Chinese Emperor

Himself emperor, or medicine twenty-first century not many notice that we are all hostages of their own health. The slightest ailment knocked out of the usual ruts, forcing me to the rhythm of life. Can this avoided? Absolutely! But to do so should learn to manage their own health. In essence, this is a basic principle of oriental medicine. Moreover, in the East the focus has always been given exactly prevention.

It is not by chance in ancient China, the doctor stopped receiving payment, if any of his charges was sick. Payments resumed after recovery. Therefore, physicians were financially Celestial interested in that as accurately as possible the diagnosis and how you can quickly and effectively cure the patient. And those doctors who treated the Chinese Emperor, wrong diagnosis and wrong treatment could cost lives. At CEO of Ford Motor Co. you will find additional information. Medical error in this case, was punishable by death.

Among the vast arsenal of oriental medicine occupies a special place acupuncture. There is a modern version of ancient Chinese legend, telling about that many thousands of years ago, warlord, on the eve of a decisive battle, was suffering from back pain. The pain was so severe that gave up. During the battle, an enemy arrow pierced a spent in the leg leader. Backache instantly gone. Thinking, commander connected these two facts together. He found a man who suffered from the same symptoms, and pricked him in the same spot. The patient, who a few days could not move immediately felt relief. There is another similar story about a farmer, injuring a hoe or a stone foot and heal so chronic headache.

Ingredients For A Healthy Life

Optimal exercise 3-5 times per week depending on the chosen program. 2) Reusable daily meals. This – the cornerstone of your success in strength training. You need to forget about usually 2-3 meals a day, and it is better to focus on smaller portions and more frequent consumption. Initially, it will be difficult getting used to, but then it becomes part of you and your habits, like washing your hands or brush your teeth.

Pre-cook their own meals for the day. It should consist of a rich diet of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, cereal, milk, flour, confectionery. Check out Jim Hackett for additional information. Moreover, the ideal would be a harmonious combination of all these products on a daily basis. Expect that you will need to eat about every 3 hours even if you do not really want. One important point – the portions should be less than two or three meals a day. 3) Remember that your muscles grow at precisely the moment when you rest, then we will have to restore as important as training itself! The perfect vacation – quiet sturdy 8-hour sleep and reduced stress during the day’s work or school. Proper sleep and constant positive mental attitude will lead to results much more quickly than you expect! 4) The discipline can also include still such a thing as opposition to all kinds of temptations that haunt us everywhere: the night partying in the clubs, sitting for long computer, not getting enough sleep at night for any reason, and the worst thing – alcohol! Much has been said about the damage this hellish mix, but with regard to training and achieving great results in the gym, he has immediate value! For example, members of the Olympic team in our country are forbidden to drink, even on New Year’s Eve, there is even an unwritten law, “not a single superfluous glasses” through which athletes are very severely punished in the case of non-compliance. With respect to weight gain and the development of strength alcohol is contraindicated! When you have considered all these factors, then give yourself specific goals for a certain period (for example, “shake his chest with 105 kg in 4 month “or” dial 8 kg in 3 months “) and immediately begin to implement your plans! If you feel that you do not get it, then just try to understand what the causes of failures and try to fix them.

They can be different: stress, malnutrition, lack of sleep, fatigue at work or school, poor environment or overtraining. If possible, remove these causes and then continue to train, no matter what! In the issue of self-motivation can help you a variety of video professionals known bodybuilders – Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, Arnold Schwarzenegger and others. Watch them a little each day and keep moving towards your goals! Also do not forget to replenish your knowledge of the pumping muscle and strength development.