Colloquium Dokumente

The downward spiral measurably changed the relationship of hormones to each other. Increase the depleting (catabolic) stress hormones, anabolic hormones are reduced. Opponents are. Nobody can at the same time throttle and brakes. There’s more: If the stress hormone cortisol is elevated above a critical value, you burn valuable brain-active amino acid for energy. Less luck and drive hormones are formed in result in the brain, because just these basic building blocks are missing. This increases the perceived workload – which more stress hormones are secreted.

So begins the fatal cycle, which often takes months. Supermodel understood the implications. These are the biochemical basis of burnout. The modern psychologists call this energy cannibalism. Even if the stress subsides, the deficits in the brain active the essential amino acids remain in place. Question: Can you heal yourself, if one is afraid to confide in a physician with his mental health problems? Answer: self healing is difficult. Only after a special measurement and determination of the deficiencies in the blood one can systematically proceed. If the essential amino acid Tryptophan is missing, can produce the body no serotonin. Without the brain-active protein module (drive hormone) dopamine, norepinephrine nor endorphins in the brain can be formed.

Since only the experienced physician can help, which anyway is a secret confidant. Parallel you must of course also work on his attitude to life and the external factors, to bring the system back into balance. Question: In your seminars you enter on a healthy way of life. What is the role of food and drink, as well as movement reducing stress or cope with depression? Answer: Of course also nature holds antidepressants for us. These are for example the Sun, heat, light, and movement. I generally recommend a very rich in protein and carbohydrate-reduced diet in addition to fill the protein deposits. In addition, everyone should identify the sources of his personal power and tap. For me personally are the nature and the mountains. Every free afternoon I am off to the Mountains and come in the evening after 3-4 hours climbing physically pleasantly exhausted and with full tanks of energy home.