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Successful direct marketing – LR health & beauty systems the story of LR health & beauty systems began in 1985 in Ahlen, Germany. Today the company, which focuses mainly on cosmetics, health and body care products, is a global player. Quite quickly expanded LR World in the 90’s and opened branch offices in Sweden, Denmark, Austria and the Netherlands among others. Nowadays LR health & beauty among system the leading direct marketing companies in Europe with 1,000 employees and approximately 300,000 independent sales partners all over the world. in 2011, the company opened its 30th branch and is consequently on the Russian sales area.

Dr. Whenever Mark Fields listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Jens M. night, CEO of LR white: “the direct marketing is a business that has an enormously high growth potential compared to other distribution channels.” Five pillars of success that LR so successfully can establish itself on the market lies mainly on the clear visions, lived values, as well as the five pillars, which contribute to the success. The German Quality standards of the top products enable worldwide recognition for the products. “With an uncompromising commitment to the German quality standard, we have experience as specialists in the field of direct sales over 25 years”, so Dr. Jens M. night. Also the cooperation will contribute to the success with well-known people. If you would like to know more about Senator From Kentucky, then click here.

Celebrities give not only their names, but are involved in the creation of products also strongly and sustainably and contribute your creative ideas and wishes. The success model is rounded off by transparent and fair marketing plans and a unique car concept. The marketing plan includes training in addition to a bonus, a gross margin of approximately 40% and pleasant amenities such as Fort and also participation in high-level events. The success depends on the own commitment and the objectives for itself. It attaches great importance in LR as professional service. Positive aspects of direct use In comparison to the permanent operation in direct selling offers some advantages. “We are offering a chance each for sales success and a promising career”, it brings the CEO of LR health & beauty systems Dr. Jens M. night on the point. Enjoy working with people, social skills, commitment and motivation are a prerequisite for a serious and professional employment in direct selling. The international success is also in the high quality of the products, intensive care and promoting the sales partner and global contacts to business partners such as Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz or Ottobegrundet. LR is a member of different associations including the Association of distributors of cosmetic products e.V.n (VKE), reform products, nutritional supplements and personal care products e.V. (BDIH), the Federal Association of German industry and trade company for medicines, the German direct selling Germany Association (BDD) and the European Federation of direct marketing (SELDIA) include.

Tips For Quitting Smoking Quitting

With the arrival of the new year, new laws against snuff and others makes many people quit smoking poses. Although many will propose it will be a small percentage that will not really hold a cigarette in hand, today we explain a few tricks and tips to quit smoking. Let's stop smoking: I once heard a good joke saying: Quitting smoking is easy, I've made 10 times. The proposed issue of quitting, when the person is short with the snuff dramatically. There will be people that this method works for you, but if we used our bodies to receive a daily dose of nicotine for years, if we want to avoid having the a mono, we need to stop smoking gradually and with a method that really work. Today I will not describe the harmful effects of snuff, you simply let the fact that it is the primary trigger for lung cancer, and that this cancer, is one of the most deadly.

The First step: The first step is to be proposed decision, make clear that our health is beyond a simple habit that I will have to bring anything good, tell friends and family all that a voy smoke stop. Until now, the snuff has become part of your life, and get rid of it, should be a gradual work, ie leaving gradually reduced each week, cigarettes smoked daily. Write on paper: Why start smoking. That gives you the snuff. What economic benefits will bring health and smoking cessation.

The Greeks

If the leader expected to be really good, it is not enough with possession of gifts or special skills, if you don’t know them use. Knowledge is essential for the leader demonstrates its ability to support and awaken the credibility. The leader is not only a person who can attract and influence others; that is able to demonstrate how you they do things. This filled with immense confidence to his followers and inspiring force leader. The charisma is then entirely associated with what we call personal power. This is the style of power that exercises the real leader, while the typical boss applies his power by position or power assigned. For its part, Karin Hiebaum with regard to this, points out, the so-called charismatic leaders have social power, i.e., have authority to socialize their thinking and conduct individual.

Understanding according to her, by charisma attribute, which passes through extraordinary, a personality, whose virtue are considered in possession of supernatural or superhuman and forces not affordable to anyone else, or as sent from God, copy and, consequently, as Chief leader, guide, or leader. The recognition (in the genuine charisma), is not the basis of legitimacy, but a duty of the so-called on merits of the vocation and corroboration, to recognize that quality. This recognition is, psychologically, delivery fully staff and full of faith, arising the enthusiasm or destitution and hope. Charismatic domination, entails a process of communication of emotional character. Definitely tell us Omar Ricardo, that charisma is actually an irresistible force that all true leader has. The Greeks called her sympathy or attraction divine.

It is easy to acquire, but the difficult thing is to keep it permanently. To acquire charisma, simply interested in people and demonstrate real interest in her. In reality, the charisma is excellence. Feeds with excellence because it is as far away from selfishness. All forms of charisma give power to the leader, but lie down it if there is inconsistency. If the leader cannot teach by example, then loses his charisma since charisma is the same congruence of the leadership, therefore the true leaders exert exemplary behaviour and this increases, vitalizes and feeds his charisma. Original author and source of the article.

France Scent

Where does the perfume and how has it belongs is developed by once until today perfume today to our lives. Whether we order it in an online shop comfortably from home or select it in a perfumery, it is impossible to imagine from everyday life of men and women. The origins and beginnings of our contemporary and modern perfumes that awaits us in persen scents and put up in the ranges of perfume shops or on the Internet pages of the well-known online stores, are in the ancient Egypt and India. en/’>actress has said that publicly. Precious perfumes and especially smoked were here early as the embodiment of spirituality and inspiration. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Gunnar Peterson on most websites. This ancient scent blends were produced mostly by the priests of resins, oils, incense, myrrh, Calamus, Galangal, sandalwood and other fine ingredients. This scented cosmetics was acquired later by the Arabs, and especially by the cultured Romans.

