Gastric Bypass Is A Last Resort Health

Gastric bypass is recommended as a last option to treat obesity in both adults and adolescents, having tried to lose weight with all other methods without success. The gastric bypass surgery may be an appropriate treatment for obesity in adolescents, but only in those severely overweight, and ready to make a lifelong commitment to change your eating habits, according to a study in the journal Pediatrics. Dr. Thomas H. Inge of the University of Cincinnati, author of the study, said there have been reports of hundreds of cases in which gastric bypass was performed successfully in adolescents but it is thought that the procedure has become more common than that.

The evidence currently available suggests that the dangers and benefits of surgery are almost the same for young adults. But because the dangers are significant and long-term success depends on changes in behavior and anatomy, the study suggests some guidelines for identify candidates. In general, according to the study, surgery should be restricted to children over 13 years with severe obesity problems, and also have health problems related to obesity. Surgery should be delayed until they reach 95% of their expected height as adults. Even among these children, Dr.

Inge said, surgery should not be considered as an alternative until they are widely sought other options to reduce weight. In fact, not only to treat obesity. Many health professionals would consider it only for those who have failed to lose weight with other treatments and who are at high risk of developing other health problems due to their weight. This surgery is generally considered when the BMI is 40 or older or when you have serious conditions such as diabetes. Most people who underwent gastric bypass surgery begin to lose weight very quickly and continue to lose up to 12 months The study recommends selecting the method of gastric bypass Roux-en-Y technique over simpler and deploy new one. The gastric bands are less effective and younger patients will need a replacement as they grow, the study suggests. All surgeries have risks and it is important for you and your health professional to discuss your treatment options to decide what is best for your situation. Obesity Goodbye with a professional team of specialists in obesity, which will help you decide which is the best option to reduce weight and improve their health. Cecy Garcia Cecy Garcia Duran Bariatric Psychology has a degree in psychology, psychology specialist bariatric or obesity, eating disorders and emotional. Graduated from Elpac (Free School of Psychology AC).

Weight Loss

From remote times the human being has worried about how its physical aspect shines, especially those people for whom on weight he has become a martyrdom difficult to eradicate. Due to this, many people think that to lower of weight it is impossible mainly by the experiences that have had when using medecines and dietetic products that have not given the awaited results and that the unique thing that have done is to malgastar his bolsillo. In order to lower of weight he is indispensable to consider two things, one of them is to conserve a suitable feeding in which it is not necessary to suppress basic foods but to learn to eat balanced, the other and most important, she is the one of to follow a routine of exercises to mold the flaccidity that leave the rollitos when going away losing. Nevertheless the majority of people, does not have in account these advice, many occasions so that the daily routine prevents them to feed or the suitable hours or the time that on are minimum to go to the gymnasium. The previous thing, has increased the obesity indices affecting not only the figure of the people but the health of its organism when contracting diseases of the cholesterol that in many cases have caused the death. To reduce of fast weight, is possible: To thin express, without investing as much money, without needing debilitating diets and without long days of exercise is possible where it is necessary to consider something and is only the good disposition to enjoy a routine of exercises of 20 minutes daily without having to strive, on the contrary, the daily workings can be carried out in any place with the normality of always. Knew you that if the suitable routines are used to mold its body will reduce express? At the time of making exercises to go down of weight, it is essential to realise correct gymnastics so that these cause the effect waited for in the body and a consequence does not vitiate that in many cases it is caused by the bad execution of the sport. Then, it is essential to use an effective product at the time of giving form to the figure.

This is only possible with quality products, of last technology specialized in helping to lower or to mold the zones him of its body of healthful and fast form. It is possible to emphasize that nowadays the products to become thin are many that they promise to help him to reach the waited for objectives, nevertheless, are few the systems of last technology that in fact will help him to that its body finds the result wished. In order to know products quality, guaranteed by the seal of Fenalco in Colombia, it enters.

Climate Change

For the first time in Europe a similar campaign was organized in France in 1998, it was called 'In town without my car'. 22 September 2000, several districts of Brussels held a similar rally in their territory. And since 2002, was born in Belgium, an unprecedented idea – to organize a 'Sunday without cars' on the whole territory of Brussels, which has since conducted annually. Belgian experts have estimated that on this day the noise level in the city decreased by 6-8 times, and the air is cleaner at 3-4. Recall that Moscow will take part in the World 'Car Free Day' on September 22.

In this day of the townspeople call to abandon travel by car. True, unlike many other world cities, and just large cities, the capital do not overlap or downtown, or even a road, and citizen participation will be strictly voluntary. On the eve of the summit on climate change on September 22 at the un headquarters in New York at the initiative of the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon held summit on climate change. The main objective of the Summit – unification of effort required to develop an agreed outcome at the un Conference on February 2020

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