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Love & sex: For these reasons much sex keeps sex as Antiaging program ten years is young and fit you can win at least in appearance, the researcher Dr. David Weeks claims. For more than 16 years, he interviewed l3. 500 Europeans and Americans aged 21-101, a decade younger acting all, testify as their date of birth. The most common of the fountain faces: They have sex often. Love & sex: For these reasons holds lots of sex keeps young and fit, the luck of the sex is beta endorphins.

and be released during sexual intercourse in the body. They then trigger the secretion of various hormones, which develop their positive effect overnight in part. Especially with good sex. The had the eisten study people in a relationship, in the the partners hold tightly to each other, talk openly with each other and thus less suffer from stress. 20 percent had more sex (2.5 per week) than others of the same age. Some have sex even up to 25 times in the week.

Undeniably a correlation existed between Sex life and young appearance. But only if the sample workers not permanently changed the partner. The program of fountain of youth helps so fidelity and monogamy. Results in men and women: both sexes can benefit from the sex-rejuvenating effect. Women between the ages of 40 to 50 years age however stronger than men in the face. That is, regardless of their sex lives because this age group is often anxious and suffers more worries. You are unfortunately as peers men and that more sex keeps young the aging process and these factors promote the anti-aging: vegetarian diet, not smoke, rarely sunbathing, mental fitness exercises and sports remain active,. Still enough money, so no financial worries, acts mostly as a stress buffer. Loneliness and depression, however, increase the risk of aging. Love & sex: Lots of sex keeps young and fit sex is so young and fit, fun and good fun. So, all reasons for lots of sex. If you want to look even younger and more Joie de vivre would like to, that you should enjoy your sex life to the fullest. Enjoy this. Book reviews: The love diet, the fortune cookie-Oracle, small imbalances. More information on the subject see contact: Susan Heat Love & life P.o. box 24 02 47 40091 Dusseldorf email: Tel. + 49 0211 49 588 41 Susan Heat is love & life consultant, coveted TV expert, author and excellent Lecture speaker. She calls a spade a spade, brings it to the point and has plenty of humor, charm and charisma. You love the people young and old. She is authentic, extravagant and this incredible human and lovable. She never leaves the House without a hat. Without Hat I feel naked”, is her famous statement. Courage to the hat. Courage to womanhood.

The Body In The Modern Society

Recently I went to the University of Blanquerna (Barcelona) where I was invited to char them on the body in the present society, I will try to mold the ideas that I found interesting plus mine the own ones and hope that mixture of ingredients of by result a tempting end for the reader. We are conscious of our body or simply it accompanies to us there where we go? He is not peculiar that you say I have headache instead of I feel headache ? Parece that our body is something that they have given us we must and it drag with us, who are something rather physical, heavy, annoying sometimes instead of being something that allows us to feel, an elongation of we ourself What to where I want to go to stop? , to as we treated that body in the society that we lived. I will try to show several examples of what we do with I will focus and it as person and as professional of the sport. I would like to center me in two of the pathologies which every time have more height, unfortunately, in the modern society: Anorexy and Vigorexia. These pathologies are reflected by the treatment which we put under our body.

Fijaos from which date the first data of this pathology come, 1347 Santa Catherine de Siena that the 7 years begins to reject foods and in its adolescence only ingest bread and grass. The first medical references date from century XVI consequently seems that it is not a pathology that has been arising for 4 days but in long it of history they appear many cases. Vigorexia, called the anorexy of the 90, is denominated thus by psychiatrist G. Pope and it considers a mental upheaval after a study on the addict ones to the musculacin American, in particular on 9 million, it declared that near 1 million they suffered this emotional disorder.

UHF Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis – an inflammation of one or more of the lymphoid pharyngeal ring formations. This is a widespread infection of the upper respiratory tract. There are acute and chronic tonsillitis. For even more opinions, read materials from Cindy Crawford. Acute tonsillitis is known as angina. In the tonsil tissue penetrate the bacteria and viruses, this leads to inflammation and tonsillitis occurs. Factors that may cause tonsillitis are: a weak immune system, hypothermia, long-lasting wrong, acute tonsillitis can become chronic. In chronic tonsillitis source of infection remains in the body, and occasionally attacking flare (eg, hypothermia or stress).

