Hope For Mink: End Of The Fur Farms In Sight

Animal welfare office refers to video documentary ‘The fur farm’ especially asked them Minks to breeding farms are still eke out a short and torturous life. Cooped up in narrow wire cages, wait on the gasification or mangle to each other out of boredom. Welfare: nil. But an end to the cruelty in German farms is at least in sight. Although the farms will be not banned any time soon; but the demands on the keeping of fur-bearing animals be increased drastically.

They held so far similar to laying hens in the hens or rabbits for fattening in tiny wire boxes, according to the Bill in the future, they must have a way to the outlet as well as a bathing. Due to expected high investments for the breeders, animal-welfare advocates expect the imminent closure of mink farms operated in Germany. We find specific plans our Dutch neighbours: all 170 mink farms should be closed by 2018, according to newspaper reports, the Bill has already the necessary backing. A documentation of the German animal protection Office provides an overview of the conditions in German fur farms nationwide were activists with photo and video camera and give an authentic insight into the disastrous conditions in German fur farms, behind the glittering facade of the fashion world. The documented violation of a farmer on an activists shows that are also the breeder of this gaping chasm in the clear. The video documentation is for a fee of More information about fur farm, as well as a trailer, see shop.tierschutzvideos.de/…/ Fur farm the video documentation… More information at: Ingo Schulz, German animal protection . German animal protection Office at large St.