That in krea-genic contained active ingredient transport system allows that creatine can get faster and more directly in the stressed muscle cells while the answer so easy: it is a protected brand, which is equipped for some time with a new Doppellpuffer system. The active ingredient of transport contained in krea-genic system, that creatine can get faster and more directly in the stressed muscle cells.This system is called also shot booster. The effect of this new compilation is a higher muscle pump and a plump sensation in the muscle cell. A significantly higher amount of carbohydrates is usually needed for such plump appearance of muscles. Use this for example bodybuilder in competition preparation. The new krea-genic cannot alone bring this increased muscle volume in conjunction with intensive training. There are other benefits: firstly, no essential body fat is broken down, secondly, this new product is optimally absorbed by the body, and third is hardly more creatine in unerwuncshtes converted to creatinine. “The new system of creatine is double buffered” system and causes that the absorbed creatine in the stomach and in the blood remains stable and has not just breaks down into creatinine.

This enables a nearly lossless recording in the muscles. This quick and low-loss transport way is made possible by the sodium-dependent transport mechanism. With the old Creatine monohydrate strength athletes had to take out a significantly higher amount of creatine, because some of the recorded material in the stomach, as well as in the blood was decomposed at an early stage. The new double buffer is now prevented this negative effect to a minimum. Thus, the important creatine gets released now almost entirely in the muscle cell.

Any side effects are almost completely prevented the new krea-genic. The much lower amount of fed creatine for example alone reduces the suspended look. The trained muscle mass remain stranded however as desired and voluminous. Krea-genic is the newest one Muscle building supplements products. Besides muscle protein krea-genic is regarded as one of the best-selling products in the fitness shop of professional fitness.