Alexander Smirnov

Our group consisted of three men – Paul Pashkin (Master of Sports of Russia, World champion junior championship finalists Russia in Sambo, a representative of a certain dynasty Sambo), Alexander Smirnov (Master of Sports of Russia, Champion of Moscow, the winner of the workshops tournaments) and Maxim Ermakov (Champion Europe's bodybuilding, a specialist in physical training, is engaged in Sambo). But despite the strong part of our team and recognized authority on Russian Sambo school, we had a difficult test! In the U.S., do not believe beautiful cover art and advertising! We had to win the trust of our American colleagues "See you on the mat! American Top Team fighters are divided into three levels A, B, and C. The men of "C" or strong against, or in a shock technique, in group B consists of strong fighters who know a little bit of a shock technique, or vice versa strong boxer who has a little fight, and the group A – is a versatile perfect use of a mixed technique. At our first workshop came only fighters of the group C and a bit of Group B, while the remaining first glances from a distance, pretending that they themselves know everything. But gradually, their faces began to melt, especially when their friends on the team began to express his admiration for what he saw at the seminar. Surely they wanted to participate, but pride would not let go – "They say we are champions and have nothing to teach us." After the seminar, we consulted and decided – once these guys are so fond of checking on the "strength", we meet with our American counterparts on the mat in the school of the famous wizard, double world champion in Brazilian jiu-jitsu Edson Diniz, and in practice, prove the strength and advantage of our Russian sambo.My them to prove it! Thus, the seminar began.