The biggest concentration of glycogen meets stored in the muscle and understands about 300g 400g, since the esqueltica musculatura represents the component greater of corporal composition (WOLINSKY & HICKSON, 2002). STRATEGICAL OF USE OF CARBOIDRATOS IN TESTS OF DEEP. As the carboidrato is the first power plant for corridors of long distance, the athlete must eat adequate amounts of carboidratos per day. The corridor that consumes appropriate amounts of carboidratos will be capable to keep the sanguineous glucose, to use little protein and to keep one high percentage of maximum effort. On the other hand, the corridor that consumes inadequate amounts of carboidratos will present minors plasmtica glucose levels, increase of the use of the protein that will take the biggest proteinic loss and will have a decline of the maximum effort. Ingestion of carboidratos Daily pay-exercise According to WOLINSKY & HICKSON (2002) is important the supply of a diet with high text of carboidratos to get an increase of glycogen in the days that precede the competitions and exhausting training of resistance. The ingestion of carboidratos before the exercise has for objective to increase the content of both heptico the muscular glycogen/and favoring of glucose in the blood (BACURAU, 2000).

The high consumption of carboidratos becomes related it the increase of the oxidativa tax, during the resistance exercises (DMASO, 2001). In elite athlete, according to WOLINSKY & HICKSON (2002) the consumption of carboidratos must vary entre65 a75% of the daily ingestion to get a good performance. However, the ingestion of carboidratos before the trainings or competition is very controversial subject in the scientific way. Some authors describe that the ingestion of carboidrato in the period of 15 minutes to the 1 hour before the exercise or competition can take the athlete has to have hiperglicemia. However, the rise of the sanguineous glucose and the insulina and its fluctuations during the exercise can not affect the performance adversely and, in contrast, it can really improve the income for the ingestion of carboidratos in the daily pay-exercise.