First Lady

Denkvorstellungen, which obliges the mythical thinking view of media teacher Franz Josef RoLL, where pictures of personal beings are stylized and loaded with mythic contexts. The medium or in the medium is shown to the mythical creatures”(RoLL, 1998, S. 78); it comes to the re animism of the important content of the image. It no longer is the essence of the pictured, which exerts effects via image, but the image being itself is the size of acting”(1991, S DABBOUS. 42). Pictures get so an additional mythical meaning, symbolic subtexts that speak not the rational consciousness, but onto – and phylogenetic patterns of experience. Against this background, it is not surprising that mythical scenarios and common images increasingly used in the mass media, to convey political messages, and at first glance invisible values. Because myths are coordination systems which interpret, integrate and form (s), and thus a significant Play a role in the intellectual orientation of the people”(RoLL, 1998, S.

118), who learn their usage anywhere, where it comes to attract public and to establish certain viewpoints. So just newscasts and political magazines are not truthful, objective reflection of reality, they are compiled, occupied partly with mythical sub text, staged representations created a selective reality after dramaturgical point of view. You influence the perception of political events, persons and their subjective construction of reality by the viewers thus or as BOURDIEU puts more clearly: the television can paradoxically hide by shows, shows something else, as it would show if it did, namely inform what it supposedly does. or also by it shows is meaningless or have been designed so that it assumes a sense has actually nothing to do with the”(BOURDIEU, 1998, S. 24). That it in a marked medial democracy no Policy without staging, was observed in the time of the Bundestag election campaign 2005 by critical media recipient. “Angela Merkel, by cabaret artists in the past like as Princess valiant” or even speaking pantsuit “titled, an amazing Metamorphosis from the often derided wallflower to the First Lady has completed since the vote of confidence by Gerhard Schroder, proclaimed in the salmon-pink Blazer before sky-blue background, she would serve Germany.