Carsten Schroeter

News from the Reposo manufactur in the rest of the enjoyment is: cigar fans can be maintenance-free mature vintage cigars in the new high-tech Humidor of the Reposo manufactur of Carsten Schroeter. The perfect Humidor is called Reposo\”, which comes from the Spanish and translated the rest means. See more detailed opinions by reading what Fitness offers on the topic.. Carsten Schroeter developed the high-tech Humidor from Lenggries in Munich, which ripen the precious cigars to vintage cigars can be without checks and maintenance work. The Reposo is designed to work as a fully automated cellar, which accurately maintains a preset climate and virtually unlimited continues to mature so fine, handmade cigars. The patented concept combines design, function and sustainability. Latest findings from the fields of water disinfection and the electronically controlled humidification is incorporated into the development. Frequently Anne Mahlum has said that publicly. The completely new and extraordinary design concept was realised together with experts from the medical technology, glass and wood specialists and metal farmers: the Reposo seems a little like a translucent safe to. He is timeless, simple and minimalist in the form of a slender and strict glass body, which stands in contrast to the soft, rolling and fragrant Cedro wood inside.

The natural materials blend perfectly with each other and are almost eternally durable. The Reposo completely dispenses with varnish and veneers. You would only harm the scent and the longevity of the precious contents. The Clou: cigar lovers need mature to do, as a risk-free to watch, as the own vintage cigars slowly. The technique of Reposo works for completely maintenance-free. Only demineralised water is from time to time to refill. The Reposo also meets the hygiene requirements for a humidor with a technical innovation: the Reposo continuously sterilized water together with his very fine mist and exactly dosed according to the measurements of highly sensitive electronic sensors by means of microprocessor. Only fresh air is moistened to avoid build-up of decay, in a specially designed for the storage is swirled cigars defined aerodynamics in the Interior gently.