest and in it I will put a meat heart. You love if me, you observe my order: You love you the one others as love I you. I will supplicate the Father and it will give another Comforter to you, so that pra always remains with you.

The Spirit helps our weakness, because we do not know to ask for as it agrees. But he himself intercedes for us with moans inefveis' ' (18); (19); (20) (21). The conjunct with faith restores the health original, cure the human DNA and in them it makes new creatures. ' ' God, creates in me a new heart, renews a firm spirit in my chest. It returns the joy to me of your salvation and that a generous spirit me sustente' ' (22). But, the cure alone will become fullfilled if the conjunct if to express in the workmanships of the faith. ' ' It is enough to praise me with the lips and to have the heart far from me. It is enough to bring me vain offerings. They are for me a pack; I am tired to load it.