Garcia Marquez

Let me talk a little bit about my experience. When the Internet phenomenon began to grow in the world some years ago, signs of dollars did light signals in my head, then I decided to do a little research to find out who was making money from this evolution. I looked inside the companies most important, engines search, companies from creating web sites, enterprise hosting and even online auctions sites. This was several years ago. Today, more than ever Internet is becoming a strong source of income for thousands of people around the planet. And all thanks to the power of information.

People who cannot live without this information literally invading Internet. Information is everything. Of course, all this presents a dilemma. Internet is full of information, but when you browse it is aware that this information is highly – but fully – disorganized. Perform a search through Google, you will find thousands of pages related to his words. Then you narrow the search by adding another term and get summed up in hundreds of pages. Then he begins to press each of the links and visit pages one after the other.

Then appears the problem of pop-ups (popup Windows). Those annoying advertising Windows. He decides to close them and when you finish doing so already or remembers the reason why sat down at his computer. It usually happens. Even in sites without pop-ups, you don’t know really with is found or if the source is reliable. Then we continue sailing to see if luck goes with us and we can get at least some information in relation to what you are looking for. Has all this led me to think what about ebooks? Electronic books. Yes, of course, you can enjoy a work of Garcia Marquez through a computer, but I I am specifically referring to books that teach things practices. If I could place several good ebooks on the Internet, probably people who would like to learn about the issues there I try, they would acquire them. Well, I tried it. Do and you know that? At the beginning I did not have much success, but I dedicated myself to investigate, to study, to analyze the market, tried it again and again in many cases using the tactics of the acierto-error, until I finally found my solutions. I assumed that it was time to share my experience and here I am, willing to disclose it to all my readers. There is enough space on the Internet for all. !Get on board!