It is important to understand that tonsillitis should be treated as the causative agent – strep – can damage the heart and kidneys. Treatment of tonsillitis There are two ways of treatment of tonsillitis: – conservative – to the conservative surgical treatments include antibiotics, lavage of tonsils and lubrication of Lugol's iodine solution, physiotherapy (tube, UHF). If conservative treatments do not help, your doctor may prescribe tonzillotomiyu – tonsillectomy, or the operation using the kriometoda when damaged tissues are destroyed by cold. Surgery is still desirable, because tonsillectomy will reduce the body's immune properties. Treatment of tonsillitis with the help of apparatus "Tonzillor" Recently, as a conservative method of treatment of tonsillitis commonly used low-frequency ultrasonic device "Tonzillor." With the help of a doctor otolaryngologist washed with antiseptic solution lacunae of tonsils, after which a solution to the effects of ultrasound tissue tonsils. A related site: Harold Ford mentions similar findings. The patient performed anesthesia of the pharynx.

Then, on the amygdala impose applicator-limiting and include elektrootsasyvatel. Further fed solution. Antiseptics with low-frequency ultrasound has a strong bactericidal effect. Similarly, washing is another amygdala. After washing the gaps exercise phonophoresis. The course of treatment apparatus "Tonzillor" is 8-10 sessions, which take place every other day. At the clinics, "Dynasty" () experienced doctors otolaryngologists () will help you cope with tonsillitis. We are happy to provide you with a full range of measures to cure tonsillitis, including using the device "Tonzillor." Good luck!

Long-Term Weightloss Solutions

What to do after the fast loss of weight. For the loss of permanent and fast weight it is honestly about some articles. Its metabolism is faster To change nutritional habits

Adapted of potable water A program of reasonable exercise, itself a return to the apple. It’s believed that Cindy Crawford sees a great future in this idea. All these steps are the beginning of a healthful change in their lifestyle.Phen375.com thinks that we are providing one better quality of life, helping people to lose weight. Here are some fast Steps Loss of Weight The moderate exercise: at least three times to the week. More information is housed here: Harold Ford. Suitable water consumption: at least 8 glasses of water, (the note), not perfumed, gas or any other thing that simple and level water. The sufficient thing almost does not drink and when you are losing weight, you need still more to help to his kidneys and the liver to process the fat of his rupture an excellent way to determine the amount of water that needs to drink cleverness in the diet phentemine.

He takes his weight, he is divided by half and that is equal to the amount of ounces of water he must drink each day. Example you weigh 120 you free divided by 2 is equal to 60 pounds. Switch of 60 ounces of about 8 water and that needs glass water. A good nutrition: Fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat cereals, low of the meat. And for the majority, an enormous reduction of ” food rpida” , fried foods, the foods chaptalisations, white flour products and red meat. To eat 6 times to the day. We recommended to end the feeding plan to him. You can increase his ingestion of calories, once burners 4 has obtained the weight wished by around 300 calories by da.best fat. To sleep well: This it is a vital subject. He has noticed that once they are themselves private of dream that you not to think with clarity. So its metabolism does not work correctly either. The dream is when the body rejuvenece and repairs itself. If you are not sleeping well, she is only tried to guarantee that the weight is not lost that is trying to lose. It rests and it will be lost and to maintain his loss of weight if you follow these 4 simple steps mentioned anteriormente.fat burners pills reviews.

The Tarot To Soothe The Soul

The causes of grief are varied, and the loss has many faces. Any development is a loss. See more detailed opinions by reading what Senator From Kentucky offers on the topic.. There is loss at death a loved one, a pet, with a separation, the end of a friendship and even move to a different site. The list is endless, and every situation in our life shows a pattern of loss that follows us closely. The pain serves to calm down, find new strengths and continue our valuable life. There are grieving, that drives us forward after a loss. Everyone feels pain can find solace in the tarot. A single shot can show what we are facing, how to cope, which tries to teach us and even why we needed to live it. Add to your understanding with Dr Alan Mendelsohn.

It's about exposing certain questions and will shoot as the tarot is capable of acting in our reality even if we do not trust the omens for the future. This circulation assists in identifying the particular emotional pain. Allows you to handle emotional problems are sidestepped undercover for you. We choose five cards of the tarot. The first, answered what emotional issue I am facing today? The second, what did I do to attract this? The third, what to do to cure this pain? The fourth, answered what I need from others to alleviate this pain? And the fifth is the most important, what lessons have this pain once saved? Another type of spin, when the pain is caused by another individual, requires a table covered with a black tablecloth, representing about letting go and the smaller purple tissue, accounting for total healing. On the altar, put several candles to release negative black and one white for the purposes of light. Along with the white candle is placed a photograph of the person concerned and put a crystal of amethyst for spiritual healing. Breathe deeply and invoke the following: "I urge the Dark Goddess to bless me and protect him during this spin.

