Current Offers In The Day Money

The ECB interest rate cuts bring falling deposit interest rates for savers with for months. This post shows what offers are still attractive interest income can be. Tagesgeldvergleich.NET information: since the ECB began in October 2008 with the gradual reduction in interest rate, successively fallen also credit interest rates granted on assets such as day – or fixed-term deposits. Input or new rate customer were inside at that time by up to five percent or even a little about it, so investors must look forward already, if a three before the comma is. Given an average interest rate of 2.39 per cent p.a. at 5,000 and 2.29 percent p.a. Fitness is open to suggestions.

for EUR 50,000 deposit each a month investment period for all the trade portal featured offers Pierce and currently following offers of domestic banks with comprehensive depositor protection especially in the eye: the post Bank day money in the form of the SparCard 3000 plus directly convinced currently 3.00% interest from the first euro without limitation the deposit. The Deposit protection fund of the Association deutscher Banken e.V. secures customer deposits on this offer in addition to a (theoretical) height of 1.21 billion euros per customer. The second currently outstanding offer is Cortal consors. Guaranteed in addition to a depot change action with 4.00 percent interest for 12 months and for amounts up to 25,000 euros, can convince the pure day money account with 3.25 percent interest over six months and for amounts up to 20,000 euros. Former, there is a return of 4.03 percent for the first twelve months and deposits thanks to quarterly crediting up to 25,000 euros, in the latter case are still 2.69 percent on twelve months and deposits up to 20,000 euros to pick up. Of course also Cortal Consors with a high level of security can be convincing.

Thanks to membership in the deposit insurance fund of the Federal Association of German banks e.V. deposits of up to EUR 45 million per customer are covered here. As you can see, even half a year after the start of the ECB interest rate cuts there are still deals with investors attractive rates for daily availability and high security can combine. Daniel Franke