Ayurveda: The Indian Way Of Life

The Indian healing art of Ayurveda in the modern India the mother of all healing arts is called Ayurveda. The science of life has been developed around five thousand years ago and recorded about three thousand years ago. Ayurveda exists in the modern India in addition to the Western-oriented medicine as a folk medicine, taught today but also on own universities. Ayurveda is not only a healing art. It is rather a guide to the proper lifestyle, but describes in detail how diseases and their treatment. Similar to the Chinese medicine, Ayurveda is a doctrine of the balance.

The man is understood as a system and as part of a broader system. Body, soul, mind and sense organs form a unit. If this unit in itself is harmonious and the rhythm of life in accordance with the individual environment, a person is considered to be healthy. Ayurveda has to get to the target this kind of health or if it is disturbed to restore. The most important principle is to encourage the self healing power and the active assistance of the sick, promote. What formulated the Psychosomatics of our Western medicine as a novelty, is commonplace in the Indian Ayurveda for thousands of years. The concept of man in Ayurveda is composed primarily of two components.

The teaching of the Constitution and the mapping of the three doshas, the function areas of the body. Ayurveda doctor must diagnose its exactly capture belongs to what type of patient, and which feature groups are weakened or overwrought. So it is quite possible that two people have the same illness and are treated completely different. Ayurveda has a very wide range of therapies. For example, around five thousand medicinal plants or preparations thereof will be applied. The diet, which matched their preparation, consistency, colour composition and the use of spices to type and disease plays an important role. Each treatment takes place on two levels. The inner and outer cleaning. The inner cleaning is a purifying agent Infusions, special diets, fasting, Sun and air. Cleaning the exterior used oils for massages and soft fonts to the body, baths, warm poultices or sweating. These internal and external cleaning is not about to take off, lose weight, or skin care, these cleaners are a prerequisite for the effectiveness of the Ayurvedic medicines, which are administered in all imaginable forms namely. These include pills, oils, essences and fragrances. There are also the supporting therapies first and foremost Yoga with his body and breathing exercises and meditation, then also colour therapy, which affect the chakras, the energy centres of the people, as well as aromatherapy and music.