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Latest jewelry collection of the precious metal silver already since 5000 BC, processed, since then people have revered silver and the mystical name of moon metal gave him. Silver is, in comparison to other metals, in terms of brightness of color, polishing ability and reflectivity in fact very similar to the moon. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Cindy Crawford. The jewellery channel is found in the collections of the Dusseldorf TV shop pin channel these special properties. Combined with colorful precious stones, Moon and stars are United in some piece of jewelry. Popular precious metal silver for many years for silver supply exceeds the demand, so the price of silver is located in a stable upward trend. Wonder, then, that the demand is so high, because silver jewelry the jewelry channel just fits to all outfits. No matter whether you want to dress sporty or elegant also.

Silver jewelry can look like gold because at least as graceful and elegant. Therefore the jewellery channel Germany GmbH offers a wide range of silver jewellery. The prices are also very cheap, because the raw materials directly from the mine are involved and there are no intermediaries. The jewelry design and the development of the jewellery held in own factories. Silver jewellery silver jewelry in the jewelry channel there in all possible variations. Starting with the graceful earring on the delicate necklace, brooch or tie pin, up to the filigree ring, silver jewelry the jewelry channel offers everything needed for a successful presentation. Silver chain silver chains are not only well suited to grace a neck, there are also silver chains for the hand – and ankle and even silver chains, which are worn around the waist.

Silver chains are the perfect companion for any occasion and every occasion. They can exhibit very different limb sizes. You can be both very slender and delicate worked but also striking wide and weave.