Advantages Of Prepaid Credit Card

Prepaid means pay in advance and means you have to pay a loan in advance. The prepaid credit card has many advantages over the normal credit cards. That are for example the Elimination of the risk of over-indebtedness, because the credit amount is limited by brightly, the credit card will be awarded with reference account, where you can quickly make a recharge, cashless payment and is possible around the world because you can get credits in the national currency and to get the map with payment security and convenience. Credit card that apply even without credit checks with the Schufa is possible and can run via the Internet and is also the Administration via the Internet face the special features of the prepaid continue. Nature Research wanted to know more. The costs of the charges is very beneficial, so that with the Buchhungsubersicht control will be increased. The biggest advantage is the already mentioned cost control as a money issue only in the amount of the credit balance on the card account is possible. It is E.g. young people before the Case of over-indebtedness helped, vacationers can not squander “House and home” on the whim, – also will be limited in the case of theft, a loss of money and can be only the number of credits. (As opposed to iHerb).

For banks in turn, the card offers a possibility of closer customer ties and target groups such as parents of kids who get pocket money, be addressed continuously, because the cards need to be recharged.It comes also game console manufacturers or Internet shop owners to good, because they risk not the bad credit rating to have their customers disadvantages. The prepaid credit card is offered by several vendors with various fees. The costs are a disadvantage, because the fees, which are available for classic credit cards at 30 euros per year, are common for prepaid cards with spans between 18-119 euros. Partially credits will not bear interest. Get more background information with materials from Anne Mahlum. Thomas Ewert Ewd(at)