Birth Of The SS Division

Throughout the Second World War division earned status among the Germans a first-class military formation with a very high resistance. Very often the position of the soldiers 'dead heads' were able to be employed only after there was left no survivors. Bigotry and contempt for the foe, with whom, often taking the fight ordinary division cultured father and founder of the 'Death's Head' Theodor Eike literally from the first days of its creation. It is in her political education have given more attention than in other military units. In addition, the persistence added unwillingness to surrender. Many essesovtsy knew that in contrast to the Wehrmacht, at the mercy of Russian captivity can not count, since more often than men after questioning in an ss uniform elementary shot, and sometimes not at all taken prisoner. The formal establishment of the 3rd ss Division 'Totenkopf' occurred in 1939 in the camp at Dachau. Sportsman has similar goals.

Her the soldiers were dead icon of the head as an emblem. Despite its grim appearance, the emblem was not meant to intimidate opponents, and wore a historical significance. For the first time this icon is preferred to two elite Unit Prussian army in 1741 in honor of their king Friedrich Wilhelm, who died the year before. During the Napoleonic wars, the sign used several regiments of the German state Brunswick. In World War I – 'Dead heads' were numerous German garrisons in shock. ss Division 'Totenkopf' rightly considered a privileged military formation, where hatred of the foe, and contempt of death were cultured by Theodor Eike, the founder of the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. Strict discipline and high demands formed the basis for training new fighters fighting elite.

Solid demand for the initiation of recruits only kindled the faith of soldiers in its elitism: an increase of 178 cm, age from 17 to 22, excellent health, pure racial origin, lack of offenses, and intellectual capacity were allotted in the background. Disciplinary sentence in here were very cruel, often awakened indignation army, and for that Himmler blamed its founder. There were times when a little disciplinary offense ss 'Totenkopf' could go on Dachau concentration camp, not as a supervisor, and in the role of the prisoner. Founder of 'dead head' gave considerable importance to politpodgotovke soldiers. There is conventional wisdom that Eike nurtured sadists, but that in some fraction of the truth. In fact, he tried not to take people with sadistic desires, instead of them, Theodore Eike put mentally stable, but finished without wrangling to enforce any order of governance, including the most lawless. This way of behavior fascists will carry through the entire war. Trained in a camp mode, units 'Totenkopf' addicted to the endless violence and cruelty. Eike demanded not stand on ceremony with enemies Third Reich, and the soldiers, most idolized him, acted in this way.