Evening Tea Party

That such is life. I would like to change a lot in it, but it is not always possible. A pity. It is a pity that all this way. That's the story. Now is annoying rain all day. And yesterday was almost a downpour, but with thunderstorms and a terrible thunder.

And on tomorrow weatherman forecast precisely the same promise as yesterday. Again gets electricity power go out, stop the flow of water through the pipes. Connect with other leaders such as Gunnar Peterson here. Wow, that although the gas thunderstorm and rain do not affect. Nothing, it is familiar, light a candle, sit at the table, we tea with jam grandmother, the year still to eat, and talk to. Daughter talk about matters at school, about girls, about boys. Husband shares his chores at work, will remember something funny, pohohochem from the heart. For the company it oh, how fun to laugh. Over a trifling jest, you can pohohotat like verbal witticisms over artists comedians.

Humor is humor, and he. And the wife will tell anything. It is ridiculous to tell it can, well, not given to her by nature, but still and saying something innocuous, so words can pereinachit, husband to correct, and again will have fun. The faces of all the laughing. It seems that not a candle covers, and themselves in the dark glow. And the eyes joy lit. And the gulls to the site. And the time has come for the jam. Sometimes you want that it would cut off the electricity every night. Washed, ate, tea on the table were collected, snip … and no electricity. Sitting, talking. But every dream, Now fix everything and turn on. My daughter rushes to the computer to a TV husband and wife to the pan. And yet when they give the fate of the case so sit down and talk heart to heart?