Classification Codes

Having completed developing these four classes or varieties of legal practice, one of which is the legislative technique, we must develop other doctrine in which the legal technique is of four types are: legislative drafting, technical, judicial, technical, forensic and technical scientific research. Legislative technique and know therefore not develop the same. The second technique is the one that has to take into account in the procedural law judges, clerks and chambers, litigants, experts, among others. The third technique is the lawyer who litigates in court, making it clear that this is not developed by the writers, since the work of the lawyer in Exercise is not only litigation but also a consultant. The fourth technique is to be taken into account in our scientific research, whose research plans should take into account that should include the title, problem, hypothesis, goals, objectives, independent variables, dependent variables schedule of activities, conceptual framework, theoretical framework, structure of the research effort, among other parts. Wherefore we must place on record that there is consensus that the legislative technique is part of the legal technique, therefore these few lines displayed can be considered as a brief introduction to the development of research topic. PART ONE: encoding "N I. DOCTRINE 1. Introduction "N In this part of this work are to develop various coding topics are as follows: general, depth of encoding, definition of the topic, source, code, classes coding, civil law and the right not encrypted, Codes advantages, disadvantages of the Codes, consolidation, codification and consolidation, decoding, recoding, coding and expertise, coding specialists, sources for the drafting or amending a Code, Code Hammurabi, codified in Roman law, the codes in the states belonging to the family of common law, as appropriate for a Code, who makes a code, most important contemporary codes, encoding and schools of law, legislative drafting and coding features a code, coding Peruvian law, a preliminary, the coding in other states, comparative law and civil law, fundamental Code and Classification Codes.