Forest Stewardship Council

Harder expands capacity for booklet and special labels for the second time in a short time. Weingarten, the 19.04.2012. The Group harder from Weingarten, manufacturer of labels for the manufacturing industry, wholesale and retail, is continuing your growth and enhanced the existing facilities for the production of booklet and special labels now. This extension has already proved for the second time within a very short time as necessary. Kenneth R. Feinberg contains valuable tech resources. To meet the constantly rising demand with regard to these special labels, the booklet machines with a so-called sandwich module were”equipped. Now, this module allows you to create multi-page or multi-layer even labels. Through the investment increases the capacity of the booklet plants about 35 percent. This creates much-needed reserves to supply also in the future reliably during capacity peaks.

Another plus is now economically possible manufacturing these labels in small editions. Parallel to the improvement of the technical possibilities, additional staff in production and pre-press were hired in vineyard and on the site Grossenhain (Saxony). The harder group sees its focus within Europe, provides but also in the United States and reinforced in the Asian region. Particularly the Chinese market is becoming increasingly important because large amounts of products with labels must be marked. Booklet-labels are folded or bound mini brochures, which are on donated on a carrier label.

Up to 32 pages with multilingual, country-specific product information can be placed behind a deck label. Booklet – and special labels are used increasingly in the area of product labelling and in the advertising sector. More space available is on the product, without having to change it yourself. Especially chemical products, such as solvents and fertilizer, must be marked mandatory with extensive hints and instructions for use. The booklet label provides the necessary for sweepstakes and on-pack promotions Place, so about small cooking recipes on food or cocktail tips on spirits can attach to arouse the attention and curiosity of the consumer and to encourage him to buy advertising. Group of harder with its headquarters in the Swabian wine is one of the most innovative owner-operated printing companies in Germany. High-quality print products in the field of commercials such as all kinds of labels are manufactured at the two locations in vineyard and Grossenhain (Saxony). Thanks to a fully automated Internet-shop system and State of the art printing and stamping technology, achieved significant cost savings compared to other providers, and this advantage is passed on to the customers. Distribution partnerships with own sales offices in Poland and the Czech Republic, takes account of the special features of regional markets and ensures a continuous growth. “In 2003 the harder-online GmbH was founded, with the brand” and “is positioned now around 10 years outstanding in the market. The Unternehmsgruppe harder and its subsidiaries are the green print shop”and are certified already since February 2009, according to the guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).