Argentine President Fernando

The relationship of Shakira and Gerard Pique Shakira and Pique met shortly before the start of the football World Cup, South Africa on the occasion of the recording of the video for the song of the event. The athlete was involved in the shooting of the official anthem of the world and befriended the Colombian. After long months which witnessed several rumors that talked about an alleged relationship between the footballer and singer, Shakiraanuncio earlier this year in a statement his break with Antonio de la Rua, son of former Argentine President Fernando de la Rua, with whom he has maintained a relationship for eleven years. After breaking up with your partner, the Colombian has rented a house in Barcelona where, coincidentally, also lives Pique. Since his move to Barcelona he has been seen the singer and athlete together on more than one occasion. Held in early February, a common birthday from which it emerged a picture that Pique hung on his Facebook page. It is the first picture of the two. This image has been interpreted as confirmation of a relationship that looks like a secret voices.