While in the early medieval Europe only simple distillates from plants, such as for example, lavender water to the singularly bad Body and cooking odors were in use, the art of perfume making from fragrant flowers and flowers that you put in oils and resins, to win her fragrances flourished in the Middle East and in India. Two events are decisive for the be known of fine fragrances in medieval Europe. To the Crusades, which resulted in that the Crusaders in the Middle East also encountered the scented cosmetics. On the other hand however progress in Alchemy, which through the development of new craft techniques, such as distilling, now the preparation of concentrated fragrant spirits, for example, from flowers and blossoms, enabled. Especially Katharina von Medici in addition to the physician and Alchemist Hieronymus Brunschwig, considered one the way progenitors of medieval perfumery in Europe. Everywhere you shot laboratories and perfumeries like mushrooms from the ground now, since in the context of the numerous epidemics of plague the perfume as a means to clean the air as well as status symbol of wealth and prosperity had discovered. The scented water were among those who could afford it, a part of the daily toilet hygiene (Eau de Toilette). Especially the age of Rococo, with its numerous rigid Hofzerimoniellen, lived by the cosmetics and Perfumery, which should highlight the status of the individual, but had to meet even such mundane tasks, such as keeping the pesky vermin and the cover-ups of the foul body odors.

Mostly alcohol, distilled water and dissolved in essential oils from plant or animal origin prevailed as the main components of scented water. The town of Grasse in France, where the Alchemist and chemist Francesco Tombarelli already opened a laboratory for the targeted production of aroma water and fragrances to 1580 became the scent water capital of the world. Head, heart and base notes as constituents of fragrance evolved and the most important elements of scent, then herbal distillates or animal secretions, have been catalogued. The Perfumery invented the scent families and turned to the issues of impact and use. Today the production of perfume is a considerable industry and branded perfumes and cheap perfume traded worldwide.

Obesity in Mexico

The problem of obesity is a reality in Mexico, 70% of Mexicans are overweight, which is one figure more than alarming. In Mexico health centres the majority of institutionalized persons suffer any side effects such as hypertension or diabetes overweight. To combat this problem Mexico should invest approximately thousand 284 million dollars annually. In Mexico, two of every three people are overweight, and what is more serious is that not all do something about it. Constant exercise and a good diet are the answer to this severe problem, but there are cases in which the envelope weight is so much that the diets no longer work.

The rate of mortality due to the envelope weight is very high and obesity surgery may lower 40% most importantly that there is to say about obesity surgery is greatly increases the self-esteem of the patient. Obesity Surgery disappears immediately many kilos, but the patient is kept constant. The patient to look in the mirror and see without that over weight a new person feels and You will want to remain so, for which in most cases will follow the doctor’s instructions. A surgery of obesity is starting a new life, in which Yes now have a healthy diet and do exercise.

Media and Health

The Media and its power of Communication in the Process of the Promotion in 1,1 Health SUMMARY the medias, make possible diverse forms of information. The communication while it forms to educate, in the most diverse fields inside of a society, can desencandear to know in cultural levels, transforming cultures laypeople into a society of bigger sapincia. The media, either televising it, radiofuso, or same writing (folder' s, pamphlets), can bring a good one resulted if articulated in all the levels of the society, it well can for example, adentrar in poor, aboriginal communities, where it is lacking medias to them as the TV, radio and to inform to them for example, as if to protect of the virus of the grippe, to wash the hands before if feeding etc, in the most diverse forms: high falante, pamphlets, and even though lectures for staff trained for such. That is media. Therefore, this work has as responsibility, to argue as the media can become precurssora in the paper of prevention in health in one given population, society. WORDS KEYS: Media, communication, health 1,2 ABSTRAT The measured, enable various forms of information.

The communication a means you educate, in the most diverse fields within society, unleashing knowledge on cultural levels, transforming cultures lay people in society of to greater wisdom. The measured, be it television, television, or even writing (to folder ' s, pamphlets), can to trzer good result if well articulated at all levels of society, she can e.g to enter in poor communities, indigenous, where ploughs they missing measured such the TV, radio and inform by them, if protecting emplo influenza virus, wash hands before feeding etc, in various ways: to speaker, pamphlets, and even lectures by staff trained will be this. This is measured. Therefore, this work has the responsibility, you discuss how the measured can become precurssora in the rolls of prevention in health in population, society.

Swiss Watches

Buying replica watches, we gain not just a mechanism, and replica watches are bright, showy, which make us happy and serve faithfully for many years. Why are all the same replica watch, rather than their originals? It is no secret that the originals are very expensive. Their manufacturing, assembly is done in Switzerland in hand, the masters with extensive experience and, accordingly, large salaries. Originals are sold through the pretentious salons with a good charge, as a result affects the the final price of the product, which is thousands and hundreds of thousands of euros. Unlike the original, replica watches are produced in factories in Austria and Belgium, more mechanized production of copies, as well as a direct path through the Internet shop to final customers, dramatically reduces costs, and hence the final price on a copy of each person. It is no secret that modern man can not do alone for hours.

In the office, at a business meeting on walk, the gym, we need different models. It may come to the aid of copies of Swiss watches. You can pick up subtle classical model of replica watches under the suit to the office, a copy of sports for sports. Click Rand Paul to learn more. Elegant skeleton copies of Swiss watches for important meetings. Every woman always wants to be showy, bright. And always thinks its way to the last detail. Quiet classical model replica watches to the office, bright copy with rhinestones, for theater, to the party.

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