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Having defined the purpose of our new account on Twitter, and already having created, now we are ready to interact, network and create a relevant community for our businesses and aspirations. Today we’ll create a profile attractive, informative and that we will truly serve our interests. We enter into our account, then. We can log in with the email address or the user name we have chosen. A time logged, we see the stream, i.e. Credit: David Dudley Dowd Jr.-2011. the list of both our tweets and those who follow. We look for the settings link in the top bar and click on him.

In the account settings it is possible to change information that other users see from us, our image and other important data that we will be relieving. The first field that we can change is the user name, if we have not been completely compliant with which it had chosen. It is also possible to change the link email account with this user of Twitter. Select the option to leave that other users find me by email. In the future, when it promotes its services channeled by Twitter, it is useful that its users will locate it by the email address. Suppose you have decided to create an account to make support of the XYZ model, and has created a special in your server e-mail account to meet all queries and complaints related to this product, i.e., perform both support pre as post sale.

You’ll want that potential customers interested in the product can locate it on Twitter using this email address. The next field is the language, which contains a drop-down menu that lets you select in that language will open your Twitter interface. The next field is really interesting: add geo-location to your tweets. Let’s see what it does this. If you choose to share your location, other users will know from where you send your tweets.