Endurance Athletes

The JBuVit endurance cereals improved endurance performance this cereal aims to provide a high level of energy the body, both short and long term can be recovered. Gunnar Peterson brings even more insight to the discussion. It also contains the Musli hardly fat. On the other hand contained the protein important for the efficiency of and fiber. General information endurance but also strength athletes often face the question of how to improve the success of their training more effectively. Play a particularly crucial role in the diet.

Now you are attached to at least 50 percent, many even up to 70%, share of the income of the training. Therefore, body attack has developed a cereal in its new product line JBuVit that supplies the body with maximum energy for maximum training success with its carbohydrate content of about 70 percent. Product description the JBuVit endurance Musli consists to about 70 percent of slow – and fast-digesting carbohydrates from valuable crops, causing that it the Bussau the muscles particularly soon fills up and therefore responsible for an increase in endurance performance. Also the high proportion of carbohydrates affects egg whites gently into the muscles. The cereal has therefore also an effective muscle protection function.

Other components are high-quality fiber, more than 2% unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, and proteins for muscle growth and better recovery over 7 percent. Endurance muesli endurance and strength athletes are target group definition the largest target group of the JBuVit. Endurance athletes is, that it significantly increases your endurance with this cereal can. As well as for strength athletes, also the muscle function of cereals for them is interesting. At the same time, the cereal for Ovo-lacto vegetarians is suitable. Even people who want to eat healthy and balanced and to pay attention to a low-fat diet, belong to the target group of this product, because it prevents including insulin fluctuations and the intestinal motor activity strengthens.