Color Management Technology

Projector – an optical digital or optical-mechanical device that allows using the light source to project images of objects on the surface located outside the device, called a projection screen. In the beginning autumn of 2008, BenQ has announced a number of freshly projectors – MP512, MP522, MP623 and MP624, other than a new design, increased functionality, ease of installation and use, as well as extremely low noise levels. Level characteristics of freshly BenQ projectors are so high that it can most effectively use them as offices, government agencies, educational institutions, business centers and at home. New projectors BenQ, having increased functionality, superbly cope with both modern games, videos and presentations. BenQ MP512 projector has a resolution of svga (800×600) projector BenQ MP522, MP623, MP624 – xga. All 4 discusses BenQ projectors use technology projection dlp (Digital Light Processing; in DLP-projectors create an image of a microscopically small mirrors that are arranged in a matrix on a semiconductor chip, called the (DMD, digital micromirror device), each such mirror represents one pixel in the projected image) of the company Texas Instruments (developed by Larry Hornbeck in 1987), which provides superior sharpness and intensity of the image.

Projectors BenQ MP512, MP623, MP624, MP522, taking advantage of the know-how BrilliantColor and a 5-segment color wheel BenQ Golden Ratio color wheel, guarantee increased half-tones and increase the brightness to 50%. 3D Color Management Technology allows you to independently optimize each five colors to achieve saturated with images. In the end, less surprising images, using the projector BenQ MP624, MP623, MP512, MP522 are guaranteed a very quiet operation, because the noise level of data projectors BenQ is only 26 dB in economy mode.