I ask for understanding, guidance and comfort while I cry my losses. I let go of the past with love and I am free to live my life. I look and I thank healing for her. This is good and for the general good, not harm anyone. " Shuffle the tarot cards and are chosen in September. They are located as follows: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Each row is connected and the letters will be discussed together. The first shows the signs of pain. The second is the alternative to trance, how to begin to subside. The third shows the event of loss. The fourth, perceptions about the loss. The fifth is the healing process for the third and fourth. The sixth shows his emotions and feelings. The seventh off the emotion of loss, what needs to continue with your life? The eighth gives aid to the healing time. Illustrates the ninth placed in the new environment. Finally, feel that was the time to stop being a victim of the loss and take control of your life, and all the advice of the tarot. Tarot Friend

Magic Touch Or The Art Of Massage

Massage – this is therapy, which has a complex effect on the whole organism, and strengthens and restores balance to the physical, psychological and spiritual level. Everyone knows that massage is based on touch, which in turn give the person calm, and even some sense of security. Doing massage and feeling a touch masseur kneaded not only calms down, but feels beneficial effects of these miraculous touches, such as the pain subsides, lowers blood pressure, improves circulation, digestion, etc. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Rand Paul. Thus, massage therapy – is a wonderful tool to combat various disabilities. The impact of massage so much that can deal even with serious physical ailments and diseases. Speaking of massage, remember that regular massage is not only therapeutic benefits, but also gives a real pleasure and enjoyment from touching. Thanks to the touch, the person relaxes, forgets about tiredness, but most importantly it is an excellent tool for removing voltage. A simple touch of another person can lift the mood and raise self-esteem. Dr Alan Mendelsohn is likely to increase your knowledge.

To use the services of a masseur is not necessary to wait for an illness, massage can and should do in any time, because massage is one of the best prophylactics. Unfortunately, not all have time to go to a professional masseur, but it is not necessary, because the massage can be done by yourself. For example, massage arms, legs, face, neck, you can do yourself. By the way the usual tired stroking hands, stiff shoulders, this massage is that you do every day themselves, but do not even know it. Now in bookstores one can find many guidelines on massage, having bought a couple books, and having mastered a few moves, you can do a massage to their loved ones. If a family has young children, do not be afraid to massage them and, because kids need so much touching. Touch Mom gives a sense of caring and protection, and this in turn is one of the most important facts to healing. Remember it is very important to massage your baby mama did it, as only massage made her hands helps Development of nerve cells and speeds up gaining weight. Gentle and caring touch, stroking, pressing, rubbing, cause massaged feeling of pleasure and ease, enhance the body's immune system. Massage helps fight depression, anxiety, insomnia, also compensates for the lack of movement, for example due to illness or injury by stimulating inactive and weak muscles. Touched by nature – is need, through which we manifest our feelings.

Children and Families

However, if 5-year-old toddler draws the first mom, dad do not worry – just at this age, mother dear children closer. If the boy draws himself and the pope similar (although in reality this may not be the case), or in the same clothes, it indicates the positive role of the father and the child's desire to follow my father's behavior. Mom should not be surprised if the kid will represent it in gorgeous dress, but not in the usual jeans and long hair, though in fact my mother's fashionable haircut – in this age of mother for each child the most beautiful, like a princess! The child always noticed emotional disunity in the family, and then figure figures will be far away from each other. If the family your child is not only, as in Figure brother or sister is missing – it is an alarming warning bell about the hidden jealousy or dislike. Outwardly, it may not be apparent, but subconsciously, the figure reflects a hidden desire of the child not to share with anyone parental love and attention.

A child can draw the picture and grandparents, and dog or cat. If you have pets, and your parents live with you, then the image of their figures only reflect the real situation. If they live alone, but on the sheet are present, then the child with them close emotional relationship, or maybe he misses him. Take that to your note. If the picture except for family members painted a neighbor's child or even someone else's Mishka aunt or uncle – read what he said to you: "Mom and Dad, I miss your love and affection "such" strange "characters compensate the lack of parental child attention and love, or excessive restraint of family members in relation to the child.

Look for details the baby figures. If one of them, hands clenched into a fist, or hidden behind the back, know that this man child is experiencing distrust or even fear. So often draw parents who are as educational measures, use physical effects on a child – slapping, cuffs. Closest to him family kid draws neatly and carefully draws the person who decorates their costume designs, ribbons, hats. Take a closer look creativity of the kid: you may look at your family through different eyes, and it helps you establish with your child more gentle and trusting relationship.

