Chinese Economy

Otherwise, there could be social unrest lead to unwanted. The panorama of the Chinese economy makes it clear that not only is not helping to reduce the impact of the crisis, but that is deepening by lower demand for products worldwide. Since China does not intend to make to the overall recovery, the global economy becomes dependent on what the U.S. can do. In this regard, the workshop agreed that the U.S.

economy could begin to show clear signs of recovery from the last quarter. On the way how is this recovery, we can analyze some of the key players that will make that path. U.S. banks still problems continue in spite of indicating the stress test. Last Friday, I commented about the fall of a new U.S.

bank. This time it was the turn of BankUnited FSB. But what matters in terms of economic recovery is the banking system's ability to generate new credit to fuel domestic demand and in this sense is not yet seen a good scenario. Moreover, we all know the impact the crisis has had on American families with strong destruction of wealth that has generated. Undoubtedly affect the behavior of households and therefore have an impact on the dynamics of consumption in the U.S., a situation that will deepen the problems in the credit market mentioned above. And because household consumption is the main component of U.S. GDP, the prospects for recovery are not too promising. Alternatively, recovery of the U.S. economy is looking towards the external sector.