How To Choose Your Treadmill ?

What is the difference between a treadmill or other? Have you decided to do a little exercise at home, improve your fitness? Are you an advanced athlete, you need to upgrade or stay in shape? The treadmill offers a cardiovascular workout and helps burn calories. Its good use for the proper functioning of the lungs, heart. To choose a treadmill, you have to know roughly how often and how many people want to train at home will use the tape for a tape head for occasional use, regular, intensive or semi-professional. Ojo, treadmills for occasional use are used to walking and rehabilitation. Of all the characteristics of the machine, you have to look at four aspects: 1 – The power of motor 2 – The structure and the running surface 3 – The console and technology 4 – L to guarantee quality and price of tapes these elements vary. 1 – Engine power: As the engine will have more horses, but life span will your tape so the engine will make less effort. It is highly recommended a tape with a minimum of 1.5 hp continuous. The peak power is only an information on the maximum power attainable.

If you want to do more than walk, ie give more impact to the running surface, The Bodyweb recommends a power of at least continuous 2CV. 2 – The structure and surface run cheaper devices are usually made of metal. The more expensive ones have an aluminum frame that absorbs shock better career.