Bill Gates

Another two tracking devices are installed at the entrance – they recognize a number of machines, entered into a database, and manage the automatic gate. Dome cameras placed on two 22-foot columns, control the entrances to the house and domestic territory of a bird’s-eye. All these measures are completely exclude the entry of foreign persons in the private domain of Bill Gates. (Source: celebrity trainer). Its own machines and machine workers are equipped with RFID-tagged, which reads the information from the built-in asphalt antenna, so owner and staff do not even have to stop at the entrance: gate will open automatically. But visitors have to talk to security – to pass thorough control and get the badge-pin with radio-tag. It’s safe to say that Bill personally cares about each of his guests: at least, the routes of further movement in the home are prescribed individually. Partners in the work of journalists and simply invited into the house only have access to certain areas – the other door would not open for them. Identification of visitors to RFID-icon allows you to create for each unique program.

Depending on the configuration of the system visitor was escorted home audio and lighting effects, and even the smells are synthesized based on the tastes of the inhabitants smarthausa. Those who had the opportunity to visit the home of Bill Gates, of course, luck. After all, where else they could see perfect system, creating maximum comfort for all, and primarily for the homeowner? Here you can admire the paintings by Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Picasso, demonstrated by the numerous plasma screens, and even visit a real art gallery, placed in a separate room.