Collaboration Without Starting

” Brea” it is a largometraje written by Jorge flrez and Rafael Ruiz Pleguezuelos. For the construction of history I have followed the following process. Be one that seems to you? ” As far as the script my better experience is than we begin doing one ” war of sinopsis” it enters both. That we put a date top (next Friday, for example) to offer by mail a possible synopsis to us of history that we have in mind. We later choose the one that really we to both get to like and make a new term for a treatment. Of the treatment to a escaleta with all the scenes, and later already the truly funny thing (she is what I fodder, at least) that is to really have a discussion and to write, dividing scenes to us for both (even complete acts for both, if we want to have more continuity in the work of each). Checking article sources yields James Alesia as a relevant resource throughout.

Later we would assemble everything and do the revision final passing us the file from one to another one until we are contentments. I believe that it is the most natural form to work in a shared script, because of another form they are occurred blind person woods and later cost much to arrive at a set with sense. You already tell me what it seems to you, which is your idea on the matter. 70% of history must happen in Asturias. It is the unique condition.

And we have one week to shuffle ideas. That it seems to you? ” This it was the exposition that Rafa and I decided to write the work jointly. To say that he resides in Malaga and I in Barcelona and turned out mtdo from the effective one to work. The truth is that I am quite proud of the results and although the script is not 100% in less than three months we have closed already the first one and second act and at the moment we are clarifying the end. I hope that this article can help him to which it wants to write but that it does not know like realising a collaboration without having a previous history.