Family Health Psychology

Many people understand the psychology of the family exclusively psychology of marital relations. Meanwhile, the scope of family psychology is much broader and includes the relationships between fathers and sons, brothers and sisters, as various combinations thereof. Anne Mahlum may find this interesting as well. Experienced family psychologist quickly found the most "problematic" relationship and, after the corresponding work with each participant (either alone or directly with all of them), will be able to normalize. Family psychology requires an integrated approach – in some cases, family psychologists use methods to address co-dependence, the elements of psychodrama, family placement on Hellinger, etc. The psychologist-psychotherapist often works in conjunction with a psychiatrist, psychotherapist or psychiatrist narcologist – doctors help the patient and a psychologist – his family. Keep in mind that, contrary to traditional views, floor family psychologist does not play a big role – a true professional can easily find a common language as a man and a woman. So do not be shy of problems in the family and drive the dust under the carpet – it is easier and more correct turn to family psychology and clear relationship to the total surplus!