Japanese Iodine

Iodophobia led to a huge number of chronic and chronic diseases that modern medicine can not cope. The tragedy of mankind appears a healthy nation of Japanese do not know any iodine deficiency, nor iodophobia. Japan – a country where the lowest infant mortality rate, the lowest level of cancer. Japanese hardly obese (except sumo wrestlers), hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes and other diseases that we used to take mandatory attributes of our lives. The Japanese, in spite of the strictest international standards of WHO, fearlessly, with his characteristic calm to the nation, iodine consumed in sufficient quantity in their eyes and continue to amaze the world with their scientific achievements. A prominent American scientist James Hauenstin as no one really defined the truth of the Japanese miracle, saying that the most major Japanese miracle is not to their phenomenal technological advances, and the simple everyday consumption of iodine in the usual doses of 13.8 mg. How did it happen and, more importantly, who and for what brought mankind into thinking that iodine which is also vital as clean air and water, defamed and put almost an enemy of all mankind.

Who are the people who sit in Bose, the Ministry of Health around the world and hard to ascribe to us the standards of "white chemistry" instead of pure iodine. It is absolutely clear that the health of the nations of the measures taken to limit the iodine is not improving. What can stop them? That can, for example, to stop the pandemic of chronic viral hepatitis? Apparently once the standard imposed in the interests of big pharmaceutical companies. Maybe it really is a conspiracy against humanity, the extent of which can only be assumed, and if it direct destruction, the objectives are clear. World population is huge and it is global issues. However, the solution of global human problems does not give anyone the right to direct destruction of the people themselves. We're not trying to prove anything, we want to understand. We would like the reader to Join us in thinking about the amazing properties of iodine.

State of the Muscle

I write you not so much about the source of much of the state of muscle. For the main muscle fuel – oxygen and general absence of other impurities. Wondered why you want to breathe more when doing something physically difficult? Why do those who are professionally engaged in swimming, a broad chest? Properly when swimming, working almost every muscle, including heart! And each wants to oxygen. Swimming, incidentally, one of the best physical activity for weight normalization. Not for weight loss and normalization – excess body weight (fat) will burn and your muscles will become strong full of energy.

Since the heart muscle and also most important, it also becomes much more energetic and more plastic. The main problem of the cardiovascular system – it's inflexibility vessels. 3. Better mood in the morning. To prove to anyone you do not want that our mood is very much depends on our being. Often happens in life so that things are going well at work, love life, too, in order, but we feel overwhelmed, because something hurts. Smokers especially irritated in the mornings. My dream duration of nicotine causes starvation, and the smoker until skurit at least one cigarette immediately after waking up very, very irritable! A non-smoker, respectively, is in there lives. When I was throwing smoking a cigarette, I replaced the morning of 20 push-ups from the floor and drank tea and went to work, rejoicing in the fact that I do not smoke! It is very important! If you are going to throw, the first thing you should do – to include a mental set to joy, and not on self-restraint! Self-restraint is useless – any dam ever breaks! 4.