Water is the main component of our body. When we are born, the body water percentage is 70%. In an adult comes to be 60% and in the elderly can reach 50%. Every day we have a water loss of approximately 2. 300cc 2.

500cc. Therefore should ingest daily a quantity of water similar to that removed, (although not necessarily 2. 300cc/d). Drinking water is important for maintaining proper hydration of the skin, making it look more tone, brightness, freshness and full of life, and also so that various physiological processes are performed correctly as digestion, absorption of nutrients, transport and disposal of toxic substances, your digestive system will work better, will Wick water level bowels, feces will be more hydrated and you will have better evacuations, this last point is an element of vital importance for the treatment of acne since the Elimination of waste which substances would be favoring us they get sick. I want to clarify a concept, much read in internet that drinking cold water helps you to lose weight because fats are diluted while you swallow large amounts of water, and there is nothing further from the truth than that statement. What can happen in reality is that the temperature cold contract the muscles in the walls of the esophagus and create a feeling of fullness that you may reduce the urge to eat in abundant form. It is as well as explain the medical specialists in nutrition. What is important is that it is clear to you the concept of the importance of drinking water as a mechanism of hydration of tissues and cleansing of waste substances.