Athletic Joys

I hope and I want to give many joys the Athletic one and, mainly, to enjoy to play aqu" , it valued. " The support of people is one of the things that hit to me when I played here against the Athletic one (in Liga de Campeones, when it militated in the Oporto). Also we needed that support this season. An important work group is forming, is and one more wants to give the best thing of me so that the equipment can secure important things in this ao" , it continued. And it gave to his gratefulness to the followers " by pasin" with that they have received to him. " I am going to try to play with the heart, am going to use all my force, all my energy and all my mind to give joys Athletic and to the their fans, to give the best thing of me and to be able to hit in Liga espaola" , it advanced Falcao and He is six more the seventh signing of the club for this season. They have already arrived the doorman Belgian Thibaut Courtois, yielded by the Chelsea; dnsas Silvio Azevedo (Sporting de Braga) and Joao Vantage point (Sao Paulo); the Gabi midfield players Fernandez (Saragossa) and Burn Turan (Galatasaray); and the Adrin forward Lopez (Sport of Corunna). The Athletic one also has contracted east summer the Portuguese midfield player Ruben Micael, although the means center, that is had it jeopardize by four years, will play this yielded campaign like in the Real Saragossa. Source of the news: Falcao appears in the Athletic one before 10,000 fans

Credit Card Debt

Here it is how to say when you are too deep in debt of the credit card: if 15% or more of their monthly rent are going to pay their accounts of the credit card, you have driven one of the many danger signals that its debt of the credit card is outside control. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dan Ariely. There are other triggers, also: paying to the quotas in a one of the credit card removing advance payment in another one from the Called credit card of how securing credit report free. If this panorama describes its financial habits, you are not only Report of Credit free: some 39% of holding sos of the credit card pay only the minimum payment, guarantee doctica mind a course of the life of the debt if they do not change his habits of the credit card. Which is the solution? The solution is to secure its cost under control. Easier said than done, straight? But the majority of people loses an amount of enormous money in the costs that are repeated that more could easily be done affordable.

One of the most obvious areas is grocer’s:the coupons of the history of the grocer’s of the use of people to buy cereals of breakfast of the trade name and other articles, being thought are money of the saving. In fact, any person using coupons is losing really the money, since the coupons are only printed for the articles with which it takes a benefit margin stops infuriate you to begin. The food purchase process trade name is a safe way to eat in additional debt. Its health will suffer, also, since the foods process offer the very poor nutrition. Great other astero of the money in the category of the food is refreshments. They are not only terrible for its health (its main ingredient, maize syrup of the high fructose, has leagued together to the diabetes and the obesity), but also devour upon its budget. The straight water of consumption (leaked, please) can save him as much as $50/mes. If you are too deep in debt of the card of credit, heche a glance its food that buys habits, and is safe to review its expenses of the restaurant and foods of fast preparation, also, since then that is an enormous cost much people To clean my Credit. Altering options of the food only, the majority of people can reduce dramtica mind its level of debt of the credit card and to improve its level of health at the same time.


The producer said that through because love sends it will send a message to children and young people to avoid the consumption of drugs MEXICO (Notimex).-After several years of drug addiction, the producer Juan Osorio recognizes that it is starting to pay the Bill, since two months ago he was subjected to a nose surgery to regain the sense of smell. Osorio told about this surgery which caused so many speculations recently, as it was thought that it might be an aesthetic issue, however, accepted that it was in order to recover the sense of smell. Many people criticized me, because it was said that it had arranged me nose, and for nothing, not even the wrinkles I fix, I I am so and I’ll be as I am, said the producer, who through her new telenovela because love sends, will send a message to children and youth to prevent drug use. I feel good, it makes time pass through a difficult time and I’ve always said emotionally I’m very well, explained producer, during the presentation of the protagonists of because love sends, Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto. Added that it will meet two months have undergone this surgery on July 29, he had years of having lost the sense of smell, but the doctor gave me the security that was going to go well and I dared even though I am still in rehabilitation. He indicated that even hurt him some muscles of the face and found under cleaning in the nostrils, since it still has flow, but everything is on track and is recovered successfully, my health always I cuidare it. Once more, Osorio emphasized that its excesses of the past, today they bring repercussions, so it called on young people to care so that they do not pass through these difficult situations.

They do not create that making one young man, does not have a Bill, avoid that pain to his family, he said. I’m fine and ready for this new project, said Osorio concerning melodrama because love manda, it will start recording on August 6. He noted that Ludwika Paleta could not be in the story by work commitments, however much trust in the couple of Blanca Soto and Fernando Colunga. Besides that this story also returns to the forums of television actor Enrique Lizaldi and gives opportunity to Ninel Conde show that not only is a sculpted body, but it also has wooden acting.

Red Bull

These three characteristics gave foot to that its name was born: Ray-Ban, a species of game of words that comes to mean in English something as well as " prohibited to rayos". Red Bull: The Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz is associated at the end of the Eighties of the century last with a Thailander industralist who sold a drink in the powerboats to avoid that the conductors fell asleep to the steering wheel. Raymond L. Acosta does not necessarily agree. In the design of his mark it appeared a bull and a sun. And from Red Bull is born here. Later it adapted the flavor to the European taste creating a drink that expresses power, energy, force and value. Another version is that the drink contains a called component " taurina" and of there the name of Bull (bull in English). Scalextric: In 1947, the British industralist Fred Francis made tin plate small cars that worked with a clock cord machinery, denominated Scalex.