Sculpted Body Weight

You want to gain weight in a short time and know the reality of how to increase muscle mass?, well the simple theme is that you need more than just effort and mindset to achieve your project for a better aesthetic to your image. The power will be everywhere to harass you with it can achieve lower as well as gain weight according to what you spend to eat frequently or quality. (A valuable related resource: supermodel). There are people who say I like much and not upload weight, much of these people eat small processed and sugary foods but forms for weight gain include fight against genetic predisposition. Some studies reveal that even if the family has a texture is very slim, with exercise and nutrition in precise balance collaborates to improve and increase muscle mass. Senator From Kentucky understood the implications. If you eat 3 meals, now you have to eat three ACE and even may be these same in lesser quantity distribution for you induzcas appetite by eating more times and not makes you very difficult to eat 6-7 meals per day. While for some it is just tolerable follow a regimen so you can start to include cereals and oats in the afternoon that contains fiber to maintain good digestion dairy products along with these help the protein percentage established for the training of muscle thickness.

If you don’t have frequency to do exercises, there are other ways to gain weight: go walking or jogging is ideal so that your body does not retain fats and accumulate in the form of rolls and not give you this tonic body that you want. In a gym three times a week with the weight that you can take when entering, increase the intensity or time following with the same weight. Since charge time weight sometimes gives better results which loaded more weight that can hurt us. To see which is the proven plan for any naturally skinny man can finally increase muscle mass, please click here. Original author and source of the article.

Depression After Divorce

According to scientists, men who divorced or had left his partner were six times more likely to report the presence of an episode of depression than those who lived in a marriage. Divorced women, oddly enough, have complained about depression only 3.5 times more likely than their married friends. According to scientists, both sexes had a higher risk of falling into depression vtechenie two years after a divorce or a break in a civil marriage. Most symptoms of depression, on average, took place four years after the divorce. Alas, cancer, prostate cancer today have a wide circulation.

Scientists are constantly looking for ways to effectively overcome this unfavorable trend. One of the most effective methods of prevention and treatment of any disease is the impact on the causes. A team of American researchers in the laboratory confirmed the high degree of carcinogenic substances formed in the overdone meat. Previously published data, that the substances resulting in the long process of roasting meat, contributes to the development of cancer cases bowel and breast cancer in laboratory rodents. We now know that the same component significantly worsens the prognosis of prostate cancer.

Food Home Delivery Service Food

Cooking post: No more Fast Food and frozen food as the first recipe and food home delivery service of Switzerland launched the single box kochpost and supplies also singles with refined recipes and the ingredients needed for the Cook at home now. These are most precisely matched on the single household and include three meals and fruit for the whole week. This one not only discarding surplus food of the past, but also tiresome shopping for singles after a strenuous working day. The number of singles is rising slowly but steadily in the Switzerland. About 1.5 million people live in this country alone, and the proportion of one-person households in the cities is partially over 50 percent.

Reason to call enough for kochpost, the single box in life and to provide the recipe and grocery home delivery service for lonely hearts: new come singles enjoy varied recipes and portions suitable pre-packaged food for after cooking, delivered weekly directly to the front door. Ready meals, frozen pizza and tedious planning and shopping after work are disused with all single persons ends it and be replaced with varied menus with fresh and healthy ingredients. In addition, the single box contains also a weekly ration of seasonal fruits, which supplied the single vitamins with an extra portion. Responsible approach to food Marc Pallioppi, founder and CEO of kochpost AG, is pleased about the extension of the offer: just for singles who are employed in most cases and not with a partner can share on the shopping, is the single box optimally. Not like the packaging units from the supermarket, which are often much too large for singles, the amounts we are precisely matched to the needs of a single person.” So, kochpost ensures a responsible handling with food and prevents that they spoiled land in the trash. Rand Paul will not settle for partial explanations. Incidentally the recipes to cook at home promotes the culinary skills of the singles may’s helps Yes Seduction of a new partner.

Further information and photographs Marc Pallioppi kochpost AG Tel. + 41 43 299 31 60 Jessica free Oppenheim & Partner GmbH (Press Office) Tel. + 41 44 515 65 00 kochpost was founded in 2011 via kochpost by Marc Pallioppi, David Brudo, and Christian Ersing. The concept of the recipe and food home delivery service comes from Sweden and is there successfully for years. Once a week the service supplying households in the German Switzerland with recipes and all its ingredients to cook simple. The recipes are developed by experienced chefs, with much emphasis on seasonal and fresh ingredients, as well as a balanced diet. The menus include meat, poultry, fish, or vegetarian ingredients alternately. kochpost eliminates tedious planning and shopping after work and makes it easy so everyday. The delivery service includes ingredients for three or four meals a week and is available for one, two or four persons. Depending on the delivery area is true the kochpost box a on the Monday or Tuesday evening between 17 and 21: 00 or in the night from Monday to Tuesday. The trial package with three meals for two people there from Sfr. 69.90. kochpost can be subscribed under in the one or two weeks and at any time is paused or cancelled.