A Doctor From God

When trouble comes into our house, it's always a surprise. And then it is important to secure a strong arm man, who will comfort and help. If such a person is in your life – we can assume that you are very lucky. One such individual – Yuri A. Novikov, psychotherapist with 20 years of experience. Yuri Alexandrovich call a doctor from God. Help where seemingly no way out – this is his credo. And people feel it and know from experience. Best example – a lot of thank you letters and calls from former patients. People come to him from all corners of the former Soviet Union with their illnesses and to each his own is a unique approach. Yuri A. decided to become a doctor in his childhood. And, apparently, great was his desire to help people, that God predestined him to become a psychotherapist. Now, he – Candidate of Medical Sciences and one of the best experts in Moscow. In the 38 th child clinic, where he conducts reception, always full of visitors. And everyone there had a warm word, a kindly smile. Located next to Dr. Novikov, you feel an invisible thread of kindness and genuine participation. And God grant that all the luck encounter on their way to the most minute urgent need of a real doctor, as Yuri Novikov.