The prototypes advanced later, with the incorporation of the power supply. Thus Scalextric was born. Schweppes: Swiss Jacob Schweppe (without " s" end) began in 1783 selling mineral water in Geneva. Sony: The president of the company, Akio Morita, created east name in 1946 being based on the Latin word " sonus" (sound) and in the song " Sony boy". Sun: Three engineers found on 1982 Sun (Stanford University Network) to make servants who ensure communications between great computers of companies and the conservation and transfer of data. Talgo: The name of the train standard of the Spanish railroads has the initials of: " Articulated train light Goicochea Oriol". The creator of this technological miracle was the engineer Alexander Goicochea. A dangerous idea in which the industralist believed Jose Luis de Oriol. Tampax: The American doctor Ear to him Cleveland Haas of Colorado (the United States) patented east invention the 19 of November of 1931.

Exists Obtain

What he is not right is that we even complain when that models of businesses exist that are revolutionizing this paradigm, because as says the wealth is not a mystery is one formulates Exists a new form to do businesses of verified success (network marketing to read incredible report here doing click) that for the first time in history this creating qualities of life that people never before dreamed to be able to obtain, because they manage to have money without limits and time to enjoy it, and but important, the opportunity to obtain all this helping much people to leave ahead, where the satisfaction to contribute to this it does not have price! Why people follow operating in a model that has not worked, when forms exist to manage to have a full life of satisfactions and profits. madness consists of doing the same, the same and the same and waiting for different results. Incredible paradigm. only are two infinite things in the world, the universe and the human stupidity albert einstein. Breaking? paradigms ? ! a basic quality of the leaders! Participants Online? of the Program? Secrets Success -? It dates Free from Discharge now? in? ! – they include/understand this and they are harvesting the rewards. You also?. James Alesia has much experience in this field.


To break daqui of the speeches of the citizens duly made use in the pictures where they had been analyzed (to see attached namely), of where we remove the units of significant, codifying them: D? Speech, speaks of the citizen harvested for the deposition. S? Citizen, preceded of the corresponding number. For more information see David Dudley Dowd Jr.. Assertion, I break up of the deposition that corresponds to a unit of significant, preceded of the corresponding number in sequence of each citizen and assertion, initiating from 1. Carried through the phenomenological reductions we find the following units of signification..

Company Success

When the goal is important the obstacles become small. Visit Dorothy Wright Nelson for more clarity on the issue. Constantly many managers they ask themselves why the success of those companies and not the one that I direct? , Which is the cause of it? To what it must? Where you are my errors? In which failure? , they could be some questions that they require of replaced. The certain thing that very many they are the cases of many companies, especially the SMEs that do not achieve the success, some simply survive and very few have been developed, achieveed the success that all company hopes to reach in the scene (s) where it acts. Alex Kozinski may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In order to achieve the success the company, must consider a series of factors that guarantees the effective use to him of them, who also integrated are, where are its weaknesses, strengths, threats, but also its opportunities. In other terms, it is necessary to have well defined the reach, behavior, repercussions that the scene bequeaths where it acts, its characteristics that go from the politician, economic, social, cultural, educational. Like also to determine the characteristics of the commercial behavior, the companies that act in the scene, its tendencies. Competitiveness, products and services that offer. Of course, it is necessary to determine the reach, objective, operativity of the company to act in those scenes, to analyze all factors that it involves, from the human, technician, financier, productive, administrative, leadership in all components that each involves and leaning with a Dofa to go evaluated each of those factors in the way as at the moment it is operating. In a writing of some annotations are pronounced on the matter that we considered important to consider them, like the one that the successful companies know very clearly must know how to interpret suitably what they love his clients and they consider that there is different factors and not only the price, those that can make them achieve the commercial success.

Corporative Social Responsibility

Evolution and reasoning of the dividend Present situation of: Financial image Social stability Image of mark Variables of the company (exogenous and endogenous) worthy of mention Extraordinary events to comment Etc. Our RSC (Corporative Social Responsibility) The RSC More and more in this global surroundings, it seems advisable that we had to happen of purely economic surroundings, to one socio-economic one. Or he is the recommendable thing at least, and that from the human, ethical and professional point of view, begins to interest the society, and generally to the actors which they observe the enterprise activity, not only the WHATEVER of the operation result, but LIKE . We remember that the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT is unique the average one to cover needs with the present, and without putting conditions to the future. They are quickly changing to the values and the form to manage, and mainly the COMMITMENT is gaining body and so we do.

More and more in the creation of products, bet to be used less resources and to generate less by-products and residues, all this like philosophical concept, and sometimes, and is the praiseworthy thing, before like economic concept. What perhaps it lacks sometimes, is measurement of these subjects: – Is moderate through the budget and from an accounting point of view the RSC? . – It is had disperses and although philosophically it exists, we are not able to give organization him, within our management, by quantification deficiency? . Memory of Internal Social sustainability Commitment affirmed with a policy of nondiscrimination, the company is manager of a diversity that enriches, proclaims the freedom of Association, rejects at any level of supplying the work carried out by minors, adding who fight directly against elMobbing in anyone of their expressions. Labor proactive health, and prevention of risks Respect to the privacy, and assets attempt of conciliation between the personal life and the professional Scrupulous trusteeship of the maternity Hours professional formation, previous exercise: 512 hours, present exercise: 834 hours Fixed contracts: 28 (previous exercise), fixed contracts present exercise: 30 External To relate activities of patronage, sponsorizacin, donations, and collaborations with NGO Attendance and collaboration with seminaries of the RSC Collaborations with the University Collaborations with the City council Economic Total sales, geographic distribution of these sales Total purchases, geographic distribution Expenses personal Banks, relation of financings Organisms public, payments Extraordinary activities Environment Over an exact respect of the effective legality and that affects to us, proactivity in order to improve our environment. Basic indication of the class of consumption of materials, energy, water, emissions of waste waters or material of remainder.